The soul & the ethics of abortion

Christians are generally pro-life and atheists pro-choice. What lies at the basis of our moral stance on this issue?


2 thoughts on “The soul & the ethics of abortion

  1. Dolores says:


    A fetus has no experience except for that in the womb, but I think there is some level of consciousness in it that makes it try to protect itself from danger. This indicates that it probably can feel fear. If you look at the Silent Scream on YouTube, there is a video in utero of an abortion. It shows the fetus trying to stop itself from being destroyed by pushing itself to the side of the womb. This was taped by Bernard Nathanson, a gynecologist and abortionist that helped to make abortion legal & commonplace in New York City. He stopped performing them after watching this video. I do not know what kind of consciousness a fetus has, but if there is a chance that it feels the kind of fear that it looks a lot like it is feeling in that video, it’s not really the best choice.


  2. Bob Smith says:

    I suggest Google search for ‘Fetal Consciousness.’ There are 1,720,000 results, spreading over good science to looney tunes. Also check ‘Music Therapy’ article on Wikipedia, and all the article’s references.
    It has been rather easily verified that the fetus can sense touch, smell and sound. It certainly would seem to any reasonable adult that if the mother’s system is under a lot of emotional stress for the full fetal term, from say, constant spouse abuse, that child is going to be born with the effects of that abnormality in it’s environment.
    There is ‘Music for the unborn’ available also. Mozart’s music has been set up especially for expectant mothers. the music’s rhythm is synchronized with the fetal brain and body rhythms. As the music plays, the mother places her hand on her abdomen for the closest connection between the music’s effect on her to the fetus.
    During the entire 9 months of Mozart’s mother’s pregnancy, she listened 2-3 hours almost daily to her husband’s small orchestral group playing classical music.. Mozart began playing music at 3 years old and is reputed as the greatest musical genius ever. He wrote his first music at 6.
    I suppose no one can ever know how much of his musical virtuosity was related to his fetal experience, but it certainly couldn’t have caused any harm !!

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