Nature is undeniably adversarial

The entire natural world operates on a principle we might call “adversarial,” in that one thing requires energy from another thing in order to survive. How does this fit with the spiritual understanding that behind the universe everything is one? Should we learn to transcend our natural egos in favour of loving everyone and everything, or is there perhaps nothing wrong with us just as we are?


16 thoughts on “Nature is undeniably adversarial

  1. Rodrigo says:

    Oh man.

    Oh man… I swear at some point in the video i was holding my hand at my mouth
    in complete awe: something in mind clicked!

    What you call ‘duality’ is, for me, in fact, the nature of this multi-dimensional
    being that is me… its just crazy typing this, I feel im two persons at once,
    co-existing and alive, and having mind battles because… my ‘suit’ here is
    nature and wants control, and by not self-serving those 50 trillion cells are
    NOT having their way. This is EXACLY the adversarial way! To past victim/predator
    patterns you must… not be human!

    Crazy! Mind blowing!!!

    what a click…. damn man.. THANK YOU million times.

    I notice you are dealing with the pain that is ‘bearing the torch’ of conscience
    and the price it takes. We need to be mind rebelious sometimes while our brains
    suffer from depletion of hormones / substances and kicks back from those ‘cold
    turkey’ moments of complete awareness and absence of polarity towards the

    Thanks again darryl.
    I hear you and im with you.

    PS: I guess when we settle down on arguments, maybe we think we are out of
    those woods… sometimes, this is an illusion. We have accidently build a
    confort zone, adn the ego got the upper hand.


  2. Darryl Sloan says:

    Hi, Rodrigo.

    Wow! I’m happy I triggered something for you. I actually expected a bit more opposition to this video on my YT channel, since I’m veering off the “love everyone, don’t hurt a fly” route.

    “I notice you are dealing with the pain that is ‘bearing the torch’ of conscience
    and the price it takes.”

    Hmm, I’m not sure what you mean. I don’t feel like I’m suffering. Quite the opposite. 🙂

  3. Rodrigo says:

    Sometimes freedom is impossible because of commitments
    that were made for the ego, but you attain real conscience
    of consequences from those decisions later… thats the
    hurting part for me…. its like jeyll and hyde, but mostly
    the instinctively “outside” part is what defines me for

    Its a touchy subject… your “base level” life drags out
    the experience to merits, superiority, defense… while
    the real subtle identity (the spirit) can only attain
    attention while we are very calm and in a very peacefull

    For me, thats the price in my face sometimes.. hipocrisy.
    I say I have a “spirti” but my mundane life takes 95% of
    my ‘time’ here.


  4. adamskii says:

    Here is my theory on what is happening regarding the energy issues, and I hope I can explain it clear enough to you, so that you will understand…

    Life = High vibrational energy, and positive emotions.
    Death = Low vibrational energy, and negative emotions.

    Our bodies are created/formed from high vibrational energy, and when we die, the energy that makes up our body slows down. When we are dead, and when the high vibrational energy of our body slows down, this then sends a signal to other energy life forms, such as bacteria and fungi, which are basically “energy recyclers”, to start decomposing and recyle the energy from our body, so that it can be used elsewhere on Earth.

    Since we are quite simply OVERLOADED with negativity on Earth, from all of the pollution/toxins, wars, life/health issues, negativity from TV and music, financial issues, etc. Basically, all of this negative energy that’s currently present on Earth, that we are accumulating each and every day, is causing the higher vibrational energy that our bodies are made of, to slow down. This is why most life forms on Earth are becoming sicker each day, because we cannot operate on low vibrational energy, it’s not the way we were designed.

    The slowing down of the higher vibrational energy from all of the negativity we have accumulated in our body, is then sending a FALSE signal to the bacteria and fungi that surrounds us, to start decomposing/recycling our body energy whilst we are still alive, and this is why we have to take in high vibrational energy from other sources, such as food, in order to survive. We have to replace the energy that has been taken from us from the bacteria/fungi that are decomposing us, whilst we are still alive.

  5. Darryl Sloan says:

    Hi, Adamskii.

    Thanks for the message. I think you’re failing to identify the true source of the “energy deficit” problem. Religions have put it down to a fall from grace on man’s part, but we can see that this is also a problem that permeates the whole natural world (which you correctly take account of). However, I think it’s fair to say that this problem is not confined to earth; I would be bold enough to state that it’s universe-wise. I’m no cosmologist, but surely the laws of thermodynamics and the conservation of energy, etc., apply right across the universe, whether we are talking about cellular life or the birth and death of stars. This energy “problem” is therefore integral to the very nature of physical reality itself. Of course, I take the perspective that this situation is not a “problem” at all.

