Telekinesis insights after 2 years of practice

Reflections on two years of telekinesis training, covering: Physiological sensations during practice; Non-volitional telekinesis; Comparison between psionics and ritual magic; Tips for cracking telekinesis in a sealed environment; Quantum physics as a framework for understanding psionics.

The book featured in the video is The Psion’s Handbook by Sean Connelly (free download).

Part 1:

Part 2:


15 thoughts on “Telekinesis insights after 2 years of practice

  1. Rodrigo says:

    We started almost at the same month if Im not mistaken…

    We reached the same conclusions by other routes of thought.

    The thing for me is: how to do a non-physical action from within
    a physical experience? My guess was always in the “shifting”
    or after the command is given the action is performed almost
    by ‘poltergeist’ means.

    Kudos to connely and his friends for doing that work in
    2001-4… Sadly they discontinued it and carried on with
    ‘regular’ lives. I guess they went too much into telepathy
    … Without proper feedback, one can get lost and delusional
    and thats why I stick to TK only.

    Lately im not getting more headaches, because I dont struggle
    over mind commands – I got that after 6 months.. only hurts;

    Thus: TK is a non-physical FLOW of action, sustained by non-
    physical matter that is triggered and converted from the observer
    from the quality of his mental commands (from any belief system that
    includes the intentional shift to non-physical as a natural process
    of the conscious being) AND his own hability to storage, transport
    annd release the required amount of non-physical matter that will
    IGNITE the command and perform.


  2. Shawn says:

    Hey darryl, my names Shawn I’m 21 and I’ve been following your TK videos for the last two years or so. I’ve been into TK and telepathy since I was in my early teen years but I really started getting down and into it during Fall of last year, and now its feels like its a complete part of me. I can honestly say that I am not a good reader (hense youtube) but even I went out and bought a book called, “Psychic Development for Beginners” by William w. Hewitt. Not a bad book even though I dont see eye to eye on plenty of subjects. One thing I did like was the idea of me being able to self program my brain by saying what I wanted out loud, (willing it to happened). Besides programing myself to be a better psychic I also wanted to learn more, you know?…like anything and everything thats of the mind or in nature. I started to feel like you, questioning everything and for that I started to hate the human race for what they’ve done to this planet and what they still do. You seem to have taken a different path but as a Christian, and someone who really can see the world for what it is I can’t cast judgement. God has a will and so do we, and we are the ones who willed all this craziness in the world to happen. God doesnt grant wishes, he gives us the tools needed for change.

    but anyway…

    I started my psychic development through meditating. I was trying to learn how to tune out every single thought in head. it took awhile to achieve a thought process of complete nothingness but it payed off. When I felt ready I moved up to a foil psi wheel of course. It didnt take as long as I thought to achieve making it move, but once I had the ability I would easily sacrifice a weekend just to sit in my room and practice it. I was getting really good at it, but doing it under a glass bowl wasnt working for me at that time, so I started to do research on psi balls. Just the idea of being able to make a ball made out of energy was crazy( in a this is every kids dream way).I was sitting in my room on the floor listening to binaural beats thats helps your brain frequency tune to the alpha state of mind (I dont know if I would be this far along without having used that). Through focusing and willing a stream of highly visible red light apear between both my hands. I’m still trying to recover the footage, but even if I dont find it I’m sure I can do it again. I started doing research on the web about telepathy and I remember this scenario that helped me achieve a form of it. “After the flash of lightning your mind gets so quite to hear the thunder.” With that in mind I was able to practice with my girlfriend Samantha. We would practise with reagular playing cards or she’ll put two different colored objects in each of her hands and tell me that she wanted the orange one and then tell me in her mind what hand it was in. I’m talking like 19 out of 20 times correct. It gave me a scense of truly listening. One down side about it was the control. I guess I was just pushing and pushing myself to learn that I never really had all that much control over it cause I would get the feeling randomly at any point of time and it was like a cluster of peoples thoughts in my head which sounded like this annoying mummbling noise. After dealing with that for a solid month I stopped all psychic development till now. I thought that it would be hard to pick up where I left off but to be honest it took me just 3 days. I feel like I have more control over it and its making me stronger and faster in my psychic developements.

    I hope that this sound interesting to you cause I know how much of a sceptic you are. Seeing is believing right?

