Who truly believes in hell? Exposing self-deceit

Do Christians believe in the judgement of God, or are they kidding themselves? I put it to the test.


2 thoughts on “Who truly believes in hell? Exposing self-deceit

  1. kalvin says:

    You are an inspirational speaker Darryl. I am grateful that you post these videos and give me the opportunity to connect and learn from your expressed perspective. The genuine nature of your articulated thoughts and perspective help me to refine my own. You already know this but the grief will dissipate before you know it. Thanks again and again for all the intriguing “Food for thought”.

  2. kalvin says:

    “only through dualism does non duality express itself, only through dualistic expression does the ground of being become anything at all”. Something of that accord. For real, thats the kind of thought process that needs to be on youtube. Hehe. The haters can either learn something from your videos or not. Whether it be to strengthen their own christian ideals or break free from them. Whatever. Thoughts like that reverberate through the very core of my being and make me even more excited for life. Chin up, shoulders back.

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