  6. Rodrigo says:

    I think Adamskii is reffring that the nature of the spirit is also adversarial,
    where beings of lot of energy (humans) dont realize their true identity and
    are exploited by the lower 4D (reps) and 5d beings (astral negs) which doesnt
    want to be “one” or experience the highest range of spiritual transcendence,
    where power shift from self towards others.

  7. adamskii says:

    I’ll keep my reply short since I don’t have much time…

    I have a theory as far as “astral negs” go, and I think these entities are simply swarms of parasites that are attacking lifeforms on Earth to feed off their energy. I think some people are able to see these swarms of parasites, since these people are able to see outside of the electromagnetic spectrum, and can see auras, etc. What these people are seeing is the lifeforce energy that surrounds these parasites. The parasites themselves are far too small for the human eye to see, however, the aura that surrounds them is much larger, and with the parasites attacking in swarms, all close together like swarms of bees, it could create a fog/ghost type appearance for those people who are able to see it, which looks similar to the smoke monster in the sci-fi show, Lost.

  8. Rodrigo says:

    Hey adamskii ,

    Im afraid they are not the regular, low conscience, parasite. They are evolved
    spiritualy into service to self, wich reflects in their food supply society
    government… Its a very very elaborated trickery into the ego of mass pop, and
    therefore is just clever, inteligent lifeforms and spirits.

    There is a very “challenging” author that I wish also darryl to review here:

    It was a good read, and some points are valid within my own personal experience.


  9. Robert Miller says:

    Hey Darryl,

    Interesting post. I’ll come with a few questions.

    You talk about the adversarial nature of things. This is fairly observable in general, I’ll grant you that. However, humanity in general seems to have an ability over every other living species to adapt and overcome adversarial conditions in a multitude of ways.

    Because we can overcome and adapt to adversary it seems incongruous that we should allow others to remain in a state of being unable to overcome adversarial conditions. It seems that some have a passion for alleviating these conditions, be they poverty, hunger, conflict, lack-of education, or disease.

    So is this passion that some people have misplaced?
    Equally is apathy or acceptance that it is just the way things are misplaced too?



  10. Darryl Sloan says:

    Hi, Robert.

    Recognising the adversarial side of ourselves in no way negates compassion, for that is equally a part of ourselves.

    Let me give you a few examples of how the embracing of our adversarial nature leads to betterment:

    Let’s say a psychopath is having a killing spree. It might be said that he is being adversarial to the zenith. However, the policeman must be adversarial in order to bring him down – gunning him down if necessary. No limp-wristed pacificm will do. Notice how both are adversarial, but the one who wins is the policeman, by virtue of his more balanced outlook and having civilisation on his side. And the “mad dog” is put out of his misery.

    Another example: Let’s say somebody comes into work drunk on a regular basis, endangering himself and others. The boss (if he has any sense) will mercilessly fire that person. Society is again bettered as a whole, and a malfunctioning part of that society (the drunk) is brought low.

    Shall we help the survivors of a tsunami? Of course! But shall we continue to help and make excuses for people who, time and again, have every opportunity to help themselves, but refuse to. No.

    Hope that clarifies what I mean somewhat. The above may seem rather obvious to some. But as a philosopher, I’m really trying to clarify to myself why this “one consciousness” is always kicking the crap out of itself, as it were. The answer is: this is how betterment functions.

  11. Darryl Sloan says:

    Rodrigo & Adamskii,

    I hold complete scepticism about “astral negs” and other other-dimensional lifeforms. Comfirmation of such things is on shaky ground, to say the least, especially if we go into the whole “reptilian” thing.

  12. Rodrigo says:

    OBE´s and NDE´s are undeniable, repeatable, possible and
    telepathic, empathic, telekinetic and pyrokinetic interactions
    with the world are real. You saw and know this by your TK skill.

    What clicked in your vid for me is that conscience is like this
    sine-wave function, oscillating between the “body” that its her
    base level and “all there is” or her pure essence.

    You putted so bravely and inteligently this part, and what I
    figured out in my own experience here is that nature (or the
    current body) has its ways of being the major part of decisions
    BECAUSE OF THE SURVIVAL of all that community of beings that
    form the body.

    So, when you are relaxed, calm… conscience can oscillate to
    the other side of her function,being more integrated with any
    purpose that exceds survival.

    Again… body, conscience… binded to experience.

    Back to OBE, when the body is asleep, your conscience can (and
    will) PROJECT ITSELF out to a new body. This is acchievable and
    repeatable, even myself got out.

    Well, if there is a body, than there is a conscience attached to
    it, and a nature of that.. dimension.

    When granpa died, long time ago, he shacked my hand and my body
    registered all the effects of whta you get when dealing with prana
    or etheric energy raising / manipulation. Felt magnetic, cool, windy
    when a time I was this pathetic dull day-to-day go to work existence.

    So this dimension is REAL. I went through OBE over it, i received
    my grandpa confirmation that he survided death.

