What is authentic Christianity?

Who’s right – Protestants or Catholics? Let’s look beyond all the sectarianism to the first centuries of Christianity’s existence.

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2 thoughts on “What is authentic Christianity?

  1. In response to your video “What Is Authentic Christianity?” posted on September 22nd 2012::

    I grew up in the Latter-Day Saint or “Mormon” church. The LDS church sees itself as the authentic christianity because of their belief that Jesus Christ and God appeared to the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr and RESTORED the true or authentic church of Jesus Christ in the early 1800s through the prophet Joseph Smith.

    I happily believed this for so long, the way the church presented the information to me kind of made sense. I have, however, taken to questioning the actual validity of the church I grew up in.

    I wrote two books, “The Book of Finch” and “Letters to Whomever”, which discuss my experiences in the LDS church and try to question the authenticity of the religion. I mention these so you can read the long description of what I talk about if you read the books.

    I believe Jesus to be a true and real God, and I also know that the LDS church is full of error. The people are imperfect, and even Joseph Smith himself wasn’t the smartest guy, some of his “translations” probably weren’t very accurate or even real.

    However – in my experience with LDS prophets, there DOES appear to be a certain magical reality about these folk, like about the LDS apostles or patriarchs.

    I KNOW that a miraculous reality does exist, and it may even become manifest through certain “veins” or “arteries” of the LDS church, as I’ll call them, but even so, there is corruption in this church and Joseph Smith himself may not have been the most convincing person to restore a church through.

    I am not personally well-versed or anything about Catholicism or Protestantism, other than these two churches like to poke fun at the LDS church by saying that the LDS church isn’t even really Christian, but even as you have described in your video, the C’s and P’s may not or couldn’t be true themselves either.

    As far as I know I am still a priest in the LDS church, and I have had an experience where I prayed to God asking him to reveal his will or truth on a certain subject through the prophets in LDS General Conference, and the prophets did respond to my question, which I had only asked through prayer.
    Whether the LDS prophets are just demonstrating para-psychological phenomena like mentalism or telepathy or if they’re genuinely speaking on behalf of God, I’m still not sure of, but it was really impressive.

    I think you are a smart guy, Mr. Sloan, but I’ll just let you know that I have a personal testimony of Jesus Christ appearing, and as such I take Christ as a true and authentic God. My personal sanity on this issue has been questioned in past years, and may still be questioned, but there are certain paranormal or miraculous realities I’ve experienced that even psychiatrists do not question, or if they were questioned by psychiatrists I did end up winning the arguments.

    I enjoy watching your videos, I don’t always agree with you, but you are insightful, and you keep the mind working.

  2. Darryl says:

    Hi, Kristian.

    Thanks for sharing your story. I also have had spiritual experiences via Protestant Christianity. I don’t invalidate the experiences today, but I don’t think they point to the exclusivism of Protestantism (or even Christianity) as the one true religion.

    I also think it’s important to consider your particular experiences in light of the many manifestions of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, etc., that have appeared to people in centuries past. In the modern day, the alien abduction phenomenon might be in the same ball park. People have a propensity to have “visions” and experiences of all kinds. For a while it was fairies. In the 1980s is was satanic ritual abuse. Carl Sagan makes a good case for a perfectly mundane explanation of such strange experiences in “The Demon-Haunted World.”

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