Meditation in Christianity & Zen: an unexpected parallel

I discuss my recent dabbling into zazen meditation and make a comparison with my past experiences of devotional prayer as a Christian.

See also my review of Brad Warner’s Hardcore Zen.


One thought on “Meditation in Christianity & Zen: an unexpected parallel

  1. maybe i should be on youtube watching you so i can thumbs up and like videos without always commenting but i feel compelled to chime in. your christian ritual of being with yourself and god was not weird at all. i know how therapeutic it is with all the clearing out . my exit from religion began when i stopped my usual vocal pre-service prayer and quietly sat and thought on the wonder of creation; then came visions of children smiling and laughing and a feeling of all things connected in one. and the feeling lingered for a long while. then more dissatisfaction with the nonsensical bible answers til finally i knew i no longer believed the bible historical at all. thank you always for such honesty. perhaps there is alot to be said for this zazen after all!!

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