Sexuality: suppression vs. excess

A response to the video Porn Addictions by YouTube user shieldoftheson:


2 thoughts on “Sexuality: suppression vs. excess

  1. MorallyInept says:

    I watch porn a couple times a week, I feel no guilt for it. One of the qualities I value most about myself is empathy. Although the sometimes “twisted” nature of pornography can be stimulating to me, my partner is also stimulated by it. We discuss our boundaries and respect each others feelings completely. If she doesn’t have fun with it, I don’t either. We like to compromise and help live out each others desires, alternating roles and alternating whose fantasy we live out. I think the most important thing to realize when watching porn is that it is only a movie and is for entertainment purposes. Respect and empathy should always be invoked in any encounter we have with other people. And as you stated, indulgence, not compulsion.

  2. MorallyInept says:

    Even being the “ash tray” can be fun…lol…I enjoy making her happy and seeing that fierce fiery pleasure in her eyes.

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