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  1. Hey Darryl,

    I’m a civil servant with distant aspirations of becoming a writer (or should that be a writer with a distant day job of being a civil servant…?) and I was interested to pick up your book, Chion, at the Belfast Forbidden Planet store. I’m just wondering how you went about the whole publishing process; was Chion self-published?

    I speak as someone who’s daunted and baffled by the arcane and mysterious world of submitting work for approval by publishers. I also have an unfortunate habit of playing with other people’s toys rather than inventing my own – in the last 3 years I’ve written my own screenplays for sequels to Spiderman II (which turned out to be not that far off the official version) and Superman Returns. Not the best way to get started in the business, I’m sure you’ll agree.

    In the last few months though due to a few competitions being open I’ve found myself writing quite a few short stories – almost enough for a short-story anthology in fact, with a sci-fi apocalyptic kind of bent. The thought had occurred to me of trying to get this published and I’d appreciate any insight or advice you could provide into this. I’d be willing to send you an example or two of my work so you could judge for yourself if I’m barking up the wrong tree and if I should (shudder) go back to risk registers and budget management…

    As I say, I appreciate any help you could provide.


  2. Hi, Laurence.

    Yes, Chion is self-published. How I went about it? In a nutshell, my publishing philosophy is this: Unknown writers can only compete if they offer bargain basement prices to readers. And bargain basment prices can only be achieved by investing money in print-runs (i.e. not print-on-demand). I talk at greater length on the topic in an interview on The Writing Show.

    Please do send me one of your stories, and I’ll give it a quick edit for you. I do like apocalyptic stuff.

    Forbidden Planet probably have copies of Chion left (I have no delusions about my popularity!). If not, Eason in Donegall Place have copies, too, proabably filed under Teenage. Thanks for your interest in my fiction!

  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I attached three of my short stories in the email I sent to your gmail account – none of them are apocalyptic in the end-of-the-world sense, but two of them do fit in with that kind of mindset…

    Be interested to hear what you think. Many thanks.


  4. Yikes! I deleted that email without even noticing the attachments. A good job you said. I’ve now recovered the files. I’ll let you know what I think soon.

  5. Craig wallace

    Over the last few weeks I have been in constant contact with Philip Henry about my amateur horror film production. He sent me a copy of your short film ‘Don’t open the Attic’ which was impressive. What I want to know is, when you make your film projects, where do you sent them?

  6. Hi, Craig.

    Glad you enjoyed the movie. We send our films to horror/sci-fi festivals and occasional competitions. Occasionally, we’ve tried to get the longer films picked up by low-budget DVD distributors, such as Screen Edge and Sub Rosa.

    If we ever produce the big movie we have in the wings, Shadow of the Dead, I think we’re at the level where we may actually be able to sell it, for once.

    In all honesty, a lot of what we’ve done has been done for fun, without much thought to making money.

  7. Robert Miller


    I saw something the other day with FACT on it – do you have the video you made for FAST at all? Can that go on Youtube?

  8. Hey, Rob, good to hear from you.

    Do you mean the old video I made in my teens with Phil – the one where we pretended to flush a load of pirated floppy discs down the loo? Man, there’s a blast from the past. I’m surprised you even remember it; I barely do. I might have it on a tape somewhere, but I hardly know where to begin looking. I don’t recall it being anything special, mind you.

  9. Robert Miller

    That’s the one yes – I just saw something with a FACT logo only a couple of weeks ago and I thought that your spoof was quite funny (maybe it seemed funny at the time). But maybe it just seemed funny and it was really poor

  10. I seem to remember me going “Flush away! Flush away!” I think to revisit it now would be more embarrassing than anything. Although one of these days I might just resurrect Son of Michael Myers or Weirdo in the Woods. Remember The Masked Mauler? 🙂

  11. Robert Miller

    That was the first ever endeavour into film making and it was by far the best 😀 – I still really like that QQ9 was it? I still think you should revisit that

  12. Hi,

    I got in touch at the tail end of last year after seeing your video on youtube about self-publishing. I ordered a copy of your book and am writing to let you know that I really enjoyed it. Really, really enjoyed it – I devoured it in an afternoon and it haunted me long after. Not only was it a damn fine read, but also the first self-published novel I have ever bought and read, and I am so lucky that it was such a fine example! Not only does it encourage me to find others, but also reinforces my thoughts about self-publishing my book. So hooray for Chion!

    I wanted to write sooner but have been ill for three weeks, so sorry for the delay. Since getting in touch I have set up my own fledgling site and I would love to link to your library on it if that’s ok? I am so impressed by the reviews on there, and the sheer number of them! I think it’s a great thing, and whilst my blog is invisible at the moment (I am not asking as I might create a huge surge that eats bandwisth!), I still think it is a courtesy to ask. That’s probably horribly old-fashioned but I’d like to do it this way!

    I would love to keep in touch, I will be subscribing to your blog as soon as I finish this and am waiting with interest to see what else you do!

  13. Thanks for the very kind words, Emma. I’m glad I’ve been able to inspire you a little. I enjoyed your new site. Good luck with that. I’ll be sure and drop in now and again to see what you’re up to. Feel free to create any links you want.

    As for me, not doing much fiction writing at present. Toying with releasing a short story collection as the next book. Oh, and my first novel, Ulterior is being republished in the next month or two.

  14. naomihamilton

    Hey I wanted to ask you a question about youtube. I’ve noticed that on mine, when I enter it into google, the youtube home page doesn’t come up, and all it say is Bad Request(400 bad request). There’s also a little thing that gives a code, and I’ve recently tried looking up on the internet how to fix it. People on the websites and forums are telling me to delete “cookies” in the internet options by clicking tools, but I don’t know how to delete them, or even get find them. Do you know what I should do? Thanks.

  15. naomihamilton

    Whe I clicked on your link, the homepage actually came up, but when I tried to watch videos, it said:
    Sorry, this video is no longer available

    And that happens for EVERYTHING I want to watch. And when I try to look at my inbox, it says:
    unable to contact server
    and it just won’t load. Ugh this sucks…:(

  16. Strange. A while back I noticed your Brainbox account had vanished, so I unsubbed, assuming you had deleted it. Is it possible that you are still auto-logged on to that account on your computer, and it’s giving errors because the account is deleted/damaged? Try clicking “Sign Out” at the top right of YouTube, then seeing if any random videos will play.

    Then again, maybe the problem is something else. Very weird.

  17. naomihamilton

    Well I remember signing out to log in with a different account name, so it couldn’t be that. Though, just a while after I sent that last message, a little blue box was on the homepage of youtube, and it said that I could choose the option to watch videos worldwide, I clicked yes to that and the videos started to work. Though I only got to watch a few videos before it displayed the Sorry, this video is no longer available.

    It just works, then it doen’t, then it works, and so on. It’s so frustrating…:(

    Your right, I did delete my brainbox account, but the videos are still on youtube which is strange,but anyways.

  18. naomihamilton

    Hey I just wanted to ask you some stuff about self publishing and writing a book and all that jazz.

    I’m having real trouble trying to get my ideas striaght. I’ve been working on about 4 ideas, but none of them feel right to write or, I haven’t got enough ideas to even create 3 pages worth of writing.

    Or when I try to write and I think I’ve got a cool idea, it’s almost like a replica to some books I’ve already read.

    I find it really hard to decide who my main characters are gonna be,and their characteristics. And I just feel like my dream of being a writer is slowly slipping away.

    I just want me to magically have written a book, have a fabulous cover and sell loads. But I know that’s not the way writing works. I know it takes time, effort, passion and attitude, but at the moment, I’m finding it hard to kepp up hope.

    I have been able to write short stories though. Probably about 500-600 words long. So, like you, I might consider trying to release some sort of short stories book.

    Got any advice?

  19. If it’s any consolation, Chion took a few years to come together in my head as a proper story before I wrote it.

    My head is absolutely littered with fragments of ideas that feel stuck. Sometimes they eventually go somewhere, sometimes they connect to other ideas I have to form a larger story, and sometimes they stay stuck forever.

    Don’t worry about size. Let your stories find their own length. And short is just fine if that’s what comes out.

    When I write, my aim is to make the reader feel something: happy, excited, nervous, surprised, whatever. People read to have an emotional experience, so when I write, I write to exploit that as much as possible. One of my favourite things is to set up a fairly stereotypical situation and then totally do the opposite of what the reader expects from having watched hundreds of movies with similar scenes.

    Learning to write well is a big, big subject, and people have written books on it (I haven’t actually read very many of those). I would encourage you not to rely too much on writing to a formula, and just go with your own imagination and intuition.

    When you read, read with a critical eye. If you don’t like a book, ask yourself why and figure out the answer. Then you will never make the mistakes that writer made. Or if you really like a book, ask yourself what made it so good. You will learn the same tricks.

