My name is Darryl Sloan. Since my birth in 1972, I have lived in Portadown, Northern Ireland, a town infamous across the globe for violent clashes between the Protestant and Catholic communities – a conflict that has been totally irrelevant to me from my earliest years. While some were drawing the Red Hand of Ulster on their school jotters, I was more interested in drawing space battles.

From childhood, I’ve been a highly creative person, dabbling in art, writing, filmmaking, composing music and computer programming. In my twenties, I got a few science fiction stories published in small-press magazines; I composed music for several commercial computer games; my long-time friend Andrew Harrison and myself made several micro-budget horror movies under the name Midnight Pictures, one of which, Zombie Genocide, became very well known.

My primary passion from my late twenties has been writing. I’ve written and published two novels, Ulterior (2002) and Chion (2007), and one non-fiction book, Reality Check (2009). These three volumes have sold a combined total of over 2,000 books, which, while not enabling me to quit my day-job, is a huge success for a self-publishing endeavour.

To pay the bills, I have always worked with computers. Since 2000, my job has been as an ICT technician in a school. Some of my duties include web design, photography, and filmmaking. I consider myself very fortunate to have a career where I can engage in creative exercises that I genuinely enjoy.

A couple of quirks about me: I’m one of a minority of people who choose not to watch television. Rest assured, I haven’t turned Amish. I do own a TV, which I use for watching DVDs and blu-rays, but there is no broadcast signal pumped into my house. I choose not to watch TV because I’ve got better things to do with my evenings than allow myself to become a channel-surfing zombie. I watch what I specifically want to watch, then I switch the set off and do other things. TV is “57 channels and nothin’ on,” as Springsteen put it. Not to mention that television is essentially the replacement religion of the masses; it’s what people use to fill the void in their lives and to have their opinions shaped.

I also do not own a car, although I can drive, and for many years I owned a gas-guzzling 4×4. Around 2007 I decided I was going to start going to work, and getting my groceries, by bicycle, to reclaim my health and save some money. Best decision I ever made, and I stuck to it, although in 2011 I decided to invest in a motorcycle, as a low-cost occasional-use vehicle – with style!

I’m a material minimalist. Being extravagant or carefree with money does not come naturally to me. So, despite being on a fairly low wage, I find it impossible not to save money.

Women have not played a large part in my life to date. That may change, or it may not. Being in my forties and single is not something that I look upon with sorrow. It gives me a great deal of control over my life that married men tend to envy. Would I have written several books, if married with kids? I doubt it. Every life situation provides different opportunities that should be seized.

Religion is a subject that tormented me for a long period of my life. I became a Christian at age seventeen, but was continually torn between Christianity and atheism for the best part of twenty years. I could never make either paradigm work, intellectually or emotionally, and the fact that I took it all so seriously caused me a great deal of distress. I finally gained clarity at age thirty-six, when I began to research and understand more esoteric ideas, such as the notion of an underlying oneness behind the everyday experience of separateness.

I started to develop an appreciation for a worldview where phenomena like telepathy and psychokinesis would not be impossible. This led me to do my own experimenting, and I was able to obtain small but measurable results that I could not explain by mundane forces. My personal spiritual journey and my psychic dabblings became the book Reality Check. This slim volume I now regard as the mere prototype for a much larger and more significant work called I, Universe (to be published in 2015 by Skylight Press).

I don’t know what you would call my personal philosophy. The central idea is that everything in the universe is one, under the surface. The temporal, material universe is an expression of an infinite formless essence. A religionist would call this God; a scientist would call it the singularity. To bring both sides together, I simply call it the Infinite. Each human being is not an individual soul; he is the Infinite focused to a point of limited awareness within space-time (if that makes any sense). These ideas are not entirely new. Approximations of them were expressed by the ancient Greek philosopher Parmenides and the Eastern philosophy of Advaita Vedanta. There are huge advantages in figuring this stuff out, in terms of psychological well-being, which has a knock-on effect in your day-to-day living.

This may sound conceited, but I consider myself to be one of a small minority of people who are seeing the nature of life with any sort of clarity. Most religionists are trapped in whatever beliefs they were raised with. Similarly, most scientists adhere to a materialist philosophy that they inherited without question. We’re living in the wrong paradigm, and hardly anyone can see it. That said, I get the impression I still have a great deal to learn, with much correction along the way.

Darryl Sloan, 7 August 2014


18 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Desiree Mendes says:

    I find you to be a facinating man, as many do, I’m sure. I have been a truth seeker through out my life, with many differing philocophies to draw from. I am learning much from you as well as on my own about truth and reality. I have not read your book ‘Reality Check’, I am looking forward to it. Thank you for being who you are.


    Desiree Mendes

  2. Wil Cavanaugh says:

    I found you tonight. After leaving Christianity behind — almost 2 months ago (LOL) — I became brave and began investigating remote viewing, which led to Astral Projection. Since I have had many psychic experiences, one major telekinetic event, and two OOBE’s, it came to me just an hour or so ago that telekinesis might unearth greater truth. It wasn’t telekinesis that taught me, but you. Intention, I believe, is key. Thank you for repeating a word I already knew and repeating it with a delivery that got it through my defenses. Thank you. Thank you.

