The truth about Satan (that you won’t hear in church)

I examine the original Hebrew word for “Satan” and compare the Old Testament (Jewish) account of this character with his depiction in the New Testament (Christian). Then I do the same with the word for “hell.” Christians, prepare yourselves for a shock.

Bible Gateway
“Sheol” according to Wikipedia
“Satan” according to Jewish Encyclopedia

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6 thoughts on “The truth about Satan (that you won’t hear in church)

  1. oma says:

    I liked this video. Interesting and educating. Thanks!

  2. the bible is pure and utter bullshit. back then these people knew nothing of science and the reality of our world.

    the bible is nothing but their primitive explanations for certain events, and even just stories of their traveling and encounters with animals and other humans. Also some astrological discoveries and ramblings.

    Over the years this “book” has been so manipulated that there is just no truth or easily understandable translations to this book.

    it is still around just to confuse people and keep them detached from reality.

    it is doing a DAMN good job of it.

  3. WM_ says:

    Man, where is your video about Seth, Satan and the others? Cant find it anywhere

  4. Darryl Sloan says:

    I was doing some housekeeping and decided to remove that one, purely because I felt the content was only of relevance to a minority of people.

  5. Maree Hastie says:

    You’re a smart guy… I haven’t read the bible been meaning too, I can agree with your point on satan……I feel like he keeps God in check.. also it’s something designed for consequences to wrong doers.. I don’t believe in a hell.. I believe energy can run out, light can go out, and you can come to a complete halt in the after life… or become one with god in light.. either way.. doesn’t mena it’s pleasant to just stop, I’m sure it’s painful losing your light and energy and waiting to be restarted so to speak

  6. Goattee says:

    Sheol is the beginnings of the underworold, hell is the full formulation. I think God doesnt exist, only Satan in nature, laveyan thought. Death is the utter and complete end of life, satan rules for this life only.

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