The myth of the “loving” God: when faith & life contradict

Belief in a personal God who cares actively for the human race is a placebo pill that frees you from anxiety. But when it backfires, it’s doubly hard to bear.


4 thoughts on “The myth of the “loving” God: when faith & life contradict

  1. Desiree says:

    I have to ask you again, have you read the book ‘Christ returns and reveals the startling truth’? The information in this book has been the only way I have ever recieved answers to the same questions you ask us. It is the only way I can make any sence of how a ‘god’ that loves us can exist along with the horror that takes place in ‘this world’. Let me know what you think if you read it. Thanks so much Darryl for your thoughts.

  2. Tara cassidy says:

    Darryl, I’ve just been recently freed from the bonds of my former belief in god….. Now I look at those I went to church with and just can’t get my mind around the fact that they truly believe what they spout… I’ve been saying god is like a placebo pill for over a year and just saw your post.. I was so happy someone agreed with me!!!! I’m so sick of hearing, ” its gods will”, and ” god has a plan for me ”, I could just puke. Can’t wait to listen to all your posts!

  3. Wes Bassett says:

    The Bible does not present an “all loving God”. He presents Himself as Holy and Righteous and rightly hating all who rebel against Him. His love is, then, meaningful because He gives His Son, Jesus Christ, as the substitute to bear the wrath due to His enemies. The suffering we see in the world is either directly or indirectly God’s doing, but He is only doing justice to those who rebel against whatever they know of Him. The “all loving god” of the athiest does not exist. The Righteous God of the Bible does.

  4. Darryl says:


    What you say is totally irrelevant to the plight of a young child who did not ask to be born, yet ends up living a short life, full of suffering, then dying of starvation.

    To say that such events are orchestrated by a sovereign God is monstrous. How does this child’s predicament have anything to do with righteous judgement against sin, when the child had no choice about inheriting a “sinful nature”, and hasn’t even been alive for long enough to commit much in the way of sin?

    Your beliefs are irrational and perverse.

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