The curse of hero worship

My friend Winston posted a couple of my recent video blogs on the David Icke forum, specifically my criticism of Icke’s shoddy research into Satanism (see blog entry for 7/10/2010).

One responder had this to say about me:

David Icke is a true truthseeker, this man is not. I will back David 100% on this as this Darryl Sloan is only trying to make a name for himself debunking the good work of Honest Decent people like David. I will stick with David and fuck this other guy. I have a picture at the bottom of my site of David in London this year doing good work for a good cause, what is this other guy doing? Darryl Sloan is an Asshole with a capital A.

P.S. I think david should sue this guy.
You only have to look through this site to see all the hard worthwhile work David has done over the years on real cases dealing with real life issues that affect real people i.e Holly Greig for example, David has done an exemplary job on this and he said he is not letting it go and for the record, neither am i. Just look in the Satanism section for the Holly Greig story or google the name Holly Greig and you will find out how good and honest David’s work is. Let’s see this Darryl character trying to disprove the Holly Greig case that David has worked on so hard. He wouldn’t dare.

Another said:

I personally think this Darryl chap needs to take a ‘reality check’ along with a lot of people on this forum who only seem interested in either slagging David off or dissecting every thing he says.

What is important (and what most people here seem to forget) is the tireless work David does in bringing to our attention the endless, outrageous and criminal injusticies that people in society suffer. Who here attended the “rally against child abuse” in London last august? Or the “child stealing by the state” conference in Stafford? Do any of you here actively do ANYTHING to stop these atrocities? Does this pompous, self-righteous prick Darryl Sloane do anything?

David just doesn’t write about this stuff, he ATTENDS and SUPPORTS these rallies too (whenever he can). I have also. And i have spoken to many, many broken people who have been victims (or whose children have been victims) of paedophilia and/or satanic ritual abuse. I have personally met, and spoken to, Anne and Holly Greig, Robert Green, Brian Gerrish, David Icke and many others. This stuff is REALLY going on, so STOP with the self-righteous “look how intelligent i can be” dissecting, over analyzing of David’s words/books, and START doing something about the cruel and inhuman injusticies that he is exposing.

For me its not just a case of “Human Race get off your knees”, more like “Human Race get off your arses”

So, basically, that’s what you get for daring to criticise the research of the great David Icke. Unbelievable. Icke is allowed to call George Bush a paedophile (without evidence), and the Queen Mother a baby-sacrificing, blood-drinking, shape-shifting, inter-dimensional Reptilian (without evidence), and somehow I should be sued for … what? Offering a rational critique of a man’s research?

What’s really interesting is that neither of these two people bothered to offer a single rational rebuttal to anything I said in my videos. Why? Because it’s much easier to assassinate someone’s character than it is to prove him wrong. Asshole with a capital A and a pompous, self-righteous prick. Of course, I accept this critique of myself with a knowing smile and a roll of the eyes.

I could be wrong, but when people get this angry, I read insecurity. These people just cannot bear to hear that David Icke is in the wrong, because they have invested so much of themselves in his worldview. And so, when someone like me comes along, properly informed about Satanism, and exposes Icke’s shoddy research and rumour-trafficking, these D.I. disciples lash out. I am accused of over-analysing. How ridiculous is that? Roughly translated, that means: “Oh please, please, don’t say any more. I can’t bear to hear it!” If you’re going to stake everything on the claims of one man, instead of your own personal insight – if you’re going to be a follower – then don’t pretend that you’re one of these so-called “awake” people.

What does David Icke mean to me? He is a man who has an inspirational spiritual outlook, but is deeply flawed when it comes to his ability to judge the credibility of information. Icke is one of many voices who have influenced me in recent years. I have benefitted from his books, but I refuse to put him on a pedestal. And that’s just as it should be, for all of us. We should all be in charge of our own minds. I didn’t remove Jesus from my life just to replace him with David Icke.

The irony is that David Icke, to his credit, is always telling people to do their own thinking, and not to blindly follow anyone, including him. I guess some people simply cannot be deterred from the curse of hero worship.

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2 thoughts on “The curse of hero worship

  1. Greg_L-W. says:

    As a point of interest David Icke’s personal aspirations relative to the ‘STORIES’ produced by Anne Greig related to her daughter and promoted by the corrupt, shoddy and criminally irresponsible Robert Green, aided by the pond life that have adulated him and indulged in hero worship founded on gullibility, shoddy research, lies and self serving dellusion is a disgrace.

    In desperate measures of gross insecurity David Icke, Matt Quinn and others have sunk to otherwise unprescedented abuse and defamation for their own aggrandisement.

    there is absolutely no admissible valid evidence led that even begins to indicate that JHollie Greig was sexually abused – even the vague claims of opinion are unsustainable and the entire debacle, twice ivestigated by the police in as far as they could with no evidence, would seem to be the product of mental illness on the part of Anne Greig.

    I state SEEM to be as there is no other plausible cause of the catastrophic abuse of these two vulnerable adult women by the plethora of Snake Oil Salesmen and pond life that have promoted this SEEMINGLY unfounded ‘STORY’ based only on the say so of a deeply troubled mother with a grossly damaged daughter, now 30, with a mental age which I am informed is that of a 3.1/2 year old.

    I have no axe to grind relative to Anne & Hollie Greig save a quest for the truth based on the facts and the belief that to have named 16 people as abusers, 2 as murderers (in a murder that never occurred) 8 as victims and 18 in collusion in murder without valid and admissible evidence is a criminal action on the part of Robert Green.

    The lies, distortions and defamation by the likes of David Icke, George McKendrick, Steven Milne, Sandra Barr, Matt Quinn and their like is not an acceptable form of abuse in any civilised society.

    For more facts, details and reports so that you can draw your own conclusions see:
    StolenKids-Hollie Blogspot com

    David Icke’s research is shoddy, unsound, defamatory and self serving exploiting the gullible and the foolish for his personal profit.


  2. rev green says:

    Mr watkins has been shown to be a liar and a bully

    As to Mr Icke all I can say is his heart is in the right place

    The Hollie Greig story is real otherwise the Scottish government wouldnt be procuring 50 witnesses against Mr Green for a Breach of the Peace

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