A critique of modern Satanism

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Satanist and I do not believe that Satan is a real being. Bear that in mind when you watch the videos below. I say this bluntly and clearly, because when I talk about controversial subjects there are those who delight in misinterpreting me, villainising me, and bringing hardship into my life (and I say this from experience).

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One thought on “A critique of modern Satanism

  1. u.v.ray says:


    I quite enjoyed your videos. I am actually an ordained priest in the Church of Satan. You certainly have more of an understanding of our primary texts than most people do.

    In regards to the unbridled ego aspect, I agree with you. It’s my own observation within our ranks that some people do lose perspective. Indeed, over-inflate themselves. But you know, Anton LaVey did also point out that it’s alright to think of ourselves as God – just so long as we don’t expect everyone else to think we are!

    Another mistake you make is to apply your own standards and world view to the behaviour of others. Not every individual who refers themselves as a Satanist is a good example. Neither should we expect others to behave as we would. And of course, Satanists are human. We make mistakes. The ethos of a Satanist is quite simple really, and when we make mistakes the answer is to get back in the saddle and strive to learn from them.

    Good little videos though. If you can track down a copy online I think you might find our current High Priest, Peter H. Gilmore’s book of essays, The Satanic Scriptures, hugely entertaining. It would also give you greater perspective on how the philosophy can be applied to differing degrees by various individuals.

    There has always been an element of tongue in cheek to Satanism. You appear to be one of the few who didn’t miss that fact. Cheers.

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