Can you change your sexual orientation?

My response to a user who asks: “Would I be able to subconsciously change my sexual orientation to straight from gay? The reason I want to change is because I don’t want to be gay. I hate the fact of being gay! As you have said in previous videos, the power of the subconscious mind is unbelievable? So do you think it’s possible?”


3 thoughts on “Can you change your sexual orientation?

  1. Rob Miller says:

    You should check out Peterson Toscano he is a gay man who I find to be very level headed with respect to this issue

  2. Darryl says:

    Great find, Rob.

  3. Rob Miller says:

    I heard about ex-gay ministries in 1996 and thought at the time it sounded positive and effective from an evangelical church viewpoint. However, within a year or two I was finding more and more stories about ex-ex-gay people. So it’s by no means a new phenomenon and I’m glad to hear people who are speaking positive stories and experiences to sexuality.

    I thought what you said about circumcision was good too – in the states it is commonplace for this to take place on medical grounds no matter what you belief. I personally find the whole idea to be little more than unnecessary pain and suffering for a child (given there does not seem to be any sort of consensus about the benefits).

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