    But what a body that is build up from prana (ether) survives? Well, I
    can tell you that any human produces prana by having experiences and
    storng emotions… that ENERGY ripples from the centers and carry this
    out to te astral plane, that is beyond the prana plane, where people
    stay more of their after-life on earth.

    Negs operate on draining prana from subjects, either by religions trance
    or suffering, depression, fear, hunger, deep terror, horror.

    Thats why they exist.. its not a crack-pot thing, its just the nature
    of 4D beings, in which there is a polarity to be drained from 3D beings,
    that carry a 4D capsule (aura) and 5D body (soul) required from a 6D
    spirit to experience life and exist, all the way from “all there is”, or
    the 7D “one” where everything is connected to.

    To end this post, negs are there because of our society is manipulated
    from birth (the receiving of information with no filters) to create self-
    serving individuals that will divide and conquer the nature, spreading
    fear, terror, hunger (lower prana emission) that is food for 4D real

    The sustenance of said society is that we play the victim part of the cycle
    and dont get power back to us and re-create a society that is not self -serving.

    You dont find the info or confirmation in books. The key is in your mind
    and going beyond the self-preservation mechanisms of the body, which is of
    course adversarial… and so the spirit nature is also adversarial.


  13. adamskii says:

    Last night I came up with a new “THEORY” on what has caused all of the energy issues, and why we need to take energy from other sources in order to survive. I will keep this explanation reasonably short since I haven’t got much time to type it all.

    1) All energy in the universe is connected, through both distance and time.
    2) Time doesn’t exist since it’s a man made concept, all that really exists is the “NOW”, since “NOW” is the only time that can ever be experienced. The past DOES exist and it exists in the “NOW”, but we can currenly only experience past events through memory, visualisation, etc.
    3) The energy of the past and future is connected to the energy of the “NOW”, since as I said in point 2, time doesn’t really exist. So if you alter the frequency and structure of energy in the “NOW”, it affects the energy that also exists in the past and future.
    4) We use energy that exists in the universe to power technology, computers, etc. When the universe energy is used to power computers, the energy is altered into a form that is incompatible to our body (ie. EMF).
    5) Since all energy is connected into the past and future, when you alter the frequency and structure of energy on Earth in the “NOW”, it also affects other areas in the universe that use the same energy, because energy can be used in multiple places and times simultaneously.
    6) Because energy is being gradually transformed into an “incompatible” form for life, this change in energy caused by the use of technology in the “NOW”, is affecting the health of all life forms in the past, present and future. So all life forms in the past, present and future are forced to steal “good” compatible energy from other sources in order to survive.
    7) This incompatible energy problem will affect everything else that’s exists in the universe, planets, stars, etc, because everything shares and uses the same energy.
    8) If the world is going to end in 2012 like alot of people claim it will do, it will be because of advances in technology altering the basic structure of energy, the very energy that is used by the universe to operate correctly. And it wouldn’t suprise me at all if the Large Hadron Collider experiment has a huge part to play in all of this 2012, end of the world prophecy stuff, since this experiment has used and altered, a tremendous amount of universe energy, and will continue to use and alter even more universe energy as 2012 draws closer.

  14. adamskii says:

    Please note that the smiley that’s in my previous post was accidental due to me typing an “8” and “)” next to one another. This one is real though. 8)

  15. Darryl, I think a close corollary of the adversarial nature of creation is the fact that, except for plants which use chlorophyl to store energy (and a few others) verthing on this earth lives by some form of predation, appropriating the life of some other living creature for its own life. even scavengers and “hay eaters” use the energy stored by another lifeto maintain ther own. I got to wondering about how this epressing observation ties in to the goodness of God, and a creation He proclaimed “very good”

    I think a great deal of the evil we see in this world is a twisted copy of the edenic creation (which is to be restored) and thus, sort of like my reckless spending nature is a corruption of a gift of generosity
    The following is an excerpt of that meditation

    I think there is a link, the true life principal of which the Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross is the archetype, and predation is the twisted echetype. The principal is that of vicarious life. Jesus died so that I might live. Even as a Christian, I have trouble articulating how this “works,” but interestingly enough, it seems in accord with a pattern we see, and proclaims itself the unfallen example of that pattern. I live because of the sacrifice of another. I “eat his flesh” and “drink his blood” in the Eucharist. Life based on the sacrificial death of another creature is so prevalent in this creation that it must somehow be part of a central theme.

    If that sparks any interest, the full document is here:

  16. Kalvin says:

    Just wanted to point out that conscious mind and conscience mind are two different things. Conscious mind is what you are immediately aware of. Conscience is that mechanism in your mind that helps decide what is right and wrong. If i killed someone, I would be bearing the guilt of that murder on my conscience. If I was thinking about the murder, it would be in my conscious mind. Conscience has to do with the whole guilt and remorse thing.
    A sociopath has no conscience, but does have a conscious mind.

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