    P.S. The email is my gfs lol

  3. shawn says:

    Hey darryl its Shawn again.
    something has happened and I figured you could give me some idea of whats going on or comment of your ideas.

    A couple of weeks ago I was able to move a pen for my first time. Not a lot of movement at all but it happend. It was because I was so excited to do that I practiced it all day, which was a mistake on my part.

    So there I was later that night trying to make this pen move for me again. I sat there focusing, concentrating pushing pushing pushing…and by a sudden feeling like I was dying I then realized that I had not been breathing. I couldnt even tell you how long I must have been holding my breath for cause I really dont know. Realizing this I immediatly started gasping for air like I forgot how to, followed by what felt like an vein bursting in my chest. My insides around the area started to feel wet and I can feel this blood, liquid substance collecting in my left leg. The weird thing about it is that I was not in pain. I was scared, and my pulse must have been over 200 for like a solid hour. By all means I should have called 911 but I didnt. Luckily a few days went past and I felt good, and not so scared.

    I didnt want to drop my practice but I also didnt want to have that happen again, so I went back to basic breathing and meditating steps. I even went out and bought a thing of multivitamins to help my heart, even though what I felt happened to the right of the heart.

    Feeling better with each practice I went back into my telekinesis training and was getting good results in no time.

    The other night I was meditating and felt like practicing my psi ball, after plenty of time goes by I actually felt like something “more physical” was in between my hands. It felt like it had a little weight to it, and I was able to mold it as if it were this plasma like clay. I completely skipped getting suprised and letting go of what I made that I pushed a little more and my hands started to steam, along with the air I was breathing. After seeing this I stopped concentrating and just held it for awhile. I was able to hold it while trying to wake up my gf in the bed next to where I was sitting(trying to get her to get the camera). As I try to wake her up the energy I felt got smaller as the steam left my hands. My breathing was fine and my heart rate was well within normal range, however my heart was POUNDING. I had to have my gf hold my heart while I slept, just incase.

    My idea is our physical bodies can’t withstand this energy and to try to would be to kill our physical body.

    Another idea is that causing that stress on my heart altared my thoughts into believing that this problem will happen when I push beyond a point.

    I dont know so if you have any ideas or experiences give a comment.

  4. Darryl Sloan says:

    Hi, Shawn.

    I can’t relate to most of what you’re saying here, but then I’ve never done such a marathon practice session. I also tend to suspect auto-suggestion, unless I get the same physiological sensations multiple times over many practice sessions.

    Most commonly I get headaches. These seem to be more frequent when I’m attempting to get back into TK after a break. Also, I get a vibration of sorts in the stomach area when trying to do something difficult (like the psi wheel under a glass bowl). I think I can confirm the heart-racing, too, although more in a meditative capacity than doing TK.

    My advice is take it easier. πŸ™‚

  5. shawn says:

    I can relate to the headaches. Nothing better than waking up in the morning feeling like the back of your skull is on

    To me this happens because were out of practice, but we push like we never stopped.

    I can say that my stomach has a vibrating, bubbling like sensation when meditating, but when I’m getting ready for the psi wheel or psi ball it feels like heat and pressure just under my sternum.

    Thanks for the advice. I’m taking the week off. πŸ˜€

  6. Ivarda says:

    ok, now i really want to start! i have said it so many times. I reamember before i tryed to make a psi ball, i felt something but wasent shure if i really had made it. But one day a couple of years ago, I was going to get something in the basment, and on my way up I felt this really really strong energy between my hands. Then i stoped and made this really big psi ball, I have never felt anyhing like that before. it was like a big magnet ball between my arms, so unike, i have never felt anything like that before. After this I havent been abel to do psi ball again… Never got the feeling again. But now, I kind of know that there is something out there. Darryl, your really cool, keep up the work!