    Best advice: Read a lot. Write a lot. 🙂

  20. naomihamilton

    Thanks for the good advice. I’ll work on it. I’ve wanted to be a writer for a long time, and I’m definately not going to let this stop me from being one! 😀 Thanks!!!

  21. naomihamilton

    Hey this is a pretty ‘out of the blue’ question, but in your Chion-verse blog post, there was a link to the website and it told you about the book etc. There was a thing you could download called Chion(excerpt). I download, and I just wanted to know what soundtrack of yours did you use in it? It sounds cool!

  22. I can’t take credit for the music this time. It’s by a guy called Mike Andrews from the Netherlands. I got him to play the electric guitar bits on my song “Warrior.” He’s an excellent musician. Not famous or anything. Just a guy with talent putting his work online.

    I think one of his albums is available for free download:

    You’ll probably be able to find him at the iTunes Music Store, too.

  23. naomihamilton

    Holy moly! His songs are awesome! I had a listen to Trendy Lounge, and it blew my mind! I like his stuff. Thanks for the link!

  24. naomihamilton

    Hey would you mind popping over to my blog when you get the chance? I’ve recently updated it and thought I would ask at least someone to view it. Thanks 🙂

  25. Hey Darryl, I just saw your video on youtube entitled ‘a self published author speaks’ and I think you’ve definitely got some really good points regarding the (very) unfair snobbery in many social circles, at publishing houses (and from many traditionally published authors) against self-published authors. Your words were really encouraging and positive, so I added your video to our writers’ community at, as I felt that more writers need to hear your noble words. Thank you for reminding everyone that self-published authors shouldn’t feel ‘put down’, denied self esteem or lose dignity just because they chose to publish their own book. Self publishing is a good thing! best wishes Sam x 🙂

  26. Dean

    Hi. I recently discovered this site through your youtube telekinesis videos. Personally I have sort of an agnostic view on things in that I accept nearly anything as a possibility, but at the same time I don’t completely accept anything without what I would consider to be solid evidence. Basically, I accept the possibility that people can do telekinesis (probably because it’s what I WANT to believe), but I don’t know if I believe that anyone has actually figured it out or if it is really even possible. I have too many conflicting ideas to really know what to believe. A hugely unexplained personal experience started the whole thing for me years back (I’ll spare the details), and since then has only gotten stranger.

    I notice that you’ve pointed out some fakes, but I’m wondering what you would consider to be “good” videos and info on telekinesis that I could check out online. There’s too many fakes and too much false information for me to know where to start. I can’t say whether I believe you can actually do telekinesis or not. I don’t have enough experience or information on the subject to even make a guess – but at least you seem to have studied the subject enough that you might be able to point me in the right direction.

  27. “I’m wondering what you would consider to be “good” videos and info on telekinesis that I could check out online.”

    The most informative thing I ever heard about telekinesis is in a video called “Psionics Secrets” by Sean Connelly. If you type that into YouTube you’ll find it.

    That said, I totally understand your position, because I was in the same place a year ago. When you’re on the outside, how do you know which advice is real and which is bogus? When I faced this dilemma in the beginning, I decided to go into it blind. No knowledge, no techniques. I figured that if it could be done, I would figure it out. And I totally recommend that approach.

    The only thing I had was a gritty determination based on a strong philosophical conviction that the universe was stranger than what western science had penetrated – and the fact that I had seen telekinesis done for real when I was a teenager.

  28. Dean

    I’m in exactly that same boat except for a couple differences.
    I’ve never seen it done in person so I would naturally have more doubt that you did starting out. What is driving me to learn more about this and various kinds of energy manipulation in general are personal experiences I’ve had through different types of meditation and focus that started way back when I was doing some basic martial arts meditation. I don’t have any solid answers yet but at least I can say it’s been an interesting journey so far.

  29. I can have strange meditative experiences literally on tap. I haven’t blogged about this, because I don’t understand it, but when I’m very relaxed, like lying in bed at night, I can close my eyes and very easily tune my awareness to a strange place that makes very little sense to me, but is visually clear and is the same experience every time I have it. Spiraling “light” that emanates out from me is a major feature of this experience. Either that or my consciousness is moving backwards. I can’t decide. Any correlation with your experience?

  30. Dean

    My experiences are more physical (I think) in that I have very intense feelings I can only describe as “energy” that I can invoke any time I want and move to any part of my body. These feelings are very much real (not in my mind), but I wonder if the physical feelings are being caused by unknown energy I am controlling, or if I am simply doing something physical like controlling my blood flow or releasing chemicals into my body. For example I considered adrenaline, but adrenaline doesn’t move and gather into specific body parts at will (that I know of). But the strangest thing about it is that I “know” somewhere inside me that I can do specific things with these energies even though my brain is telling me the whole idea is completely stupid. I’ve done some experimenting with it and I’ve discovered that I actually can effortlessly make myself temporarily stronger or faster or more aware when I focus differently. What I don’t know is if these results just come from me pushing myself harder or believing that something is happening when it’s really not – like a placebo. In regards to telekinesis, when I focus properly it feels like I can reach outside myself with my energy and “grab” objects. I can almost feel their heaviness and their shape and texture – and when I close my eyes, sometimes I can almost sense the objects around me ( sometimes I work with my eyes closed in the mornings when I’m still feeling sleepy). I’ve never experienced any kind of visual results however – such as spiraling or glowing lights or moving objects. That is probably the biggest reason I have doubts, so I’m focusing mostly on telekinesis right now to produce some kind of result I can actually see rather than feel.

  31. That’s really interesting. I’ve studied hypnosis, and it’s certainly possible to auto-suggest feelings to yourself, but it’s also possible that what you’re experiencing is real. I took a particular interest in telekinesis and telepathy, because with these things you end up with physical evidence to rely on, not just personal conviction.

    My psychic sight experiences, if I can call them that, are very much internal to my own head, and not physically in the room. If I look left and right with my eyes, the experience travels with me, proving I’m not really seeing it with my eyes, but directly with the visual cortex of my brain. I guess I’ll blog about this if/when I understand it.

    I’m confident you’ll get the results you need in time, with telekinesis, as long as you persist.

  32. Mike

    Hi Darryl

    I just bought one of your books off ebay (5 mins ago). Then surfed to your site. Then I watched your video about religion.

    How fascinating that I find someone pouring their heart out to the world wide web in a way that I have been doing ‘off line’ for the last 20-odd years.

    I totally understand what you are saying, I have been questioning religion since I was about 13. I went to Sunday school as a child and eventually, I was Head Chorister of our local church choir. But even back then I considered it to be a good source of income more than any source of an elitist and gratifying solitude. I am a couple of years older than yourself and am probably one of the most spiritual people you could ever meet, yet I consider myself to be ‘Sans Dieu’ (without god).

    You seem to be vexed about how you feel, but I think you should go with your gut instinct.

    On a slightly different tack, are you a man of science? Have you read any of what these days they call ‘Steam Punk’, by which I refer to the early works of H G Wells , George Griffith and of course Jules Verne?

    I follow the ‘cutting edge’ of science also, but for literary reasons and great reading, you can’t beat the old school writers for being there to question what people believed was the norm back then.

    No I am NOT a Scientologist, before you ask 😉

    I look forward to reading your book.

    Kindest Regards


  33. Emma

    I’m very impressed with your videos. I’m so glad I found you! I haven’t been able to sleep(it’s 5am) and for some reason I decided to look up telekinesis and I found you. I can’t wait to watch the rest of your videos!Definetly going to look for your book

  34. Julio Cesar

    Hello Darryl!.
    My name is Julio i born and live in Brazil, I’m 23 years old.
    My English is not very good, but i will try make my best.

    I saw a lot of your videos on Youtube about Telekinesis and I did some experiments, and i can move the aluminum paper over a needle, it’s very impressive.

    So i have some questions for you, i see sometimes some blue light, like a luminous blue ball, i see on my mind since i born, i don’t know but, i think is chakra, i never saw supernatural things like ghosts or something like that, i don’t really know, but i think i have some kind of “power” who is locked.

    What you think about that?

    – What is this blue thing on my mind ?
    – Is possible the chakra have something with this blue thing?
    – You know some way to prove i have some hidden “power” and how unlock this with No Negative way (Like bad or evil) ?

    Man I’m a good guy, i do good actions, i don’t wanna go to the bad path.

    Please answer this questions for me.

