Does Bible prophecy prove Christianity?

Have Bible prophecies been fulfilled between the Old & New Testaments? Are “end times” prophecies being fulfilled in the present day? Is this the Ace up the Christian’s sleeve that proves his religion true against any possible counter-argument?

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4 thoughts on “Does Bible prophecy prove Christianity?

  1. LR says:

    G’morn Darryl!
    Thanks for your input on these subjects, a breath of fresh air from the Conspira-gurus cash and glory stance.
    The ‘End Times’ scenario’s being played out equates to Social Engineering. Maybe I’m being far to simplistic in the use that that heuristic as an explanation. Scriptures et al are the no doubt word of man (corrupted man with a long-term plan), no God copyrights have yet to be found within the front covers of any Bible and no acknowledgements or dedications given to the ‘holy spirit or Jezeus’ lol.
    Additionally, consider HAARP, ELF, Psychotronics, Project BlueBeam, et al technology and you can pretty much produce the End-Times word for word, giving the religious masses exactly what they’ve invested their entire lives in. The name of the game boils down to Opposames and Dialectics with everyone thinking their winning the race to the pearly gates.

    Here is a thread from one forum which goes indepth on this subject:

    Tony Bushby’s efforts are interesting and if you fancy a read I’d be happy to loan you a couple of his books.
    I had hoped to pick your brain on a couple of other subjects related to your videos, but you’re elusive email account has bought me here; script writing for a comedy based on conspiracy was one of the subjects. If you have any time to spare I’d appreciate continuing this conversation via email?
    Best Wishes

  2. oma says:

    I liked this video. I didn’t know that the prophecies were written after the actual events. Does this apply to all prophecies written in the Bible? I’m not religious, just asking out of curiosity.

  3. Darryl Sloan says:

    It’s more correct to say that there’s no proof that prophecies such as the destruction of the temple were written prior to the destruction of the temple. Suitable proof would be a manuscript dated prior to the event.

    Regarding Old Testament prophecies that are fulfilled in the New Testament, this is simply a matter of writing down the fulfillment of the prophecy as a supposed historic event, when it may never have happened. In other words, Christianity requires that the Messiah be born in Bethlehem, so we’ll write down that he was born in Bethlehem.

  4. WM_ says:

    Sorry, this is out of subject but youtube had some error so I couldn’t link that on your newest video:

    Darryl, Im in the middle of “war”.. I resigned from church and my parents didn’t really like that.
    You told how you lost some of your friends and I hope that it’s not going to happen to me with my family. This was so hard for them but I don’t get it what they expect me to do. Pretend or something?

    Im sorry I bother you with this but you have gone almost same through.Its been couple of days now and I have heard horrible things like that I have no emotions etc.I just sented peaceful email to mom and I hope the best.

    I did what I think is best for me but it is horrifying how hard my decision can be for them.

    Maby time will heal…

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