I, Universe audiobook in production. Start listening now!

i-universe-audioRather than wait until I’ve narrated all 120,000 words (faint!), I’m going to release the audiobook, chapter by chapter, as quickly as I can record it, likely at a rate of one or two chapters per week. There are thirty-three in total.

Initially, the audiobook will be a Patreon exclusive product, as a series of MP3 files which can be played from the site or downloaded to your portable device. Making a pledge of as little as $1 per month will give you access to everything: https://www.patreon.com/darrylsloan

The book’s introduction and first chapter are publicly available, no strings attached, to give everyone a taster. Chapter two is ready and waiting for patrons, and I’ll be uploading chapter three later today.

In a few months, when the work is done, I will look into other forms of distribution, such as the popular Audible service. But why wait?

Official trailer for I, Universe

I spent some time over the past month putting my video editing skills to use in the creation of a trailer to help promote my book. A lot of book trailers are little more than image slideshows, but I wanted to aim a lot higher and craft something professional. Here’s the result. Please share!

Author of the Month at the Graham Hancock website

I’ve been selected as Author of the Month for June 2019, on Graham Hancock’s website. The administrator asked me to contribute a 2,000-word essay. I could have extracted something directly from “I, Universe,” but decided to write something new instead. You can read it here: Rediscovering Magic Through Science.

I, Universe is OUT NOW!


It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of my long awaited book, I, Universe. Available to purchase in paperback all over the world:

Skylight Press (UK & USA) | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (USA) | Barnes & Noble (USA) | Waterstones (UK) | Book Depository (UK) | Amazon (Canada) | Amazon (Australia) | Amazon (France) | Amazon (Spain) | Amazon (Germany) | Amazon (Italy) | Amazon (Japan) | Amazon (Brazil) | Amazon (Mexico) | bol.com (Netherlands) | Krisostomus (Estonia)

ISBN: 978-1-910098-04-2

I, Universe at the proofing stage


My goodness, it’s been almost three years since I posted here. I have, however, been a busy bee in the intervening years over at YouTube, as most of you probably know. Anyway, this is just a quick note to let everyone know that the long-awaited book, I, Universe, is almost here. You’re looking at the final proof, sent to me by the publisher for error checking. I’m excited!