“So man created God in his own image”

When you attempt to define “God” (or the Source, the Infinite, the Transcendent), take care that you don’t attach false limitations onto such a vast concept. It’s very easy to do this without realising it; I’ve done it myself.

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3 thoughts on ““So man created God in his own image”

  1. Ben says:

    Interesting way of thinking there. It really got me thinking. If this ‘Infinity’ was all alone in the beginning… it kind of made itself a godlike entity by spliting the universe and thus creating inferior beings like us, for instance. But what for?
    Maybe every single one of us has to answer that for themselves.
    I’d like to believe it is for the experience itself. Just being alive and sharing all the highs and lows with the ones you love. And in the end we all go back to being one. Except this time there is actually something to be aware of. Maybe thats the whole point, if there even is a point to begin with. Anyways I definitely like it better than the idea of us being here worship our creator. 😀

    What brings me to another point your video got me thinking about, or rather made me remember what i was thinking about in the past.
    You mentioned that we shouldn’t limit the ‘source’ or whatever you want to call it by reflecting our own human traits on it. I think that is true, but I also think that it is not as unlimited as the christians make it to be. Just think about it. The fact that a certain amount of time was needed to create the universe, no thats not right… to create more complicated things like gold for instance. Or the fact that the second the laws of nature began to exist, even a godlike ‘being’ can not simply ignore them. At least thats what i would suppose ^^.

    But oh well.. i guess that is enough for now. Anyways, thank you for another great video that motivates you to think out of the box for a change.



    Did you ever see the Zeitgeist Movies?

  2. Kalvin says:

    HAHA!! Extremely thought provoking that video there was. Infinite consciousness existing before the universe had ever been created would be almost like infinite consciousness didn’t even exist. Complete, still, no desire, no nothing, complete stillness, as if it didn’t even exist. How did this universe come to be!? haha.
    I have been thinking of infinite consciousness as a complete, but, maybe that is where I have gone wrong. Complete would imply that it has hit a point where it can no longer progress, which is different from infinite. I have been thinking of this infinite thing as complete, but wouldnt infinite and complete be two different things?

    Something that is complete will be still. Something that is infinite would not be still, it would go on and on and on, forever expanding. The very act of creation would imply that the “infinite” was not still, and was therefore not complete. I feel like something is trying to click in this incredibly perplexed little mind of mine, what do you think Darryl?

    To say that something is infinite as well as complete seems to be a contradiction. Because complete implies a point of no longer being able to grow.

    Ok so now I wanted to mention that infinite encompasses all of everything. All of space/time/consciousness…matter…literally everything. The image I have in my mind right now is a large circle representing the universe, but the circle duz not have definite lines which limit it…its more of a shading that stretches outward from the center. This image I have of the universe is a single organism, made up of smaller and smaller pieces, kind of like how my body is a unit, yet made up of smaller and smaller units that function on their own accord which allow the larger body to function. My body being the universe, and the cells being the humans. An interconnectedness of all that is. All of the movements i make with my body are like “the cells of the universe” moving to their seemingly own accord, but which are actually moving in grace with the larger body. Like we are the cells of the universe or something..haha. I dont know, it seems farfetched but it somehow makes sense in my mind. Feedback please.
    Good day

  3. kalvin says:

    Today it seems more obvious to me, I must have been tired. Lol. Complete is finite; infinite is not finite. Something that is infinite can’t be all-knowing though can it?

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