The case for Christ, in a nutshell

Was Jesus an actual person? Did he do the miraculous deeds that are recorded in the Gospels? Christianity stands or falls on this historical dilemma. I get to the root of why some people opt for belief, and others skepticism.

Thanks to marlonsuniverse for the following video response:

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2 thoughts on “The case for Christ, in a nutshell

  1. Bob Smith says:

    I listened to you video and mildly enjoyed it as fafras it went.
    However, at risk of offending you, I will firmly assert that there is zero proof for Jesus, and that virus has only very dangerous to any one’s mental and emotional health.: on the one side is a God who is a psychopathic, bloodthirsty, vicious, jealous killer but also obsesses on his ‘chosen people and its OK to exterminate all the rest of humanity and pillage them for their land and all they own, and enslave all the women and kill all the males; on the other side is Jesus is portrayed as Mr Nice Guy.
    We’ll leave aside all the millions of other contradictions and absurdities.
    ‘The’ Bible. There are now millions of translations in over 2000 languages(check ‘the Bible in the Wikipedia article online). Ask any Jesus freak to specify which set of hallucinations he’s using. He probably doesn’t even know. the ‘King James Version’ alone has a gazillion different translations and Revisions. Each subgroup, and petty evangelist makes up his rewrite. Total chaos reigns.
    2 Authors: G. A. Wells(The Historical Evidence for Jesus-None) 1988;and Acharya S (The Christ Conspiracy;The Greatest Story Ever Sold) ‘1999. Both loaded with documented information and excellent bibliographies for any serious student. Which I am for 50 years now.
    Finally get dictionary definitions for: Supernatural,Belief, Faith, God, Bible. Read the Wiki articles as well. Before having conversations on any topic I always want an agreement on the definitions of the words we’re using. To keep us both able to properly evaluate the others statements.
    I presume you are familiar with the Book “God is not great: How Religion poisons everything” 2007.
    I’ll email you websites and website articles I think you will find helpful.
    Type in ‘The Bible’ on Google. It will you get you 386 million results, for your reading pleasure. I always ask the person I’m talking with which of the 386 million articles he’s referring to, so we’ll both be on common ground.. I don’t know why, but the other person who thinks he knows it all and is a Bible Expert runs for the nearest exit.!!
    Keep up the good. I’m US, Florida. But all My Kin are County Cavan. Best Regards, Bob

  2. Darryl says:

    No offence taken, Bob, but very little of what you say has any bearing on the specific question of whether Jesus was a historical character.

    From what I have read, there is sufficiant extra-Biblical evidence to establish him as real, beyond reasonable doubt.

    Was he the Son of God, and did he rise from the dead? No.

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