A gift for readers of Reality Check

I am currently working on what you might call Reality Check 1.5, a bigger, better version of the original book, incorporating fresh insights that I hadn’t learned at the time of publication.

There are no plans to print an expanded edition, so I am publishing the “missing” chapters digitally, as a bonus for those who have purchased the paperback.

These chapters are password protected. The password is the surname of the cover illustrator of Reality Check, in lower case. You’ll find his name printed on the back cover of your book (bottom right corner).

There are at least 20,000 words of new material here (that’s about forty percent of the size of the original book). More chapters are planned, so please bookmark the site, if you haven’t done so already.

It’s all waiting for you under “Bonus Chapters” on the navigation menu above.


One thought on “A gift for readers of Reality Check

  1. Katarina Persson says:

    I’ll order the book first thing tomorrow! About this sample you are reading. Wow! I really appreciate the way you are straightforward. I was very puzzled about your thing for David Icke, but i remember going off atthe deep end far worse than that when I should have known better. It is a matter not just of learning but of unlearning as you say. Not going round in circles , returning to ones vomit. been home from work, watching your videos all day! Thank you Darryl!

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