Matter vs. mind: which came first?

A theoretical solution to the “hard problem”, by modelling consciousness as a dimension alongside space and time.


One thought on “Matter vs. mind: which came first?

  1. roi reynolds says:

    Other dimensions are contemplated often. If i told you another dimension was an almost infinite number of lightyears away what could you know of such a place? If an alternate dimension existed within your own plain site but you didn’t know that you were observing such a thing, would not your understanding of it be just as little? What if every atom of existance is the same atom simply existing in different places in different ways. If realities exist as points of convergence, focal points of subatomic resonence if you will.Then for a moment allow ourselves to view time as it is, a human idea that allows us some comprehension of the motion of atoms in the fabric of space. Then we can begin to consider reality like a box of blocks. The blocks are all the same but from them i can build anything. A planet, a star, or even a human being. Interestingly though it is only possible to build from the blocks preexisting potential. In other words I cannot build what is not in the box. So if any of us possesses inteligence then so must everything else. A language is still a language even if we do not speak it. So It is that I stood in the tall grass and an ant crossed my path. To him I was a choice nothing more. He could go over me or around me. I was as the landscape to him. If i spoke to him my voice was but a gentle breeze for he had not ears to hear me, nor if he did would he speak my language. Perhaps God is like this to us. We see but do not understand. Perhaps our creator speaks but few if any can hear or know what is meant by the words in whatever way they come.

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