Time travel using a webcam

Am I a voice from the present talking to the future, or am I a voice from the past talking to the present? A thought experiment to trigger a transformation in your understanding of time.

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2 thoughts on “Time travel using a webcam

  1. greg says:

    That’s right Darryl, we can only ever be in the present moment. That is all there is, an eternal Now. If so, then isn’t the past only a memory. In fact, isn’t it memory that makes a coherent present possible. Doesn’t it seem like we have a few second memory buffer in our minds which allows us to understand people as they speak to us? It allows us to appreciate motion, it is only a memory of previous positions in space. If you think about it, time is motion. Without motion there is no time. Time is a by-product of motion, at least in my opinion. Think about movies that depict time stopping. Motion stops, everything is frozen. When two objects are in motion relative to each other, you can measure time. When that motion stops, you can NOT measure time. Try to imagine time in a hypothetical universe with only two objects. With this in mind, I don’t see how there can be such a thing as “spacetime”. If time is just motion, then time travel is not possible as we can not travel back in motion.

  2. lodk66 says:

    Hi, my only thought here is you talk about recorded moments. The term recorded is the opposite of live And live is where the present is. In other words while you talked into your recording device “your camera” you where in the present. Notice the word where. After it was recorded that video has now become the past and will be a record of a past event, just like the photos of family members long since past. Thay took it in thier present it was recored now it is the past, a recording of a time in the past for use in our present to view. The true time traveerl is in the light of stars, it took light years to get to you eye. Every night you can look up at the sky and see the past.

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