I, Universe audiobook in production

I have commenced work on an audiobook version of I, Universe. This will take some time to produce, so rather than wait until it’s completed before publishing, I will release each chapter as it is recorded. Enjoy what’s available below. Each link is an MP3 file, and the total running time thus far is about one hour. Check back often for new chapters.

Born to Be Brainwashed
Land of Confusion
The Boogeyman for Adults
Reason Versus Revelation


2 thoughts on “I, Universe audiobook in production

  1. Mustafa Hussain says:

    I have downloaded the book but please can anyone tell why can’t i subscribe to this blog?

  2. mozesh says:

    I really enjoyed your audio book on your short story ‘Is there anybody out there?’, so I’ll definitely check this out. Plus I think ‘publishing’ it as an audiobook is a good way to get it out there, I personally don’t like reading e-books. I prefer them in paper format, so if you decide to ever print this I’ll definitely like a copy, would be nice to have it next to my copy of Reality Check.

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