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Vegan diet, 3 weeks in

Still going strong, making big high-carb meals with lots of varied vegetables.

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Natural instinct and the human diet

What should we eat? Is animal protein the cornerstone of a good diet? Do we require dairy in the form of cow’s milk? What are the health implications? Is a plant-based diet more natural? How do we cut through all the conflicting information from dieticians?

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How to meditate (without realising it)

Some thoughts on meditation, not as a formal practice, but as something we unconsciously integrate into our lives without realising we’re actually meditating.

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Sexuality: suppression vs. excess

A response to the video Porn Addictions by YouTube user shieldoftheson:

Insight on temptation, addiction, vice

Overcoming personal vices that we deem to be unhealthy, but powerfully addictive.

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Supernatural healing: miracle or magic trick?

Is miraculous healing a reality or a magician’s trick? The supernatural aside, is there a science behind charms? Can the immune system be influenced by the mind?

Thanks to Nick Dutch for the following video response:

Psychoactive drugs, a cautionary perspective

The use of psychoactive drugs is often used as a tool for spiritual development. I discuss how the human body-mind vehicle is working perfectly just as it is, and I suggest why the “spiritual” benefits of drug use might go hand in hand with harmful side-effects.

Our relationships with animals

What should mankind’s relationship with animals be like? It depends on how you view mankind – rulers of the earth at the top of the food chain, or one with everything in partnership with nature.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Reality Check book trailer #2

My book deals with many topics on theme of “question everything,” so here’s another trailer, this time on the issue of mind control, particularly in relation to the first seven years of our lives, when we are like sponges soaking up information with no critical thinking:

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Cervical cancer, swine flu, and experimental vaccines

Last year parents all across the UK handed their teenage daughters over to have an experimental vaccine pumped through their veins. That was the vaccine for the prevention of HPV (genital warts, the main cause of cervical cancer). When I did a little research about the vaccine, I quickly learned that HPV is overwhelmingly caused by being sexually transmitted through an already infected partner. So, the real truth (that isn’t often talked about) is that cervical cancer is almost entirely preventable by being sexually responsible. So, why would you sign your daughter up for the vaccine? Why would you, in fact, put her first in line for brand new experimental vaccine, the full effects of which are not completely known?

I was reminded of the disaster story that was Thalidomide in the late 1950s. This was a supposedly safe prescription drug which, when taken by pregnant women, caused babies to be born with deformities! Think! Stop sucking on your television screen and believing every piece of propaganda that’s shoved in your face. And stop putting your own children on the line, when it’s not even necessary.

And today we have swine flu, with the whole public encouraged to blindly take yet another experimental vaccine. Here’s a little nugget of information from the supposed outbreak of swine flu in 1976. This article was the number 1 hit on Google when I searched for “swine flu vaccine” …

That happened in 1976, when an outbreak of swine flu at the Fort Dix army base in New Jersey spawned a nationwide emergency vaccination program. Manufacturers wanted legal protection against vaccine-related injury claims, so Congress enacted legislation allowing people to sue the federal government. About 45 million Americans were vaccinated. Reports soon emerged of unusually high rates of Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare, neurological disorder that can cause temporary paralysis. More than 5,000 people sued for vaccine-related injuries, resulting in payouts totalling $73 million. In the 1980s, the U.S. introduced no-fault compensation for all vaccines.

“Oh, you’re a doctor. You’re a scientist. You know best. Do what you like to me. Thank you for protecting me.” Is that as far as our thinking goes? Think twice. Do the research. If you’re going to take the new swine flu vaccine this autumn, do it with the awareness of the liberties that have been taken with the public’s health in the past; do it with the awareness that you are taking an experimental vaccine, and nobody comprehensively knows what’s going to happen as a result of that.

As for me, I’ll take my chances by relying on my immune system, which I keep in good shape by living a healthy life.

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