Darryl Sloan is a reptilian shapeshifter!

I will shortly be departing on the next available flight to Alpha Draconis. I can no longer function here on Earth, since my true form has been exposed by the Anti-Reptilian League. I might as well show you the evidence:

Oh, the LOLs!


5 thoughts on “Darryl Sloan is a reptilian shapeshifter!

  1. Kalvin says:

    Lol. Well even if you are a reptilian shapeshifter darryl, you seem like one of the friendly ones. I don’t know much about reptilians, what is the said objective they have? If you reptilians are trying to destroy our planet, can I ask why you would do it in disguise, and also why you would take your sweet time? Was your mission ordered by an ape!? The whole thing just seems to contradict itself. I remember hearing that anyone who denies the existence of reptilians must be a reptilian themselves. but I’m no reptilian and that proves to me that the whole conspiracy must be false…or is that what we want you to think. MUAHAHAHAHAH

  2. Brooke says:

    Wow! This guy really needs to take a class about photography. He falls into the trap that so many people who believe in ghosts captured on film fall into. When something is moving through a photo very quickly with a long enough exposure time, it will appear to be transparent. And guess what! When we blink, it is a very quick movement, causing our lids to appear “transparent” depending on the exact moment the blink is captured. When shooting portraits I often catch people in a full blink or a strange half blink depending on how fast my shutter speed is. And since webcams are really just a very fast series of little photos, it is easy to see how this often can happen in a situation with lower light (which is pretty much any inside situation using normal indoor lighting).
    This also explains his earlier slit-shaped eye argument. Your eye in the first frame (which was very much in FOCUS) was “normal” and the BLURRY frame of your supposedly reptilian eye appeared slitted (it was a blur as your moved your head very slightly down or up). So yes, Darryl Sloan. I am happy to report that your eyes are very much normal, and this ARL guy is indeed, in need of a few college courses.

    And as a post note: Your site is very interesting. Just finished reading Them by Jon Ronson and stumbled across your vlog on the Cremation of Care.

  3. Darryl Sloan says:

    Hi, Brooke. Perfectly explained. But try telling that to pnd51010.

    Thanks for the kind words.

  4. Brooke says:

    No worries! And I do believe it would be a fruitless pursuit.

  5. MLR says:

    I can’t help but wonder how people even have time to tear apart a web cam video frame by frame and expect to get anything credible. It just goes to show that perception is more important than reality and how easily the two are confused. Good luck on your spiritual journey.

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