Books reviewed from January to June 2013

Here are my reviews of the 17 books I’ve read over the past six months. If you would like to be notified of new reviews as they are published, use the email subscription button at Darryl’s Library, where you’ll also find 200+ book reviews archived.


One thought on “Books reviewed from January to June 2013

  1. Time, Space and Knowledge by Tarthang Tulku. I was sad to read your review of ‘TSK’ and hope you may some day be moved to read the rest of the work in the six volume series: Dynamics of Time and Space, Love of Knowledge, Knowledge of Time and Space, Visions of Knowledge and Sacred Dimensions of Time and Space. There is a small study group in SW UK which meets monthly and the first ever retreat will be held this August near Birmingham. You can see details here ‘Time, Space and Knowledge’ is probably the most difficult book in the series and was the only one not edited by Jack Petranker, who will be teaching the UK retreat this summer. He was recently interviewed by Buddha at the Gas Pump

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