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Very exciting news!

I, Universe will be published in 2015 by Skylight Press.

(Note: Lately, I’ve neglected to mirror some recent YouTube videos on my WordPress blog. Rather than play catch-up here, I invite you to watch them on my YouTube channel.)


Interviewed on Trans Resister Radio

I was recently a guest on Trans Resister Radio, hosted by Aaron Franz. We covered lots of topics, from self-publishing to psychokinesis.

Visit the show notes page.

[ Download MP3 ]

I, Universe now available for Kindle (and other ebook readers)

After reading ebooks for years on a PocketPC, I finally bought myself one of these fancy new ebook readers. The Amazon Kindle seems to be the only realistic choice for UK book lovers. I’m extremely impressed, to the point where I think I actually prefer the device to paper. This “eink” technology is amazing. The ebook has come of age, finally joining audio and video in the digital arena.

I quickly got to grips with some software (Sigil and Calibre) that allowed me to convert my new book I, Universe to a format compatible with all the ebook readers: Mobi (for the Kindle) and ePub (for most other readers, such as the Barnes & Noble Nook and Sony Reader). Click below and enjoy …

(If you’re a Kindle user and have only ever purchased books, all you need to do is connect your device to your computer via USB and drop the Mobi version of the book into the pre-made “documents” folder.)

[ Download Zip containing Mobi, ePub & PDF formats ]

I, Universe excerpt: The Boogeyman for Adults

To help promote I, Universe, I intend to dramatise a few of the chapters, presenting an audio recording of the book alongside relevant visuals. Here is the first one …

I, Universe audiobook in production

I have commenced work on an audiobook version of I, Universe. This will take some time to produce, so rather than wait until it’s completed before publishing, I will release each chapter as it is recorded. Enjoy what’s available below. Each link is an MP3 file, and the total running time thus far is about one hour. Check back often for new chapters.

Born to Be Brainwashed
Land of Confusion
The Boogeyman for Adults
Reason Versus Revelation

My new book, I, Universe, released!

I’ve decided it’s time to finally release my new book. Originally, I was planning to bring it out at the end of 2012, due to some topics I wanted to research between now and then, with a view to possible inclusion. But you know what? There’s always going to be something undiscovered that I wish I had included in the book. And there’s always going to be something I end up wanting to amend or enhance, as I learn new things. This is a book that will never quite be finished. So, there’s no time like the present …

[ Download Ebook ]

The dreaded “S” word – a change of heart

My forthcoming book, which up till now has been called The Dark Wheel, will now bear the title I, Universe. In part, the reason for this re-branding is because I’ve had a change of heart about something. Regular readers will know that I’ve been investigating Satanism for the past couple of years. It has been a very productive inquiry. I’ve learned a great deal and I’ve been able to synthesise something invaluable out of it for myself. But the label Satanist is almost useless are a meaningful identifier. See my recent rewrite of Are you a Satanist? in the FAQ.

So, it’s time to leave the sinister glamour behind and take a breath of fresh air from all the misunderstanding it provokes. It takes too much time and energy to deflect those blows. And in the interests of attracting a more general audience for the book, I hope you like the new cover design: simple but effective. I aim to have the book released by the end of the year.