  35. Claire ...

    Hey, Ok so my name is Claire, and that is all you really need to know. I heard recently a lot about your site and to be honest I don’t think highly of it…personal opinion, you seen to have a lot of your own; so thought I would share mine. You are a writer and that is great your need to be rewarded for you have written great books, they are good! I myself alike have a desire for art and English and I do understand that yes, you may be trying to boost your public profile on sites likes this so that your dream of being a famous writer may come true.
    After reading a lot of your posts something that hit me was that you are always talking about God. I myself am a Christian, I love Jesus Christ and I have a compassion for him. I feel that every day in my faith I am growing as a person, growing also alike in my faith. However, I feel that your need to constantly shut God down for your own personal experiences/faith is shocking. You here are not portraying the right characteristics of faith. Faith is something every person has, its fact. Every person makes their own relationship with Christ and it is through that then that you are recognised. Seeing is not believing. God is there for those that want him. You seem to have shut him down a long time ago, but truthfully, God never shut you down. Be careful what you say on here… for God is real. you may feel you were was naive to believe but you I think you have told yourself so many lies that you are believing them. you wrote under a bog you wrote you don’t want to live in fear of what other people think of you; that’s great nobody should, however it’s life and on a daily basis no matter how much you tell yourself that you don’t care its something that will affect us all eventually. God is near; judgement day is near… are you going to care then?

    be careful what you say on this

  36. Hi, Claire.

    Speaking of judgement to come … how do you know this is going to happen? Because I certainly don’t know it. I know that I’m being asked to believe in something, for no other reason than I’m being made to feel afraid not to. I’m being asked to bet my soul on a historical probability, and simply BELIEVE.

    How can you, in good conscience, speak these threats, without offering me a shred of evidence to back them up?

    We do not live in a world where everyone simply believes without question that the events of the New Testament really happened as recorded for us. I, for one, have many questions about that.

    I would challenge you: are you simply repeating something that has been told to you, or have you done any real research of your own?


  37. Claire ...

    please don’t mistake them for threats. i am simply saying and as for evidence is the bible not evidence enough? to have belief in something is the strongest thing i feel a person can do in their life. for you once to believe and speak like this makes me doubt that you actually ever experinced God. On many occasions God has worked wonders for me. i really advise you to read a book bluke like Jazz by donard millar. it is from a non religious view. very interesting. i believe in everything i have said and i say it from the heart. you don’t have to see to believe as i said before that is what faith is, our faith defines us.

  38. Raf

    And you received what you were asking for 🙂
    I don’t mean to interrupt, but I consider this conversation to be pointless.

  39. Claire,

    “is the bible not evidence enough?”

    No, not when you look into how it was formed.

    God is an infinite consciousness beyond space and time, the source of all that is. I would be crazy to set myself against such a being.

    However, you think I’ve turned against him, because I’ve dared to criticise a man-made religion that elevates itself to the level of claiming to be the “one true religion” that perfectly represents God to man.

    But you’re all wrapped up in Christianity as being the absolute truth. And unless you’re willing to question that, Raf is right, this is pointless.


  40. Jack Bingham

    Hey Darryl,
    It’s me from Clounagh, Y10, I was sitting flicking through your website one night when I read that you have written a new book, entitled “Reaity Check” Congrats, the reviews of the book are really good, you should be proud of yourself. Also I read that there are reprints of the book “Ulterior” the cover looks fantastic, more thrilling, I would be interested in buying it, do you sell them in school?


  41. Hi, Jack. Thanks the kind words, and for your interest in my books. The new version of Ulterior will probably be released in paperback some time around March/April next year. Bit of a long wait, but I’m trying to save money by timing it with the printing company’s promotional offers.

    As for Reality Check (which is non-fiction), I won’t be selling it at Clounagh. It’s too controversial. If you want a copy, you’ll need to get an adult to buy it for you through my web site.

    Glad you liked Chion.

  42. G Do

    Thank you very much for the vids and experiments, after trying, this has been begining of amazing discoveries for me. 🙂

  43. Travis Williamson

    Hey Darryl

    Sorry to do this to you (seeing as you have recently decided to stop debating religion) but I have some thoughts that may or may not interest you. I have not read your book yet but I have watched a lot of your videos and accomplished telekinesis with your help(thanks). I hope this won’t just be a waste of your time.

    Here’s whats on my mind; Some time ago I was in a depressive state and I attempted to relate my human experience to God’s experience. The result was really weird. I decided to start at creation and work forward through time but I didn’t get very far as the first few point got me in a swirl of thought.

    How did God decide what we should look like? The way most humans would do it is by making an image of their own form, like a barbie doll. The Bible says God created man in His own image. That is a strange link to me. Man uses dolls as toys. Man also makes dolls in an image that Man wants to be like. If we made robots we would like them to be perfect, superhuman, uncorruptable… sort of like a god. Now my question is If God created humans, did he create them in an image of what he wants to be? Humans are imperfect. Does God want to be imperfect?

    Now specifically “Adam”. Once again I say God created man in his own image so was Adam the same as God? Was his personality exactly the same as God’s?

    The fruit. (a second idea)
    Discipline forms a part of an individual’s personality. Adam and Eve were not disciplined and they were not aware of sin so can we blame them for eating the fruit?

    I am a christian but I do not go to church. I follow the Bible and my own reasoning of what is right and wrong. God made us in his image so somewhere inside us all is the “knowing” of what God has planned for us. We are destined to reach an opportunity to do what is intended for us BUT we also have our own choices. It is the individual’s decision on what they decide to believe. Well done on standing up for your own ideals.


  44. […]In the first of a new series of author perspectives, we take a look at Darryl Sloan, from Portadown, Northern Ireland. Sloan is a sci-fi author with a distinctive and innovative style of writing borne out of his years growing up in 1970’s Ulster and ultimately ending up working at the school he attended in childhood. Here is Sloan speaking candidly in 2008 about his experiences of self-publishing accompanied by video.[…]

  45. Hi Darryl,

    I found your site via you TK video on youtube. I like the succinct way you explain the linkage between the conscious and subconscious. This subject is of growing interest to me and I have read an number of books around ‘the secret’ that touch on this idea that we can ‘will’ whatever we want in our lives toward us by programming our subconscious mind through auto suggestion. Our programmed subconscious then sends out the request to the universe continuously
    until one day it arrives. I understand that your video demonstrates this by ‘willing’ the psi wheel to turn. I would be interested in your comments.


  46. review request: hector / k.i. hope

    Mr. Darryl Sloan,

    Before this is discarded, before my heart is crumpled and my pleas come to shelter in a trash can, please – allow me to be trite.

    It was in the center of a dead summer that my pores started to sweat stories and my skin flaked off like old paper. My body purged itself on pages and became a book, a volume; now I exist only as an anthology of industrial complexes and modern woes.

    And I want everyone in the world to know what I taste like.

    It’s all poured out: my tongue licked the edges of twenty-five thousand words championing the oppressed and bludgeoning those who exploit. I called them hector as a collective and it’s going to save the world.

    For the market is saturated, dripping wet with non-fiction works detailing the plight of agriculture and animals. From Michael Pollan to Jonathan Safran Foer, the way we eat is hotly contested on daytime television and stamped in black and white headlines weekly. Despite the efforts, there remains a void; an unsparked synapse in our societal consciousness.

    hector is the necessary fictional counterpart to these works – the truly imagined life of a female dairy cow on a factory farm, from captivity to rape; a feeble escape only to end in slaughter and consumption. hector is both true and an analogy; it is both Animal Farm and Johnny Got His Gun. It stands at its face as a sad description of what we eat; it hides within the story of the forgotten everywhere – prisoners, drug addicts, wives, the homeless and the faceless corporate bourgeoisie that feed on us all.

    As Carol J. Adams, author of The Sexual Politics of Meat, said in her review: “In the lyrical and powerful writing of K.I Hope, a dystopia rises before our eyes; through mud and blood and suffering and mourning, we, like the main character, struggle with the question of consciousness and freedom. Don’t put it down; don’t keep it to yourself.”

    This is a gift of the zeitgeist, delivered in a box made of bone tied with sinew ribbons. Pull, open. Believe.


    K.I. Hope; hardcopy available upon request

  47. adamskii

    Hey Darryl,

    I’ve been a regular visitor to your web site for the last few months, since I very much like the videos you post, etc. However, just recently, I’ve been unable to load your web site “” into my Firefox & IE web browsers, and I get an error message saying the “connection has been reset”. Even now, as I’m typing this message I was unable to get onto your web site directly, and I’m viewing your web page through an free online proxy server “”. Also, I have NEVER been able to load your “” web site directly into the Firefox & IE web browsers, but again, this web site loads fine through an online proxy server.

    Do you have any ideas on what could be causing this issue? I live in the UK, could my ISP, “VirginMedia” be blocking your web site, or do you think it could be a problem with my firewall settings, or router, etc?

  48. Jen


    Try reading “Seth Speaks” then, “The Nature of Personal Reality” then etc as there are a few Seth books through the author Jane Robertson. If you want a really mind opening understanding of reality, and deep insight into the unconcious/concious etc these will be of use. I have seen a couple of your videos though not your book.

    I see you explore possibility and I believe you will find these books really step beyond limiting concepts. Just give “Seth Speaks” a full read, a good try – you will be pretty happy to have read it.


