By science alone? (For atheists)

A total reliance on the physical sciences, to the exclusion of philosophy, is a shortsighted way of attempting to model reality. Science, like philosophy, deals with abstractions – only it’s not often realised.

Video response by Nick Dutch:


2 thoughts on “By science alone? (For atheists)

  1. SS says:

    I love this esoteric and philosophical conversation but it is truly a riddle for the mind. My synapse are on overload; firing away and trying to make connections – jumping from Joseph Campbell’s, Thou Art That to Steinhart’s writing on Religious Naturalism to Pythagoras and DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man and sacred geometry – in an attempt to find the bridge between this conversation of math vs. myth. (Mythmatics). But in the most basic sense; perhaps one could argue [to a mathematician or atheist] that the root of Man is Pi and therein lies the mystery; that (the energy of) man goes on forever; is limitless. …and therefore, Thou Art That.

  2. Amaterasu says:

    The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra, A Universe From Nothing by Lawrence M. Krauss, few more that you might find interesting (if you haven’t already).

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