The absurdity of divine judgement & forgiveness of sin

Christians believe that we will all be judged by God for our actions. I believe this threat totally misses the point of why our actions matter.

Video response by Matthew4Nineteen:

Further response by Frater Oculus:


3 thoughts on “The absurdity of divine judgement & forgiveness of sin

  1. kalvin says:

    There is no objective morality. The moral/ethical standards we live by today are very obviously subjective and debatable. Karma/Judgment day suggests that specific actions or situations are inherently evil, but killing is not inherently evil. Self defense creates justifiable murder. Or abortion in cases of rape or illness etc. justifies the abortion. Disagreeing with this is a simple demonstration that ethics and morality is subjective.

    Also, I’d like to mention that I am simply not capable of believing in God. When i was younger, I wanted to believe in God, and I tried and tried to force it to make sense to me. I am not capable of believing in God and that is not my fault, it is god’s fault. He made my brain incapable of believing in him.

    Check out “Richard Dawkins vs Wendy Wright” on Youtube. Evolution has been accepted as fact among the scientific community for some time. There is no evidence refuting this. Personal account of historic events does not count as evidence because they are indeed, “Personal” or subjective/biased because they were written by human sinners. How could you trust the bible, the authors were sinners? People wrote the bible, sinners wrote the bible.

  2. kalvin says:

    People believe what they believe and behave how they behave because of the experiences they have had, and the subjective interpretation of those experiences. Not because they are unrighteous or it was inscribed into their hearts by the hand of god. Christianity is poetry and metaphor. God doesn’t have hands, he doesn’t write on hearts; It sounds beautiful and cunning, but that doesn’t make it the truth.

  3. MorallyInept says:

    There is no such thing as right and wrong, there is only empathy.

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