“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled…” (yawn)

“… was convincing the world he does not exist.” Is Satan real? For many Christians, a cute catchphrase is held forth as conclusive evidence.

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2 thoughts on ““The greatest trick the devil ever pulled…” (yawn)

  1. Mrs. Hogwallop says:

    Darryl– Just saw your YouTube video about your parents’ passing. Really moving. Could see your genuine self-expression from dealing with your confrontation with the ordeal. Don’t know what “Christians” are in your life, but seems like they and you may be caught up in remnants from Greek dogma that really aren’t Biblical but rather are painfully misconstrued from Greek traditions: namely, that people have immortal souls and that if they don’t get right with Jesus, they’re in for a long, hot ride. Actually, the concept that men are born with an immortal soul is attributed to Plato. You will not find any such scripture in the Bible. As for eternal torture in hell, I think you can find SOME real comfort from a YouTube video by Edward Fudge – The Fire that Consumes. He lays out the case from the Bible that the God who sent Jesus to convey his mercy didn’t create hell to torture people for eternity. I agree with Ed and you: it’s a complete inconsistency and a major turn-off. (George Carlin made a scathing cartoon on this subject.) The scripture reads: “The wages of sin is death”–not eternal torture. Jesus used the garbage dump called Gehenna as an analogy to hell. Why? Because that’s where people tortured their garbage? Ridiculous. I can’t imagine that God Almighty would create a child in Mongolia, 3 BC, to die young, to torture it forever because it never heard the name of Jesus–which would be impossible anyway! That’s not the God I know. That’s the other guy. As for settling the rest of the issue regarding your parents, maybe you can find some comfort in Romans 2:16, keeping in mind the laws of Jesus: Love God and love your neighbor as yourself, remembering also that Jesus died for the sins of the whole world. (I John 2:2). You can make the Bible–or any book–say whatever you want it to say. The question is, what’s the Truth? Connect with the Spirit of Agape–as Christ defined it–and you will have the Truth, and it will set you free!

  2. kalvin says:

    The word of God is the word of a man….lol, duh.

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