Dreaming with purpose

What happens when we sleep? Is consciousness released from the limitations of body/mind? If so, can dreams function as a bridge between your limited five-sense consciousness and your higher self?

I discuss the use of dreams as “self-transformational psychodrama,” a concept I learned about from researching Satanism. Is it possible that our dreams are experiences given to us by our higher self for that very purpose – to help us overcome our real-life psychological burdens through the use of fantasy experiences in dreams?

Part 1:

Part 2:


One thought on “Dreaming with purpose

  1. O'Riley says:

    I’m very excited to hear about your “pre-dream” bridge because it is an experience I’ve played with for a few years now and until today never heard of anyone with a common experience. However, the bridge I experience is purely audio and sound. I have no images but I mostly hear voices and music. The voices are vastly nonsensical and seem random. The music is beautiful and sometimes reminiscent of piano masterpieces/virtuosos. Both come in short bursts as I am falling asleep and they disappear immediately upon my mind “stopping” or “pausing”. The sounds disappear once I start thinking about them… or shall I say when my consciousness becomes aware of them.

    I’ve also been in the practice of self inducing the sound bridge. When I can’t fall asleep, I focus my mind on random sounds. From there the randomness allows my mind to wander a bit to where I can find the sound bridge. I can only hear the sound bridge when the room I’m sleeping in is silent.

    Maybe I should keep practicing and someday I’ll be able to understand the words of my unconscious.

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