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“I curse you, Sloan!”

I’ve been cursed by an overzealous Christian. Ho-hum.


YouTube, the insane asylum

A collection of the most entertainly insane comments that have graced my channel in recent times.

If I were Satan …

A message to everyone who’s waiting for Armageddon.

Christopher Hitchens’ death prophesied!

A satire on how prophecy really works.

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Darryl Sloan is a reptilian shapeshifter!

I will shortly be departing on the next available flight to Alpha Draconis. I can no longer function here on Earth, since my true form has been exposed by the Anti-Reptilian League. I might as well show you the evidence:

Oh, the LOLs!


The truth about Satan (that you won’t hear in church)

I examine the original Hebrew word for “Satan” and compare the Old Testament (Jewish) account of this character with his depiction in the New Testament (Christian). Then I do the same with the word for “hell.” Christians, prepare yourselves for a shock.

Bible Gateway
“Sheol” according to Wikipedia
“Satan” according to Jewish Encyclopedia

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David Icke’s Reptilians debunked in under 2 minutes

Are the Reptilians among us in human form? Can a physical body shapeshift? If so, the person concerned is likely to have a large dentist bill. “Sat what?” Watch and learn.

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My Christian faith resurrected?

I was a Christian for almost 20 years, then I abandoned it. And for the past 2 years I’ve been an outspoken critic of Christianity. Now … well, the video says it all.

Butterfly dreaming

I’m inclined to think there’s something more than wishful thinking to the notion of dream interpretation. I’ve had a few bizarre ones in my day, and upon waking, I’ve been able to see direct synchronicities with things in my life. One such dream was about me cooking a dog (alive) in the oven, followed by me about to be caught in the act by my mother. The factor that ties this dream to reality is not the specific details, but the themes of guilt and shame – specifically something I was dealing with at the time of the dream. Isn’t it strange that our subconscious presents these challenges to us encapsulated in such bizarre symbolism? I certainly hadn’t been cooking a dog!

Last night I had a dream that involved something so weird that, immediately upon waking, I had the urge to commit the details to memory. First, I’m dreaming that I’m having an enjoyable bike-ride in the countryside with a woman (someone from real life that I happen to like a lot). My bike has no handlebars, so I can’t brake (probably a reference to my bike in real life that is in need of a little maintenance, including new brake-blocks). I almost fall off a few times as I encounter the corners at speed. My bike actually takes air at one point, but the laws of physics are a little funky and I manage to land safely and stay on course. This part of the dream finishes with one bend in the road that is a little too sharp, and I go spinning through the air doing multiple summersaults. I don’t recall an impact. Now, here’s the weird bit coming up: suddenly I’m at my house, standing alone, entering through the front door. As I close the door behind me, I notice three butterflies on the doorframe, near the top, sitting still, close together.

Now, I’m not going to jump to any wild prophetic conclusions. But it just strikes me as totally weird that my subconscious should insert something as out-of-place as butterflies inside the house. I’m not a nature-lover and I never think about butterflies. And here are some very specific details: there are three. They are not flying but resting together in a huddle on the inside of my doorframe – doing something I’ve never seen butterflies do; they’re not pack animals, after all.

I looked up some dream interpretation dictionaries online, but it’s hard to know when you’re being taken for a ride by these things.

The book Secrets of Dreams by Caro Ness mentions that butterflies can be seen as “symbols of transformation”, or as “accurate and startling affirmations of rebirth into a newer, brighter, and more illuminating existence …”

Interesting. The only thing I can say with confidence is that to dream of butterflies appears to be a very positive thing. Got to be better than oven-baked canine!

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Fun with a meat cleaver

Andrew and I are heading for a film festival in Ballycastle this Satuday, to deliver a presentation about our filmmaking exploits – specifically the area of doing special effects with little or no money. We’re in the process of preparing some material. I thought I’d share this semi-successful experiment we tried yesterday …