The enlightenment hoax

Why I’m interested in spirituality, but don’t believe in the idea of enlightenment, awakening, illumination, liberation.


2 thoughts on “The enlightenment hoax

  1. Beth says:

    “There is nothing to fix.” Brilliant.

    Dogma can’t exist in an environment where people are encouraged to ask questions or express skepticism. When people think they have all the answers they stop expanding. And like you said, there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to expand, but I’m grateful for my options.

    Thank you, Darryl, for documenting your thoughts on this and many other topics. It came at a very critical time for me. Don’t really want to expound here on the internets, but um, yeah. 🙂

  2. Dan McCann says:

    You don’t have a Christian background, remember? You’re non dual. There’s no need to be sensitive about the words. The whole problem with the words is that they get confused as the “levels” get confused. From the absolute level, there was no endarkenment so enlightenment is not necessary, or, rather, it has always been the case. From the stance of the “individual”, enlightenment can be regarded as the removal of the ignorance that makes it seem like individuality is true When that ignorance is removed and the true situation is revealed, we can call it enlightenment, or not. Thus, we can say that enlightenment is finding out there is no one to be enlightened. The non dual nature of reality is preserved as nothing new has been added. All that has happened is what has always been the case is revealed.

    I thoroughly enjoy your videos. You are a very clear and sharp thinker.

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