  49. adamskii

    Hey Darryl,

    Just a quick message to let you know that I’ve resolved the issue that was mentioned in my previous post, about not being able to load your website. The firewall settings on my laptop were messed up, so this was causing problems with directly loading your web pages, so it would only load your website through a proxy. Please feel free to delete these two message I have posted, so that other people who visit this section on your website, aren’t wasting their time reading my useless posts.


  50. adamskii

    Hey Darryl,

    Like you, I’ve also been performing telekinesis for a while now, and there’s something I have noticed whenever I perform telekinesis on an object, and I thought I would share it with you (and others who visit this site), in the hopes that the information will help you develop your telekinesis abilities further.

    I have noticed that whenever I perform telekinesis on an object, the object “ALWAYS” rotates. I’m not talking about the psi wheel because that obviously rotates (duh!), I’m on about pushing a piece of foil around in a bowl of water, and moving helium balloons in the air, etc. When I move the foil with telekinesis, I’ve noticed that it rotates in the water, and the foil also moves “very slowly” around inside of the bowl. If the bowl is small enough I can easily move the foil to the edge of the bowl, but if I use a very large bowl, the foil often curves around inside of the bowl in a circular fashion, and it very rarely reaches the sides of the bowl.

    I think the main reason so many people have problems moving objects like pencils, etc, with telekinesis is because the subconscious mind is trying to rotate the object, just like it does with the psi wheel, and obviously that makes it very difficult for the pencil to move at all, since the pencil needs to be pushed, rather than being rotated on the spot.

    So with what I have just said, I highly suggest that you start moving onto other methods of telekinesis, since the more you practice with the psi wheel, the more you will be locked into the “rotate” objects mindset, and the harder it will be for you to break out of it. To advance your abilities further with telekinesis, I recommend that you start with placing a round pencil on two sharp knife blades to reduce friction and try to push the pencil. You could also try pushing down two or more playing cards that are balanced onto one another, and also moving helium balloons around in the room, etc. I’m sure you will be able to think of something fun to try, just as long as it doesn’t involve rotating the object.

    Hope this helps. Bye.

  51. Hello Darryl,

    I am interested in learning tele-kinesis.

    Are you able to do it remotely via skype? If we setup a camera via skype, will you be able to move an object remotely in front of me.

    I do remote healing via skype all the time and it works really well.
    If you are able to do that, I like to pay you for instructions.

    Please let me know if you are interested.



  52. Ben

    Hello Darryl,
    Before I even get started I have to apologize for two things (I hope you dont mind ^^ ).
    First, since Im german, my english might not be good enough to properly express what I am trying to tell you in the following, so please feel free to ask, if something is uncertain.
    Second, this is going to be a rather long comment so, yeah sorry for that :P.

    Okay, I guess I start by introducing myself.
    My name is Ben, I am a 20 years old and from Germany. As probably quite a lot of people who comment on this site of yours, I got to know this because of your youtube channel and your telekinesis videos. At first I just wanted to learn Telekinesis, because moving objects just by thinking about it seemed very interesting. So I hit youtube and looked for some tutorials or demonstration videos but the majority of them where obviously fake, which ultimately led me to your “how to spot fake telekinesis” video. And what I found there was not simply someone who told the world how to spot fake telekinesis, but rather someone, who showed people how not to be fooled by others in general and who provoked to actually think critically. That impressed me far more than your already impressing telekinesis demonstrations 😀 and I was stunned, that there was someone out there who was actually thinking a lot like me. Which is thinking critical, but being open minded at the same time for new stuff (like telekinesis) without just abandoning it before giving it a shot at least. I think in a very similar way, by not taking just anything for granted, questioning commonly accepted “knowledge” and being open for new perspectives on old, set “givens”. Let me tell you the story of how i started to open my mind, which of course has something to do with religion ^^.
    While I never was a religious person nor where my parents, there always comes a time in your life, when you have to grapple with religion seriously. That time came for me on a class trip at my former school. I shared a room with two classmates who were (and still are probably ^^) muslims. And as all people who deeply believe in their religion, they of course tried to proselytise me. They told me, that being a muslim is not about blindly believing, but rather KNOWING. They told me about all the wonders in the Quran (e.g. that every last detail about childbirth and the development of a foetus is described in there, before we could even comfirm it with ultrasonic sound or that in the whole book the word “day” is exactly used 365 times, etc.), which really got me thinking: “Wow, this seems like the real stuff… I mean if this is true i should immediatly convert, before it is to late.”
    In the end, I am glad I didnt. I struggled with this for 2 months or so but no matter how much of an impact it had on me that gods existence was kind of “proven” as it seemed, I just didnt feel good at the thought of becoming a muslim. Thats when I started to investigate this matter a little. And what I found was a huge relieve to me. There were (of course) actually people who doubted all this, and questioned these “facts” in the Quran in a reasonable way and showed, how all that was just propaganda to scare people into converting (for the record, I am not saying ALL muslims are just trying to scare people and knowingly use the falsehood to make people convert ^^ most of them just truly believe in their religion and try to win you over with their passion).
    And as I was done investigating I was truly asking myself: “If even this so-called “proven” religion is false… maybe they all are”. You know, even if I never was really religious, I always kind of believed, that there was a god of some kind, because I couldnt simply prove it wrong, couldnt I?
    But from this point on, I began to question certain aspects from religions that (now that i dared to ask these questiones to myself) didnt make a lot of sense to me. Like why do get people punished in hell from satan, when in reality you did what he wanted you to? And why does he want to punish you if he does god a favor by doing that? Why do we only know one side of the story that being gods point of view? Maybe, just maybe satan is not really the evil one but just a scapegoat for god, because he couldnt tell us his part of the story? “The winners get to write history” or so it goes right ;).
    But what really cleared all my doubts about the whole heaven and hell thing, was a question that came to my mind after I watched a movie in my philosophy-class. It was a documentary about brain damages. In that documentary there was a man shown, who was really brutal and a criminal his whole life, a sinner so to say. He stole, injured innocent people and so on. Until he somehow got his brain injured (dont know the details anymore). And after that, he changed completely. He was no longer aggressive nor had he any desire to harm other people or commit any crimes at all. In this documentary there was even a man, who experienced it the other way around.
    After I watched all that I was asking myself: “How could god possibly punish your soul, for the crimes you committed on earth, when you cant really be blamed for that? Sure, most people can willingly decide for themselves to commit a crime or not… but what if we maybe really cant. What if we all could have some kind of a (minor-)brain-damage, that makes us do evil things sometimes? And how can our soul be punished, when our body is just malfunctioning?”
    I hope i could make clear, what I was trying to say here 🙂 Of course my way of thinking there can also be questioned, but it is nonetheless an interesting point of view I dare to say.
    I also hope, that you enjoyed this little story of how I started to think critically and maybe you found it interesting enough that the two of us could get together, chat about interesting matters and share our thoghts.

    But for now, I got to get some sleep.

    Thanks for making it this far xD


    For now, I just put in my cover email-account, sorry 😛

  53. Ben

    What a bummer, you didnt even answer yet 😛
    I guess you are just too busy right now or just didnt like my comment. Meh, stuff happens.
    If it doesnt bother you I’d really appreciate SOME sort of feedback xD
    So when time allows you to, please answer me

  54. ria

    hello. i came across your novel ‘chion’ while looking for some ebooks to read and download. i was directed to scribd but it’s only downloadable in text and pdf. i have nook and although it reads pdf files, i am having a hard time as i cannot zoom it. can you please send me in upub file a copy of chion? thank you so much.

  55. Mia

    Hi Darryl,

    I am a fan of your website and you youtube videos. I tried the telikinesis and it worked! Very cool.
    I have a couple of questions about hi tech meditation – there are lots of this type of meditation avaliable now. This is the kind that induces alpha, theta and delta waves in the brain. (through vibrations on a CD put into music) I experienced it myself 10 years ago( I did it for about 3 years) and ended up in a mental institution with psychosis. Before becoming ‘unwell’ I got into magnetic healing and found it very easy to channel energy. However the dangers of this type of meditation are that you do not have time to integrate what you are doing and often are not grounded well (this is what happened to me). The power of the human being operating on this level though is amazing. I recommend normal meditation to access the spiritual world. I just wondered if you had heard of, used, or had any thoughts on hi tech meditation? I would be interested to see what you think. It is easy enough to access on the web, but is its easy access, with little or no guidance, safe? I do not think so.
    I am writing a book about my experiences and hope to be finished Dec 2011.
    I would appreciate your ideas on this topic.
    Kind regards,

  56. Hi Darryl,

    I’m enjoying your site and your youtube videos. You are very brave to be so open about pk, it scares the heck out of me. I started working with pk wheels not to learn pk, but to learn to control outbursts of RSPK that were troubling me. I’ve been tested in a controlled lab setting at a university. I thought you might be interested to know that such work was being done.

