The law of attraction, aka The Secret

A review of the movie “The Secret”, which popularised the law of attraction: the theory that you attract into your life whatever you dwell upon. I also discuss the law as a watered down version of ritual magic.


8 thoughts on “The law of attraction, aka The Secret

  1. Soulmai says:

    I do agree with you, the secret is poorly made and really does nothing more than promote wishful thinking, maybe one step up from prayer because it at least promotes the idea that you have some part in it. However, I still believe there is validity to the power of your words, thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. The reason I say this, is that these are all things that are inside of myself that I control with free will. My power to choose my reality.

    Positive thinking, goal setting, setting intentions are all ways of keeping myself conscious about what I am doing, what my mindset is around something. A mindset and/or a feeling can faciltate my choice to take action and what action to take. All working together to create each moment.

    If I am staring at a pile of bills and can’t sleep at night because I am worried about them, I keep saying that I will never get out of debt (words) because that is very much my reality in the moment. I need to choose (action) to think differently to change my mindset (thoughts) and empower (feeling) myself to face my reality and take accountability (action) for where I am at. I can continue to spin in the debt or I can choose to see it differently. Either way, my ability to create my reality.

  2. Darryl Sloan says:

    Well put, Soulmai. Every action starts with an intention, in other words. Whereas The Secret seems to say that intention is a shortcut that invites positive results by supernatural means, irrespective of action.

  3. i think the secret misses a key point “taking action”. without it nothing happens.

  4. mattrussell says:

    Darryl, I just discovered your website last night as I was looking through some things on telekinetics, anyway, I have began to look at your site and listen to what you have to say about spirituality. I agree with you on most of points that you make (which seems very strange considering the rarity of these opinions.) The question I have is, what is your take on the movie What The Bleep, I also believe it is marketed as Down The Rabbit Hole? It relates quantum mechanics to life and spirituality. Thanks again.

  5. Kalvin says:

    Dear Darryl,
    I’m interested in hearing your interpretation of the double slit experiment. It’s a very interesting experiment. The way I interpret that experiment is that the electron is affected by the expectation or consciousness of the experimenter. I’m also quick to speculate that some sort of rule-containing consciousness penetrates matter and is interwoven into space. And time. I don’t know. Sounds quite possible to me. What do you think?

  6. Darryl Sloan says:

    I haven’t read about the double-slit experiment comprehensively, but it’s possible (and very exciting) that this might be giving us empirical evidence that physical material isn’t the prime state of reality, more like a holographic projection. I made a video ages ago called “The universe is a math construct” or something to that effect.

  7. kalvin says:

    haha. Indeed. This is a very strange place we have found ourselves existing in. If you go to youtube and type in dr quantum double slit experiment, whoever is reading this can watch a quick five minuted video that has the potential to shift your reality in a direction that seems senseless. haha. Maybe, maybe not depending on how you interpret it. Its very interesting stuff though and I believe you can find some interpretations of the experiment if you look hard. I remember only being able to find a few, and none that were 100% satisfactory, but its worth a check.
    Take care everyone, thanks for the reply darryl.

  8. sennayaswamy says:

    Life is full of attractions which occurs at every stage of development right from child hood to adult.

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