Reality Check cover design – Part III

Here’s a completely different approach to the book cover:


At first glance, it may not be entirely obvious how this image relates to the book’s theme. Well, at first glance the image looks like Mars, but it’s really just two kids playing in the desert, so it communicates the idea of not taking things at face value. The kids have their faces tilted up, looking “beyond.” There’s also significance to the fact that they’re wearing spacesuits, in the sense that the body is like a genetic spacesuit for consciousness. More importantly, childhood and playtime are integral to the book’s final chapter and conclusion.

Any opinions on this one in comparison to the other attempts?


Reality Check ready for critique

●●●●●●●● First draft
●●●○○○○○ Editing
○○○○○○○○ Book layout
●●●○○○○○ Cover art
○○○○○○○○ Publication

Today, I sent off the early draft of Reality Check to my my list of pre-publication readers for critique. If you were on that list and haven’t received the file, please drop me a line, as I neglected to take note of exactly who was interested

Reality Check complete!

Fin! Started 20 June, completed 15 July. I can hardly believe I’ve written an entire book in 26 days. I did use existing blog posts as the basis for a few of the chapters, but I spent as much time reorganising them and adding to them that it would have taken the same amount of effort to write from scratch. Here’s the chapter list:

1. Shake Your Foundations
2. Religion Unmasked
3. Independent Thought
4. What Am I?
5. Where Am I?
6. Intuition Reconnected
7. The Big Picture
8. Psychic Surprise
9. Abnormal Life
10. Bad Programming
11. Sexual Snare
12. A Life Worth Living

I’m going to do a little editing right away, then I’ll probably let the book sit for a few weeks to distance my mind from it. Then I’ll do another edit. After that I should be confident enough to offer it to my pre-press readers, who will tear it to shreds. Then I will cry … as if!

Reality Check progress

Still typing like mad. I’ve increased the estimated word-count from 40,000 to 50,000. I thought I would share with you the titles (subject to change) of the chapters written thus far:

1. Shake Your Foundations
2. Religion Unmasked
3. Independent Thinking
4. The Nature of Consciousness
5. The Nature of the Universe
6. Intuition Reconnected
7. The Big Picture

And I’m currently in the middle of writing:

8. The Surprise of Psi

Writing a new book: Reality Check

The intellectual and spiritual journey I’ve been on for the past year has been powerful and life-changing. It shows no sign of fading. In fact, the whole picture has gotten clearer and clearer as time has progressed.

I’m really glad I blogged about it all, because I now have a permanent record of what is probably the most important transition of my life. For a while, I’ve been considering turning the past year’s blog entries into a physical book, but I think I need to start afresh and introduce the insights from a more effective angle than the haphazard way that they occurred to me at the time.

I put an outline together today, penned an introduction and the first chapter, totaling some 3,000 words. I’m really happy with the results so far.

I’m not sure how much or how little a book of this kind is going to interest the folks who visit here. I just feel passionately about, so I’m going to do it.

The working title is Reality Check, which is a perfect fit thematically, but is a bit common. I’m sure those words have already been used as titles before now. I’m all ears for an alternative title.

I would like the cover to feature a kitten playing with its reflection in the mirror (i.e. not fully understanding reality), but how I’m going to get a photo of that I’ve no idea.

I want to thank everyone who posted challenging comments to my blog entries over the past year. It’s good to be kept on your toes and also helps me to notice my failure to communicate at times.

The journey is, of course, not over, and probably never will be. I haven’t reached any sort of ultimate conclusion, and I doubt there’s a point where I will say, “I understand it all now. Job done.” So, when is a good time to write a book about the nature of reality? Might as well be now.