  57. Hi Darryl,

    I have been following along with my partner some of your videos on Youtube. I am Neilgedd on Youtube and also left a comment on one of your videos.
    I was wondering if you would be interested in taking part in a documentary I am planning on making, about mediumship/clairvoyance etc and also what the Christians think of it all. If you want to know more, please email me and we can discuss it further. I hope to hear from you soon,
    With all best wishes for now,

  58. oma

    Hi Darryl,

    Thank you for the insights and the interesting videos about telekinesis.
    I would like to see more videos on your telekinesis progress, rather than videos disproving Christianity. It is clear that religions are designed to separate people and to control the masses. But yet a lot of people find peace and hope believing in Christianity.
    The reason I visit this web page is to see how far the telekinetic abilities can go. Did you develop/research further you telekinetic abilities? Have you advanced in moving other (larger) objects, or it is just the psi-wheel?
    Have you reached specific conclusions on what forces move the objects? Have you obtained any other abilities along that like clairvoyance, astral projection?

  59. Videos about Christianity are part & parcel of what makes me me, like it or lump it. I make them, not to make Christians angry, because I recognise that there are doubters out there – Christians with legitimate doubts, for whom their religion is failing. I am attempting to offer a rational signpost or two from my own experience.

    My telekinesis progress has been at a standstill for about a year. But my theoretical understanding of why it works has been developing. More on this as I get a better handle on it.

    Thanks for your interest.

  60. Caleb


    Do you play violent video games? If not, do you think that such video games would affect the brain in such a way that (because, when played, the frontal lobe isn’t used much, and the R-complex is being used) you won’t be able to develop telekinetic, or even, psychic powers?


    P.S: Many empirical conclusions have proven that the brain does get affected in some way.

  61. Angela Hoffman

    Hello Daryl,

    I’ve been viewing your telekinesis videos and became quite amazed with the fact that you told us we all have it and its a high possibility we can all get it to work but once i started to practice it, i could have sworn that i saw the pen begin to move slightly but not in a way i had hoped. It was probably either my imagination or i need to concentrate deeper, but what im trying to figure out is how to get “in the zone” with this because it seems i either cant concentrate deeply enough or i just lose focus i understand it takes quite sometime to build up that muscle but i just dont understand why i kind of see it move a little bit or just lightly.If you have any spare time i would like some of your advice on this:) thank you, Angela

  62. Allan Johnsen

    Hi Darryl, very interesting thoughts in reallity chek… is the audio book still only under consideration?? or is it comming ? cause I really hate reading :0D … sometimes I do, cause I am far too interested in things.. so dad, tell me a story :0D

  63. Hi, Allen. There never seemed to be much interest in an audiobook, so I never bothered recording anything more than the excerpt that’s currently online.

  64. Kalvin

    You have another purchase on your book “Reality Check” coming tomorrow. Im excited to read it

  65. Matthew Prescott

    Hello Darryl,

    I watched your YouTube videos on the Telekinesis (parts one and two). I set up a piece of tin foil on a pointed metal tool and held it firmly with my fingers resting on the table. I closed my eyes and pictured the foil spinning for a few seconds and when I opened them the foil was spinning. I’ve been able to do it 3 times over about 30 minutes in different places of the house and am able to make it spin for a long while. Thank you for posting those videos.


  66. Jay Talley

    I just read your little memo on “fear of Hell” and must tell you how much I understand your situation. I was a Christian (Methodist for 30 years and R. Catholic for 35 years) but began to have serious doubts about the Bible and my faith about 10 years ago. (I am retired and 66 years young now).

    You might want to read some Ekhardt Tolle (The Power of Now) and his other spiritual views. I now too believe as you do that Consciousness is God and we are all “children of the Universe”. The Christ story and all other “revealed” religions are just too full of untruths and myths for me to believe anymore and I am gravitating towards Tolle’s viewpoint every day. Thanks for your story and I would like to keep in touch with you. Regards, Jay

  67. Brian

    After reading your reviews of Anton LaVey’s writings, particularly The Satanic Bible, I believe there are a few things I can help clarify for you. Before forming The Church of Satan and writing The Satanic Bible, Anton LaVey held witch seminars from the Black House. A publicist who ran Avon Books and several newspapers suggested to LaVey that he start a Satanic Church..then the publishing of The Satanic Bible along with the rapid publicity all fell into place. The Satanic Bible is comprised of a series of essays that was handed out to members as the Satanism Monograph before it was published in book form. There was most likely a time frame in having the book ready, so The Enochian Keys were most likely just added as filler to make the book more than a pamphlet. Half of that portion of the book is blank pages. They are used in the rituals in a similar fashion as the Latin spoke in some catholic ceremonies and are meant to evoke the emotions needed to enact change for whatever means the ritual is employed towards. The Enochian Keys were originally meant as an angelic language..LaVey changed the translation, and claimed the angels were merely angles. By doing that, he not only threw dirt on another grown-up fairy tale but pointed out (as with other things), the metaphysical constipation of most occultists who hide behind Judaism and Christianity. As with the first of the four books in The Satanic Bible, The Book Of Satan, is lifted word – for – word from Ragnar Redbeard’s Might Is Right (1896). That’s primarily where all the blasphemous material in The Satanic Bible is found, including the passage you were uncomfortable with “Death to the weakling, wealth to the strong”, “If a man smite thee on one cheek, smash him on the other”. One purpose in having the blasphemous material at the beginning of the book is, those with a guilt-conscious instilled from Christian mythology won’t want to read further. And, as LaVey stated at the beginning of the Speak Of The Devil Video, Satanists are born and not made. The definition of Satan is adversary, accuser, opposite, etc. So, “Satanism” is a religion opposite of conventional religions. The reason why the image of Baphomet is hung on the west wall has nothing to do rituals performed to an actual Satan but is symbolic, as the Muslims fece the East towards Mecca.
    The Satanic Rituals aren’t really necessary although it is one of the most attractive aspects to many who become interested in LaVeyan Satanism. LaVey called it “the gray area between psychiatry and religion” a sort of therapy, the person will go into the intellectual decompression chamber and release pent up feelings and leave them there, believing that there desire will come to pass instead of being consumed by frustration. The rituals were most prevalent in the Church of Satan (while LaVey was alive) during the first few years. The rituals provided publicity for the church while it was still young and over time, LaVey became more reclusive and went without performing rituals for decades. Many rulers and people in power are Satanists in the sense that they don’t complacently pray and wait for something to happen but take action. Many Christians are actually Satanists in the sense that they live an indulgent lifestyle although the hypocrisy involved in their ways is very un-Satanic. The book isn’t really points out that religion and the occult are both nonsense. I believe LaVey’s philosophy makes more sense than anything else I’ve it’s very core, it isn’t about bogeys, hobgoblins or devils..”good” and “evil” are subjective to the time and place in which you live..but above all else, it’s about not conforming to the mentality of the herd of mindless sheep who buy into commercialism and change with the times. It’s about living life to it’s fullest – it’s the only life you have and noone has ever provided substantial evidence to the contrary.

  68. Hi Darryl,
    Im a professional photographer looking to do some film stills work. Have a look at my blog here -

    If you have any projects on the go give me a shout.


  69. Pr Blood

    Hello Darryl.
    I’m an horror movies fan from France. I’ve just watched “Zombie Genocide” : very good work 🙂
    With some other people, were are currently working on a fanzine, called “Relik(s)”. Were are preparing the 3rd number, wich is about leavind-dead. The first was on possession, and the second on South America. Personaly, I’m working on a paper about Ireland, and if you agree, I’d like to make a small interview of you, your movie, irish production… (no more than 10 questions).
    You can answer me by mail, you have the adress. And thank you for your time.

  70. Dennis

    Hi Darryl,
    I have been saying that we humans are consciousness currently trapped in a limited five sensed carbon based wetsuit, for about a decade. I used to be a Christian Pastor but have outgrown it and moved on. You have hit the nail squarely and it is refreshing to see and hear it well spoken

  71. Derek

    Hey Darryl, I have been watching your youtube and you have many great points. Many of these points I have come to on my own time with a friend of mine. We have some interesting points you may find compelling. If you have a skype or something, I would love to have a conversation with you. Shoot me and e-mail if you’d like and we can discuss this further.

  72. William Uecker

    I wanted to order 3 of your books and wanted to do it without 3 seperate paypal transactions. Ideally would like each sent to a different address if possible as well. Please let me know how best to do this and if it take 3 seperate transactions, I can do that too.

    You work is very enlightening.

