Are demons real? Can we be possessed?

A suitably sinister topic for Halloween, here’s my take on demons and demonic possession.


4 thoughts on “Are demons real? Can we be possessed?

  1. Paul Orsi says:

    “the possibility that demonic possession is a real occurrence cannot yet be rejected; no thoroughly decisive evidence exists to the contrary. What is currently known about science cannot fully explain every situation reported to be a case of demonic possession, at least not by the methods which science currently employs. Until science can explain each detail, if indeed it ever can, one cannot dismiss the possibility that demonic possession is a real and true phenomenon. ”
    Possessed by ideas (memes) does sound interesting. Do religions inadvertently create the demonically possessed by a rejection of the shadow?

  2. This is a topic which is lightly touched upon in my book, “The Book of Finch” – with regards to mental health.

    In my experience my big sexual urges came only immediately after my grandmother died, and this led me to believe that my grandmother’s ghost had sexual interest in me. Since then, other members of my family and my local church did not want to blame my grandmother’s spirit for my extreme sexual urges and it seems to be generally accepted among those I know that my sexual urges are/were actually caused by hormones or a psychology involving my grandmother’s then-recent death or just some form of natural physiology.

    It is true that my church is discredited for criticizing and condemning me so badly about an urge that was either physiological natural or the result of my grandmother’s spirit, but that’s beside the point-

    Just on my local or national news this halloween evening they interviewed a paranormal investigator who is actually scientifically CERTAIN that there IS such a thing as the soul, or a spirit, or an afterlife or what-have-you. There is one TV show I watched about true stories of “psychics” solving crimes, and the existence of the human soul is also evidenced by these psychics who are declared to be genuine by their law-enforcement-counterparts in the investigations (learned to be genuine from the ways they helped solve the cases).

    I know it is commonly thought of as mental illness, but some “mental illness” involves the patient being touched by invisible beings – this can simply be feeling the sensation of an invisible hand touching the patient, or even the sensation of having sexual intercourse with a person, without any actual person being present. Trust me – I know this exists. Some would say it is mental illness, but it could also be evidence of the disembodied soul.

    From my religious upbringing I would be inclined to believe there is a devil and a soul. If we negate my religious upbringing, there is still plenty of evidence for the existence of a soul, and though I couldn’t point out the activities of any actual devil based on what I’ve seen and know, I do not hold it as impossible for the devil to exist.

    Take “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsche for example. In this book, either it is true when God says there is no devil, or it is true that the God being depicted IS the devil. You could also say that the God being depicted is just Mr. Walsche’s own imagination, but I wouldn’t ignore the mystical probability of some kind of genuine spiritual communication taking place.

  3. Kal says:


    Do you suppose that intention is something that precedes electro-chemical impulses in the brain?

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