From Witchcraft to Christ by Doreen Irvine

My thoughts on this classic Christian bestseller: Doreen Irvine’s autobiography, describing her deliverance from life as a witch in a Satanic cult. In addition to the following vlog, check out my very detailed written review.

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5 thoughts on “From Witchcraft to Christ by Doreen Irvine

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  2. Rob Miller says:


    You know well that if you are brainwashed by a cult your memory of it will be a little flaky, especially if you are strung out on heroin day in day out. These may be drug induced ramblings caused by her brain being a little addled.



  3. Darryl Sloan says:

    You need to read the book, Rob. She clearly articulates things are totally absurd, without any haziness.

    Christians need to care about hoaksters like Irvine even more than I do. She only bugs me because she fuels the widespread belief in an absurd form of Satanism, making LHP folk out to be evil. But for you guys, she damages your credibility.

    Christians should be exposing the liars in their ranks, not making excuses for them. You can’t polish a dog turd.

  4. Rob Miller says:

    I understand what you mean, but if you were having drug induced hallucinations, you could easily misinterpret fantasy for reality.

    On the whole however, I would agree with your porkies for Jesus and this is damaging, not in the same sense as other more crazy scandals but still……

    I would have as much interest in this book as I would in say backward lyrics or Jesuit conspiracies (ie none). Unfortunately there is nonsense spouted in any form of thought you choose to investigate.

    On the gay demon, God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve, so that’s that put to rest. But right before I was listening to your vlog I read the following article relating to doubt:

  5. Neil Meikle says:

    In the book Ivine mentions xrays showing brain damage.Brain tissue is something they can’t reveal so she’s allso lying about scientific fact.

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