  73. Bill

    Darryl, I first found you on YouTube from you telekinesis videos. After I subscribed I saw the other videos you have made about religion and stuff, I have found more connections to your views and the Left Hand Path, than Christianity, which I never really believed in. But I have some questions about telekinesis because it interests me greatly. So, as am I writing this it is currently my 5th day at attempting it. I have moved a psi wheel 5-6 times and I have my own way of doing it (It is irrelevant for me to tell you because everyone has their own way of doing it). But I do have some questions, so it is obvious that moving the psi wheel under a glass bowl is much harder, but how long did it take you? Also after I can do that should I go to moving a pen, a toothpick, a pencil? Your insight would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, I am only 13, do you think that if I keep this up for 10, even 20 years i could do some tasks that I would not be able to lift with my arms? Telekinesis and the subconscious mind are very interesting so any tips or info would be great, I am a huge fan and plan to buy your book soon. Keep it up!

  74. Desiree Mendes


    I am practicing the telekinetic and other ‘type’ stuff. I havn’t had results yet. I do believe that it works and I do believe I know why and how it works. I have been studying to find ‘truth’ for several years in every area possible. Now I am in process of ‘puting my findings to the test’ and am seeing results in some areas. I watch people, things and situations very close. I can see how things are working and know I have so much more to learn and discover. I look forward to everything I can learn from you. Hope to know you on some significant level. Thanks to ya.

  75. David M

    Hi Darryl

    I came across your PK videos on YouTube tonight.
    On watching one I was surprised to hear you describe the relatively small movement of the “weather vane” as a significant result. Here’s my story:

    When I was 12 years old (in 1970) I became interested in PK. I found a book in the library (can’t remember the title) and read all about how to do a PK experiment. I created my own “weather vane” and began my “training”.

    For some reason (perhaps the book said so) I was convinced acquiring the power of PK was like building up muscle strength. I was a patient boy, and was ready to persevere for as long as it took. I knew exactly WHAT I was trying to do but I had no idea HOW to do it. I started off with a sort of mental “pushing”, as in repeating to myself the thought “move”. There was, at the beginning, a long period when nothing happened. The “weather vane” stayed perfectly still. If it hadn’t been for the belief that I was engaged in a “strength building” exercise I definitely would have quit. However, I continued. For several weeks. Hours at a time.

    Somewhere along the line I noticed the “weather vane” was making slight “twitches”. These, of course, could have been down to slight draughts, or perhaps changes in room temperature. However, there was an odd, almost indescribable, sense that the “twitches” were not “random”. I can’t really put it into words. They just didn’t look like what would happen if they were being caused by a draught. It’s like when you see an event, and for some unknown reason you strongly suspect, intuitively, that something just isn’t happening at random. There was definitely a very “non-random” look to these twitching movements.

    I persevered through this “twitching” stage and, in time, began to see the weather vane making progressively larger movements, say a half-turn, sometimes a whole-turn (360 degrees), then stop. By this time, I was pretty sure the movements were not random.

    After several weeks, perhaps three months, I had reached the point where I KNEW the weather vane was not moving randomly. Whether it was being turned by some unseen force (emanating from me, or perhaps through me, I did not know). Here’s a description of a typical “burst” of this “advanced” level of movement:

    I would sit watching for a while, the vane would start twitching a little, a little more, a little more, turning, half turning, a whole turn, then several whole turns. By this time I had cottoned on to the fact that intentional effort wasn’t required. It felt more like a sort of confidence you could move the vane, coupled with a certain nonchalance about whether it moved.

    I carried on with the weather vane experiments, becoming progressively more “adept” and eventually I reached a point where I could get the vane to spin like a top for minutes at a time, in the direction of my choice! I could start the vane spinning, stop it, and reverse the direction of spin. In the end, I started moving further back a little each time, and succeeded in turning the vane “at will” from across the room. As a sort of “piece de resistance” I started turning away from the vane, suddenly focussing on it from across the room, and immediately set it spinning rapidly in a direction of my choice. In a nutshell, I had totally “mastered” PK!

    I was able to demonstrate all of this to my best friend. He, seeing this seemingly magical “invisible force” manifested before his eyes, began “PK training” himself. I told him if he just kept at it he could get it to move too as, by this time, I was sure that anyone could do it if they just persevered. My friend spent several weeks “training” and in the end he was able to get the weather vane moving as well.

    At this point, oddly, my whole fascination with “PK” wore off. It was as if I said: “Isn’t that wonderful? PK does exist! I’ve proved it beyond any doubt!” Then I just stopped. I haven’t done any PK experiments since. If I did, I imagine I’d be able to do the same again, given sufficient “training”. I have wondered if one might lose the “ability” with age – but I think maybe the key lies in simply believing it can be done – not how many years you have on the clock.

  76. Dear Darryl,

    I have been deconverting like you after having been 20 years with “born again christians”. I watched some of your video “a challenge to christians” and “religion is mind control”. I really agree all what you say. It took me 5 years to completely leave all this “cocoon” and fear of hell. It is so good to have again my own thoughts. All is fake in this christian world; the bible, the friendships as people dump you as soon as you leave “faith”….I really liked when you say in one of your video you don’t want any comfort. I completely agree. I have been depressed for a while but I have no regret. I can move on and enjoy life. Like you I believe in something but I know believe which suits me.
    So I hope hearing from you soon.

    Simone (from Switzerland)

  77. Dolores

    I’ve been watching you on YouTube and been thinking about a couple of issues that you bring up. I’m kind of a skeptic about most supernatural phenomena and some Christian dogma like hell has always really bothered me. It made me wonder if the universe (spiritual) was based on schadenfreude so I was surfing around the web to see how people reconciled a loving heaven with the fact that everyone would know that their loved ones were in hell. Some people said that God wiped out your mind (which is kind of weird). Then I found your video on YouTube about you driving back to your mother on her deathbed to help her avoid hell. I took a look at some of your other videos and saw that you have moved away from Christianity partly because you wanted the purity of the spiritual experience without the dogma. You also talked about how this universe is adversarial.

    I agree that hell is really disturbing, but I think Christianity came up with it not only because it keeps people attached to it, but also because it needed to come up with some kind of framework to explain how justice works. Religion functions to explain the big questions about life after death and how justice works (since justice often seems to be poorly applied, religion has to come up with a resolution for how it will eventually be exercised perfectly and to the full extent). I think other religions have some forms of hell, but only Christianity’s form is forever. This is why I was interested when you said the universe is adversarial because from this comes oppression which is often not addressed in life. I think what I am trying to say is that no spiritual framework can satisfactorily explain this fact without leaning too heavily or too lightly. Do you believe in some form of karma? Besides the issue of justice I just discussed, life sometimes seems to make no sense and often appears really meaningless. I often wonder why God would create a world that disappoints people so much. In the song, “I have Forgiven Jesus” by Morrissey, he says, “why did you give me so much desire when there is nowhere I can go to offload this desire? And why did you give me so much love in a loveless world? When there is no one I can turn to unlock all this love?” Call him Jesus or anyone else, but these are important questions and they remain.

  78. Hi, Dolores.

    I want to thank you for writing such a stimulating message. Basically, my response is to challenge you by asking you to consider thinking the unthinkable:

    Why must every wrong be righted? Why must there be this thing we call justice, in an ultimate sense? Life is not fair, but why should it be fair? Who said that it ought to be? Perhaps only our own wishful thinking? Why must love be the cornerstone of existence? Who declared it so? Is there ultimate justice for the gazelle that is torn apart by the lion? Is the lion evil for doing so?

    The universe is adversarial. There is no free lunch, no universal justice. It just is what it is, on every fractal level from germs to supernovas. Adversarial through and through. A dance of energy, a continual flux of change, death and rebirth, never standing still. Man-made delusions of justice don’t come into it.

    Now, we can make up whatever “spiritual” ideas we want, but we do so as mere consolations against the stark reality of what the universe reveals about itself.

    That’s my take.


  79. Dolores


    I think we have justice because human beings have minds that can conceive of higher ideals and that justice is one of them. It’s true that life is not fair, but of course life should be fair. Ask a victim of sexual abuse that question. Tell them that that is just how it works and that lions regularly tear apart gazelles. If people do not at least strive for some kind of fairness on a larger scale, then they are complicit with all kinds of evils. Evil?! Why there’s no such thing! But ask a sexual abuse victim or a mother who watches her baby die from starvation that question. They do not see this as just an adversarial situation, but something very personal.

    I think it’s a good thing to want things to be fair and to be a little bit unsettled when it’s not. Probably some people get upset about how life is not fair and become nihilistic about it, but it’s better to be angry about it than become apathetic because at least where there’s anger there’s hope.


  80. Hi, Dolores.

    Certainly we should strive for justice. After all, the gazelle runs from the lion; it’s doesn’t stand by and wait to be eaten. My point is that life gives us no inherent right to a fair deal. Life is about competition.

    As for sexual abuse victims, of course it’s terrible. But life gives you no guarantee of avoiding such a thing, that’s all I’m saying. I’m sure the gazelle takes the fact that its being eaten by a predator every bit as personally as a human takes being molested by a sexual predator.