  3. Ethan Slafter says:

    thanks for opening numerous peoples eyes to th black and white world we are living,since my mother happens to be one of the most overly religious people on earth, i havent been able to buy/read your book reality check since she would just burn it. that being said, i am only 15, but its much better to be relearning the aspects of life for myself sooner than later. Thankyou for being another good teacher in my life.

  4. BlindMan says:

    Please make an effort to find the truth behind the atom.

  5. Darryl Sloan says:

    Thanks for that, Rob. The placebo comparison for particularly effective. I’m very glad the vaccine is turning out to be safe, because I see it used first-hand en masse every year.

    My real concern, though, are the huge medical cock-ups of the past, like Thalidomide and the 1970s swine flu vaccine, and the ease with which the public still subjects itself to something experimental.

  6. Robert says:

    No problem – you’re right about these cock-ups and there have been many. Another person I really like is Ben Goldacre who runs a site called Bad Science. You may enjoy it too, BS detector for science written and reported in the media

  7. Adam Neira says:

    Good words Darryl.

    BTW, World Peace 2050 was founded in April 2000.

  8. Catfish says:

    Hi Darryl,

    Thanks for the insight on Psychokinesis. I am fascinated by the aura and the energy field which surrounds us. We, in the west, have not been brought up to have any respect or understanding of this natural phenomenon. However, my search for the truth in my own existence has led me down these broader roads of enlightenment. I have come to believe in reincarnation as I had some peculiar experiences as a child which hinted at this. In this life I also had an out of body death experience. I was quite surprised when I left my body, but realized, fully, that I still existed without it:) I can assure you that it doesn’t matter what faith you associate yourself with – or non at all – the physical universe and the energy from which we are all made has it’s own laws. We shall all abide:) That being said, as you have so beautifully demonstrated in your video, we can harness that energy and work with it to do some truly marvelous things:))))


  9. Jason Lambros says:

    Hi my name is jason you might know me from the like, 2 emails we sent each other on youtube. Cut to the chase, I just want to say thank you for having me realize a mythological truth is real and possible

  10. Marisa Yance says:

    Sat Nam Darryl,
    The tangent of perspective you present on your Web Channel had my attention 4a bit. Thank you, it is a gift to have moments of reflection on unxamined paradigms to re-inforce one’s belief/knowing system. Our HuMan condition in this realm through the lens of pain n suffering is unnerving based on my xperience as a HuMan “Toon” (ive had to create a counter reflection for this mortal life lol) n Witnessing standpoint, which i feel is at it’s breaking point. I feel comfortable with your “Infinite” definition of d Source/God/Truth/Reality/Energy/Toothbrush scenario (4lack of better terms). I’m still viewing ur site n look forward 2your subject on “Infinite Love” (which is also all the above),,, I am well versed wth hostility n fear, I want to BE Love, after the breaking point of faith. If you havent written about it yet, let US know when you do.

    Again, thank you 4all you do 4Us n spending your lifeforce in lifting human understanding that will hopefully lead to kindness and compassion for ALL.

    Love n Live Deeply,
    Marisa HarNadh Yance

  11. Marisa Yance says:

    Didnt find Love but felt close enough to IT with your Water Therapy video.

  12. Zombie Genocide was cool; I remember watching it when I was younger. Recently got a copy via a friend and watched it again, any plans for a remake or part II?


    Some of my things: (thought you might be interested is all)

  13. Birgit Barnes says:

    Thank you Darryl, found you yesterday and watched quite a few of your videos, I am in the process of de conversion and need as much ammunition as I can gather for all my well meaning still Christian friends,who are trying to convert me back….Some of them are quite consistent with their attempts. I always had a problem with all those horrible things in the bible, sounded to me more like a narcissist then a benevolent deity. So, now I am putting it behind me, as my somewhat intelligent mind won’t allow me to believe in that bunk anymore. Thanks again, Biggi

  14. Susan says:

    You make me think too much..

  15. Hi Darryl,

    I just found you on YouTube and spent a bit too much of my morning watching some of your videos. It sounds like you’ve certainly done your homework – very thought provoking stuff. I agree with most of your views but I had to make just one comment regarding your statement about scientists adhering to a materialistic philosophy that they inherited without question. Unless I’ve misunderstood your point, that’s simply not true. Science is ALL about questioning. Without it, we would never have learned anything about the universe, our galaxy, our solar system, our own planet or ourselves (and I use the word “our” to mean that in which we live, not that which we own). And I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a scientist of any sort say we’re close to knowing everything. In fact, I’ve heard the exact opposite. I’ve also heard many say we may never know everything. That bit aside, thanks for being a true thinker – we desperately need more in our world.


  16. I’m reading your book I, Universe.. I must say.. our ideas matches a lot.. my name is Nimish. I’m from India, as you kept questioning about religion and many more things, I do same.. I personally do not follow any religion except Humanity. I don’t feel myself an atheist, i believe atheist is someone to whom you prove something still he/she don’t agree to it. But i have not got many answers yet.. And im on my way for it. I will like to contact you via email/facebook or anything if it is possible

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