The dreaded “S” word – a change of heart

My forthcoming book, which up till now has been called The Dark Wheel, will now bear the title I, Universe. In part, the reason for this re-branding is because I’ve had a change of heart about something. Regular readers will know that I’ve been investigating Satanism for the past couple of years. It has been a very productive inquiry. I’ve learned a great deal and I’ve been able to synthesise something invaluable out of it for myself. But the label Satanist is almost useless are a meaningful identifier. See my recent rewrite of Are you a Satanist? in the FAQ.

So, it’s time to leave the sinister glamour behind and take a breath of fresh air from all the misunderstanding it provokes. It takes too much time and energy to deflect those blows. And in the interests of attracting a more general audience for the book, I hope you like the new cover design: simple but effective. I aim to have the book released by the end of the year.


One thought on “The dreaded “S” word – a change of heart

  1. Jason Anderson says:

    I like the cover a lot Daryl!! nice!!

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