Supernatural healing: miracle or magic trick?

Is miraculous healing a reality or a magician’s trick? The supernatural aside, is there a science behind charms? Can the immune system be influenced by the mind?

Thanks to Nick Dutch for the following video response:


6 thoughts on “Supernatural healing: miracle or magic trick?

  1. Darryl Sloan says:

    Is it the power of God via prayer, or the power the immune system via mental suggestion? That’s the big question. That was the perfect story to share, Rob. Thanks.

  2. Rob Miller says:

    I like Nick’s response. Such healing as described is attributed to God, and there is an element where through prayer stress and worry may be reduced. I believe that prayer
    can effect change at some level, whether that change is brought on supernaturally, physiologically, or psychologically is another matter. You certainly can’t will your limbs back, however, hypothetically, if someone did grow a limb back right in front of your eyes what would that demonstrate?

  3. Rob Miller says:

    Check out Sunday August 14th

  4. Wil Cavanaugh says:

    I am struck by your telekinetic demonstration. The aluminum foil did not participate, or did not AGREE to spin. Like you, I investigated the religious “healing” services and found them lacking at the least, criminal charlatanism at most. I HAVE seen true healings. I have seen genital warts healed with electricity, incurable cryptococcal meningitis (incurable according to the AMA) apparently cured with herbs, cancer cured with laying-on-of-hands. My mother’s finger (anecdotally) regrew the last joint when she lost it as a child. Again anecdotally, my stolen wallet was returned with the money untouched (long story, probably only relevant to me, but this is MY search, after all.)

    The return of my wallet years ago is the spark that led me to you. On your video, I can see SOMETHING playing across the screen — hovering over the foil — that I can only describe as energy waves. It looks like I would imagine EM waves would look if they could be seen. In short, I do not believe — in part due to my own unbelievable experiences — that you are a charlatan. At first glance, I see nothing for you to gain by convincing me of an untruth and laughing behind your hand. Even if you are trying to trick me for some reason I cannot fathom, you played no part in returning my wallet; you did not participate in either of my out-of-body experiences; and you and I agree on so many levels. We were led to similar beliefs through dissimilar experiences. Then again, perhaps not so unalike, after all.

    I have reason to believe that there are “practitioners” ( if I may be so presumptive as to call them that) who DO, with unknown forces similar to your telekinetic force on the aluminum, things to living bodies that elicit cures. I don’t know these people — cannot name a single one — but there are too many hints that it must be so. Clearly, if they are able to prolong life to the point of immortality, we would never hear of it. My personal belief is that the journey includes death, but I did not write the book, so I cannot be certain. Clearly (to me, at least) the miracle is NOT the healing — especially if death will come at the end in any event — but the MECHANICS of the healing. Those mechanics may be eternal, even if the body that was healed is not. I believe in power that transcends our physical bodies; I do NOT subscribe to the religious interpretation of that power (or none of the religions I have studied to date); I have some limited experience with that power; and still I am ignorant as a turnip when it comes to the consistent operation of that power. For that reason, I am listening to you. You appear to know more than I.

  5. Darryl Sloan says:

    Thanks for sharing you experiences, Wil. I’m glad I was able to be of some assistance.

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