    Now don’t misunderstand me. I’m not attempting to minimise the hurt of sexual abuse. I’m just pointing out that there is no need to make a big “divine justice” or “karma” game out of it, when the very fact that these things happen is just one more example of the adversarial nature of the whole universe. I’m not a nihilist, but I’m just attempting to see clearly.


  81. Ioannis Kalos

    I listened to your video on the origins of Christ-mass and couldn’t agree more with you concerning its origins. I am a Christian who does not believe in any of the traditional so-called holy days of Christ’s birth, death and resurrection. However, I am at a loss how a man of your intelligence can dismiss away the existence of Jesus as I heard in your video? If you said; I choose not to believe; that is a matter of your own choice and confession; but to say in a teaching video about Christ-mass that ‘you do not believe Jesus ever existed’ is a blatant denial of historical fact. Considering this; I would be interested to know what religion you were; what you hold to now; and what fact you can give to support your claim in the non-existence of Jesus. By the way, do I detect a Northern Ireland accent?

  82. Ioannis,

    In the past I denied the existence of Jesus on the grounds of not really having enough information. Having now studied the matter in more depth, I see that there is sufficient extra-Biblical evidence to establish him as a real person. However, I don’t believe there was anything miraculous about him. See my recent video entitled “The case for Christ, in a nutshell.”

  83. Bad telekinetic habits include using it in front of people even though I know its inappropriate. I know I shouldn’t. But there it goes. My eye twitches until I let loose that frustrated, pent up energy. I deal with a lot of stress in my life. For the longest time it was always moving objects already in motion. Then in 2007, I started experiencing telekinesis. It was my last semester of college. The biggest stressor was actually not knowing if I had the right class for graduation. I wound up taking one class I didn’t need. Tk has become such a regular fact of life for me now I hardly blink at it. I still take medication for anxiety which apparently doesn’t slow down these manifestations that include psychokinesis, the bending of spoons and forks. My dad spends too much time hammering back the forks and spoons in the house with a mallet.

  84. Michael Usher

    Hi darryl, my name is mike and I have watched pretty much watched all your vids. Just been thinking over what the the tree of life represents. Say for arguments sake, that each person is a leaf. What happens if a leaf dies? Another will blossom because the organism is taking in more and more energy and has to put the energy somewhere. This is exactly what the human race does. Also something else that has been playing on my mind is why paranormal activities tend to happen more around children. I believe that the answer to this is that when a child is about to be born its brain is almost purely the unconscious mind. As the child grows older the experiences block the passage for the unconscious mind and that part of the brain becomes neglected. I think that if a baby parents that could do telekinesis, the baby would allow the unconscious mind to partly take over. Please comment because I don’t want to sound insane, thank you (mike usher, age 18, Manchester.

  85. Could you please write a opinion on this author (pro or con).?

    Maximillien de Lafayette wrote more than 1,200 books and numerous encyclopedias; 857 books and 9 encyclopedias are published. He has been writing for the past 50 years.
    He is considered as one of the world leading linguists (Ancient Languages) and historians of ancient civilizations. In addition, he wrote 14 dictionaries of various languages, to name a few: Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Aramaic, Latin, French, Hittite, Phoenician, Ugaritic, Greek, etc. He is an expert linguist in 26 languages (Ancient and modern).
    In 2004, as an expert linguist and jurist, Maximillien de Lafayette was commissioned by Yale University, School of Law (New Haven, Connecticut) to translate from English to Arabic, The White House Draft of the New Constitution of Iraq, and which was submitted to the Iraqi Council, then the governing body of Iraq. De Lafayette is internationally known for his expertise in the history and languages of ancient civilizations, and social-legal studies of the Near East and the Middle East, with a strong emphasis on tribal dialects, comparative social systems and laws, and Islam.

  86. Jason Anderson

    Dear Darryl,

    I have spent my whole life under the “devil’s power” and though I left all the lot of Christianity finally about 3 months ago the issue of Satan was still untouched. I think for anyone to be able to fully live a life of reason, happiness and peace they seriously MUST deal with this whole satanic thing. Since watching your videos and being excited about buying your book (once I get paid in a week or so 🙂 I have experienced a peace and taken a deep breath about all of this shite. I want to really thank you for all of the hard work you have done researching this stuff and sharing it with us all. You can’t begin to believe how much your work is going to change my life the more and more I let satan fade away into the abyss of my christian past. You are a good man and I wish you all the best in your life.



  87. Joshua Field

    Hi Darryl,

    I just read your article, ‘An unbeatable Challenge’. I thought it was well thought through and impressed by the logic and I’m sure challenging to any Christian.
    The only query that kept coming to my mind is why did you bother to write it? You have obviously done a lot of research, and spent a lot of time, but why?

    Thanks again.

    Kind Regards

  88. Emily

    Hi Darryl, I have been watching some of your videos on your youtube channel (I discovered your channel last night via your telekinesis video and have been listening to your philosophies which are very similar to my own, as listening to different viewpoints can sometimes aid the birth of new insights). I am curious regarding the thoughts you shared in two videos: the one on suicide and the one “why do humans self destruct”? It is curious to me that self destructive feelings are more or less “alien” to you, because the idea of never having such feelings is alien to me! There are a variety of reasons for this; I think you probably highlighted one of the main causes in your second video, when trying to understand this urge in others. However, I have often blamed my nature of being a deep thinker for my depressed feelings, as there are times when not knowing why we are here amidst all the struggle and suffering that exists in this reality, just feels so overwhelming. Sometimes it has weighed down on me so much that I have thought to myself, if I die, then the torment of this questioning will be over at least, and I’ll understand the nature of what my true essence or whatever is, if there is an eternal component to me, either that or there will be nothing at all (and if this is the case then all the struggles in this reality would be in vain, the way I see it). Obviously, the will to survive has prevailed over such feelings I’ve sometimes had, as I have not ever acted upon them. My question to you is this- do you ever feel that being a deep thinker is as much a burden as it may be a blessing? There seem to be no certainties in life, and I feel somewhat overwhelmed/ insecure regarding this, however my desire to know will not let me settle for comforting belief systems such as pseudo-science, spiritualism etc. Maybe we can never really “know” anything, and perhaps by continually searching for answers that maybe can’t be found, I might be tormenting myself. But I don’t simply want to exist just to live by daily routines; I feel I need something more than this to motivate me, and to feel truly alive?

    (Illusory Earthly name)

  89. Emily

    Hey again Darryl…..I just watched your youtube video “December 21, 2012: A spiritual awakening?”. Some of the things you say in the latter part of this video, about how it is normal/ natural for us to feel “unfulfilled” answers the question in my previous post, in a way.
    I would also like to add that I like what you say regarding animals and people, I often dream that more people would think like this because perhaps then there would be less subjugation and cruelty towards other species… isn’t really any wonder that beings from other planets haven’t made an obvious attempt to contact humanity as a whole yet. Of course, due to that feeling of “unfulfillment” I can’t help but desire that they (of the benevolent kind) would make contact with me, hehe. I’ve been pondering lately, that the things I admire in life because they are unusual/ rare would not appeal as much if they were more common, whereas if the common things in life/ nature were rarer then they would seem more magical. But what is seen is magical all comes down to our perspective as William Blake describes poetically with that famous line from “Auguries of Innoce”: “To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour”.

  90. jacob brown

    hello darryl
    iv been watching ur videos on youtube about Telekinesis and iv got to say you have grasp my attention swiftly.iv enjoyed ur videos enought to find someway of contacting you.i am still makin my way throu alot of em'(your videos) but man u caught my attention. i like ur insight on the topics u speak about. you dont just half-ass the stuff ur explaining u give examples,proof, and history on it all. i wanna do telekinesis so strongly. the idea of mind over matter is so out there on such an extream level and i see it as a goal an aspiration i guess. i have yet to truly start the practice of it all, im one of them people that likes to gain knowledge on the subject before i start my project. i guess the center point of this comment is to really ask for u help or guidance in this project of mine. i was just wondering if u could give me tips or insight on how to do all this. ur videos provide alot of help but im just wondering for the beginner beginner. like step one and al that good stuff. i could be like ur student lol. im like a sponge i can obsorb what u have to offer. also on an off note do u know anything about Levitation i assume that the next level above telekinesis would be Levitation. im not talkin about flying ether none of that, just the act itself. anyways if i keep going ill just start ranting on and on but i hope u can help me even thou ur videos are helping me already lol. Be safe
    -jacob B-

  91. carlos huerta

    thanks for putting those movement or force videos thay really made me interested for practicing it like 30 mins a day

  92. Leon Wanderi

    Hi darryl
    I’m a huge fan of your work.I’ve watched almost all of your videos and read Reality check and also half-way through I,Universe.I’m 18 and an atheist, also I have a huge thirst for knowledge and that’s why I’m a fan.I wanted to thank you for your telekenesis videos and let you know of my progress.