  7. Kalvin says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’ve taken quite a break from the psi wheel, maybe two months or so. I just wanted to comment on that static like feeling that people report feeling while working with mind energy. I get that feeling every time I do anything involving mind energy. In my mind this feeling is a result of the ideomotor response, a feasible explanation of the mysterious device known as a ouija board. I’m reluctant to speak of the ouija board here due to all of the negative dogma surrounding the ouija board. However, I feel there is a strong connection between what happens with a ouija board and what happens with psi wheel, psi balls or any other type of energy work. The ideomotor response is an automatic subconcsious response to one’s thoughts. I am thoroughly convinced that the ouija board is not an evil device through which one is in direct contact with evil spirits. Unless that is your intention i suppose. Even then, ego and negative emotional response to external stimuli seems to be a direct result of being human, being alive, being incomplete. I would imagine that emotional response dissolves away when we do. Also, the fact that you dont need to be playing a ouija board in order to experience the automatic movement of an inanimate object, reinforces what I believe about the ouija board(ideomotor response) What do I know though.

    Another observation I wanted to note was that the binaural beats as suggested above were surprisingly effective at increasing focus and results with the psi wheel. Made for some pretty self-convincing experiences.

    Another thing I found helpful, for whatever reason, was crossing my eyes while trying to make the psi wheel spin. Not crossing them with a lot of force, just allowing them to relax and loose focus on the psi wheel, creating a sort of double vision.

    Something I hadn’t thought of trying until last night was using ear plugs while practicing psi wheel. The reason this comes to mind is because every night before I fall asleep I lay in bed with my ear plugs in and practice moving different parts of my body using the ideomotor response. I seem to get significantly better results at night time while relatively tired, after a day of eating only natural foods such as fruits and veggies, practicing in a room with dim light, binaural beats, crossed eyes, and I will put my idea of using ear plugs to the test tonight.(or whenever I have time).

    We have developed eye sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell, arms, thumbs, feet, legs, all for a useful purpose. There is a practical application for just about every anatomical body part or physical reaction within us that makes us more adapted to life in this universe. In other words, everything we have evolved can be used to our benefit. I am inclined to assume that this automatic response of the subconscious mind known as the ideomotor response, must have some sort of practical application to our lives. The more I develop this automatic movement of body parts through visualization, the better results I have with the psi wheel. Any thoughts?

  8. Darryl Sloan says:

    Thanks for sharing your personal experiments, Kalvin. I, too, think Ouija works through the ideomotor effect, but the subconscious is a far deeper place that materialist science would assent to.

    I might experiment with binaural beats.

  9. Kal says:

    I had some success with that third eye magnetism stuff. Its very hard to determine if it is just because of a sticky face though. I washed my face very thoroughly before trying, it’s just inconclusive for me so far. Same with the candle stuff. Trying to move the candle flame around with your mind. I tried a bit last night and the flame did seem to move in the direction i intended, however, the results were inconclusive as well. I haven’t tried moving a toothpick floating on water. I suppose I will try that next. Any other little experiment ideas for practicing psionics?

  10. Darryl Sloan says:

    The glass bowl thing is the real biggie for me. I’ve really only spent the last year trying to get more consistent results with it. But when it finally moves for you, it’s major, especially when you’ve been trying and trying and trying, and not getting anywhere for a long time.

  11. kal says:

    Ya I will have to keep at that. About how long would you say it took you before you had convincing results under the bowl?

  12. oma says:

    Hi Darryl
    Thanks for the good videos on telekinesis. Very informative and inspiring.
    I’ve been practicing on the psi-wheel the last 3 weeks. At first I got 1-2 spins the most. After the second week I achieved good results – 10-15 spins in the direction I wanted. However, I got results very inconsistently, like in 20% of the attempts. In the last 3 days I could not move it at all. This is so strange. I’ve always apply the same technique and state of mind but it seems there is a third ingredient that appears the most important to rotate the wheel.
    An the moment I got really excited that I learnt telekinesis I felt to the bottom… I really need to do something to get back in the game. Could you help me with any ideas?
    Thanks much!

  13. For me, if you really have to take an effort, the will and everything regarding your willingness to practice telekinesis matter, you will excel. Got inspired by all of you to do better.

  14. Haci says:

    I’ve had an interest in telekinesis ever since I was little… And every time I try it seems I get little to no results. On rare occasion I do but they’re only slight and I try and disprove that I’ve actually done something, not because I don’t believe.. But for some reason I just don’t know. I’ve recently picked up interest again, actually trying to perform it again but it seems I can’t get ant results at all whatsoever. Even my results prior were just minuscule, and I’m just not sure where to go from here

  15. davuan says:

    so does it have anything to do with evilness

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