Solving the population crisis (but you won’t like the method)

How would you feel if the government introduced a law that only permitted couples to bear one child? Think carefully before you answer. At what ultimate cost do we demand our basic freedoms?

Video responses:


2 thoughts on “Solving the population crisis (but you won’t like the method)

  1. Robert Miller says:

    It seems that you have more going on at your You tube channel than here 🙂

    Just watched the vid and it was at least a fairly good thought on the issue – well that is apart the fact that I come from a reasonably large family and I’d hate to think of having only a fraction of that family and friends because of it 🙂

    There is balance between government and freedom and it is a fine balance, however I don’t think that government should dictate over reproduction rights:

    Here is an example of someone who was in a position of government in the USA:

    I think you could legislate for benefits if you have two children and put a freeze on benefits above that, this however is more politics than anything. Obviously not something that would work in a sub-democracy and imagine the vote loss among the electorate if this was something that was going to be established by a western democracy. Vote winning legislation is what counts I’d assume.

    Do we want a big-brother nanny state or can a person make rational logical choices on their own without requiring legislation for it – that’s the balance to be reached. Is it the governments role to protect those who make bad lifestyle choices?

  2. Darryl Sloan says:

    Hi, Rob.

    If it comes down to something like this law being necessary for the survival of civilisation, I think it will be done more through subtle coercion than a big unpalatable announcement of radical change.

    It would begin with a campaign of TV and billboard propaganda: a diet of government sponsored advertising and fictional drama creating a sense of fear about the coming population crisis. Then the problem will be tackled with softer approach of only allowing only two children per family. If necessary, this can change later, but with the public already well used to the first law, the harsher one becomes easier to implement.

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