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Why evolutionists should have more respect for animals

Vegetarians sometimes say, “We’re all Nazis when it comes to how we treat animals.” Examining the connection between religious ideology and our treatment of “dumb animals.”


Why are we selfish? Can we change?

Examining the root of selfishness in our evolutionary history, and why altruism is important for humans.

Born evil?

Is everyone born equal, with the same propensity for good and evil actions … or not? Examining the nature of the psychopath.

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The folly of the pursuit of holiness

Discussing the quest to attain an idealistic, superior (and unnatural) state of being.

For A: “If I admit I’ve rejected Islam, I’ll be executed.”

An agnostic from a Muslim background, living in Saudi Arabia, asks for advice.


The universe explained in under 3 minutes

It’s not often that I feature someone else’s video, so you know this has to be important. This brief presentation beautifully and rationally distills the essence of what I’ve been preaching for the past few years. It’s from the channel StormCloudsGathering.

Sexuality: suppression vs. excess

A response to the video Porn Addictions by YouTube user shieldoftheson:

The dark side of religious community

Religion can appear to generate a caring community environment, like an extended family. It’s impressive – as long as you tow the party line. But it can all change in a heatbeat, when you find yourself no longer in the “in group.”

This is a video response to Earl Portland’s video “Imagine a world without religion.”

Can you forgive the murderer of a loved one?

Is it appropriate (or possible) to forgive the murderer of a loved one? My second video on this theme, refuting common Christian ideals, prompted by the criticisms of YouTube user Matthew4Nineteen.

Character building opportunities from bullies & trolls

Why do bullies bully? Why do trolls troll? How should we respond effectively to their antagonism?