Interviewed on Trans Resister Radio

I was recently a guest on Trans Resister Radio, hosted by Aaron Franz. We covered lots of topics, from self-publishing to psychokinesis.

Visit the show notes page.

[ Download MP3 ]


One thought on “Interviewed on Trans Resister Radio

  1. Steve says:

    I have come to a similar conclusion as to the nature of time. I had posted it to a science blog a year ago….here it is:
    Consider this thought experiment: You have two completely solid marbles in an otherwise completely empty void. These two objects can be compared to each other, so one is larger and there is a distance between them that can be measured relative to the size of each marble. When you have two objects such as these, time is possible. But time is only a measure of the motion of these two objects relative to each other.

    Time actually does not exist, here’s why. Imagine that one marble is like the earth and it rotates on it’s axis, and orbits around the other larger marble which is like the sun. Now imagine that the larger sun marble disappears. Time stops because one of our two objects is removed. Motion stops as well. There is no such thing as time because the removal of one physical object makes it impossible to measure motion. If time isn’t possible when you remove one physical object, then time never was real in the first place. How can the presence or lack of one physical object create or destroy time? It can’t, because a physical object is not time. It appears then, that we exist in one eternal moment called NOW.

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