    Before I started telekenesis training I had to improve my concentration first, which I did by taking a blank sheet of paper and drawing a small dot at the centre. I then sat down and stared at the dot and did this for an hour every day for 17 days, every night, this was during the last two weeks of february.

    And then in mid march I made a psi wheel and decided to try and move it and it did on the first day. I was really surprised when it happened. Fist I thought it was heat but my hands couldn’t be that hot and then air currents, but the windows and door was closed and I was wearing a handkerchief to make sure i didn’t accidentally blow on it. I had decided to practise for an extra hour and the psi wheel moved most of the time until I got tired and couldn’t concentrate anymore.I practised for the whole week and got results, but I still can’t control which direction it spins.

    I haven’t practised at all this month, I just have’t bothered to but I will continue by next week. I would like to recommend a website, check it out.It has some intiresting stuff

  93. Rhonda Eaves

    Hi Darryl, Just found you on utube, I like what I am hearing. I just finished my first book and feeling to self publish it. I agree with you, how publishing companies work! I feel I have a great book needing to be out there for those who will read it! I, like you, found the universal consciousness and each of our stories often are mirrors for others. Those going through much of the same journey, and these types of books help them to understand. YOUR NOT GOING CRAZY, and there is life at the end of the tunnel!!!! I feel, like most things, they don’t “want” these types of books out there, so they don’t publish them!! Keep em all in the “old” mind frame, is my opinion.
    Just wondering if you might give me some tips in how to get it edited well, and put in paper form!! Any help would be appreciated..

    Downloading your book, seems might be on the same page.. Great minds think alike
    Rhonda E

  94. Hi Darryl. I have watched two of your videos. Only two but I can see a lot from that. It appears to me that social validation is too much of a concern of yours. I’d suggest letting it go. You really can’t expect to get far letting that trouble you. You won’t find it validation, particularly from skeptics or those with their own agenda. When paradigms get challenged the reaction is usually predictable wouldn’t you agree? As is the case our biggest obstacles to growing and learning is ourselves. Humans tend to cling. We see it with Egyptologists we see it with ancient astronaut theorists and historians and pretty much all critical thinkers and especially with those of that religious devout blind faith ilk. If you are not a proponent of the ancient astronaut theory you will shot down and discarded about as quickly by that faith based following as you will from any other academic study if you don’t ‘tow the party line’ maintaining the approved of speech. Try to speak to any of those seen on the ancient aliens shows as guests and even suggest that perhaps those sky beings were not ancient aliens but instead ancient survivors from another past advanced civilization very much human and you won’t be speaking much longer to that crowd I guarantee it. Again, so what? Keep speaking, share your views as they are just as valid as any I have come across and you are more level headed than most of these in leadership positions we look to for guidance in life. Examining any belief by the simple act of going over it all again really looking at it will change any view point. Let that sink in. Even the most devout of the religious fanatic believes mostly what they believe due to upbringing, and other things such as environmental conditioning growing up. This programming is tough to break through and most have never actually examined their own belief systems. . Once your perspective changes suddenly the world changes around you. It can’t help but change because you changed it by changing your perspective outwardly and now are examining your own beliefs. If we examined our own belief systems with the same zest we used to pick apart opposing religions or belief systems then we may get somewhere huh?
    Feel good about your views. I have views also and I’ve shared them on my blogs. I’ll share it with you if you’d like to see it. Maybe we can garner enough between us to move ourselves forward one step more in our own development to share our views. If not then nice meeting you on your video channel.

  95. Julia

    I am about to read Chion….looking forward to it….
    will definitely get back at you…dont wait too long because am a fast reader…
    Thanks so much for your time,

  96. James

    Thank you for the website as well as the videos. I spent several years of my life wondering about religion and trying to make sense of everything, from the world around me to the ridiculous diversity of modern religion. I always wondered how so many different people could be 100% right about their beliefs. It is reassuring to know there are other people out there today putting serious effort into giving up all the conditioning and brainwashing. Thanks again.

  97. Allen

    Just stumbled onto your website today. To date, it appears that during my life, I’ve reached a great number of the same conclusions as you. Regarding the few differences, I’m wondering if you are familiar with Thomas Campbell and his book My Big Toe. There also exist several Youtube videos of lectures, seminars, and workshops he has given. Just curious. Your website and videos are interesting and enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

  98. Mike

    Hey Darryl. I’ve been a subscriber to your videos for about 3 years and I just wanted to say thank you for all the insight you’ve provided me with. I started watching at about 16 years old as I was experiencing a small existential crisis. I was never a Christian but at the time I was under the impression that there was no real reason NOT to be. Your videos helped me to learn otherwise. My beliefs have always been my own but your observations have helped to solidify them into something more concrete. Thanks for making a difference in my life.

  99. tiabam67

    Hey there, Darryl.
    I don’t have anything particularly profound to ask you about. I’ve been watching your videos and you make a lot of sense to me. I just wanted to let you know that I have begun a long awaited ‘finding Tia’ journey and have appreciated your ‘perceptions’ on the many subjects that I have been trying to figure out for myself. I don’t think I’ll ever label myself again. I dig taking things from all sorts of schools of thought, then deciding what makes sense to me. I grew up in a dysfunctional home, oh and I was a Christian. I tried to get into it all, but so many things just didn’t make sense to me. I always wanted to know WHY, about everything. Like, ‘Why mother, are all the sweet little nuns going to hell because they don’t belong to the Church of Christ?” Unfortunately, I was conditioned to feel my own thoughts and opinions were wrong unless they were the same as my parents. Now that I’m a big girl, I’ve come to the conclusion that, IT IS OK FOR ME TO HAVE MY OWN BELIEFS. (I still have to say that to myself occasionally to believe it) Other than having peace in my life, the most important thing to me is to STOP THE CYCLE so my baby girl never feels the way I have. I see her. She has such a beautiful soul. She is helping me to see clearer and is giving me the purpose I had lost from the stifling of my own identity. Looking forward to watching more videos from you. I’m glad you are a part of the journey I am on.
    Take care! Tia

  100. Prafulla

    Hello Darryl. I am a 23 year old who and I see a bit of myself in you. I must say my life and interests are remarkably similiar to yours. I understand exactly what you are doing, and I have no words, other than to say, the universe has recognised you 🙂

  101. Dennis

    Hi Darryl ^^
    I really enjoy the stuff you do and share a lot of views you have about the world. I like your rational and logical and at the same time open minded approach to the questions of life. And I strongly believe, that you helped some troubled souls getting to muster up their courage and confront their shady belief systems.
    And that brings me to my point. ^^
    Did you hear of the 4 year old kid Colton Burpo? Apparently he had a near death experience in which he visited “heaven” and got to know stuff he could not possibly know.
    Here is a link
    As I watched this video I kept asking myself: How many people will take this for a real “miracle” and strengthen their faith without questioning it? And then I thought, how would Darryl tackle this topic?
    Which got me curious ^^.
    So what is your response to this whole case?


  102. Shi Kang

    Hi,Darryl Sloan,I am a student from Malaysia.

    I would like to ask you a few questions after watching your video on youtube.

    I watched your video and you said let the unconscious mind to do it and conscious mind be an observer…

    And you can rotate the psi wheel without looking at it @@

    KineticPsycho on youtube mentioned before interrupt the space of an object that is moving through instead of concentrate on it does help.

    I actually don’t quite understand it.

    So I just start psi wheel training instead of knowing its theory or concept by concentrating on the object…

    I just started 3 days ago and keep training for it approximately half an hour per day using psi wheel(A piece of paper 8 cm X 8 cm).

    Now,I am able to rotates it BUT cannot control it, just rotates it without knowing its direction ><

    How to control it? (eg: control the psi wheel to rotate anti-clockwise or clockwise)

    What do you think of when you are rotating it while your eyes are closed?

    Could you give me few more tips and examples on how to develop this skill?

    Appreciate a lot and a thousand thanks at first,

    I wish you could hand me some help. xD

  103. David

    This is in response to the youtube video of Satan and Hell (sheol)

    I agree with you on certain things and disagree on others. I have done what you asked me to do I have studied the situation and have come to a certain conclusion: 1. That of course there are a lot of doubts of many factual incidents that happened in the past because many Christians or so called Christians have over the years since the bible was written changed or neglected to translate correctly the bible to the point that today the bible does leave us with a lot of questions. So I do understand why some people would question these things. 2. I also agree with you that Satan is not a name it is a title. I am sure he does have a name, but God saw fit that no one should know it because he doesn’t deserve that honor, hence he is only called through titles such as Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Serpent, and so on. Now as for the history of this person yes I do agree with you that he WAS an angel as how this Lucifer title refer to an angel of light or messenger of light also son of the morning refers to the same thing. Now in Isaiah 14:12-15 we learn that this person, or ex-angel fell from heaven because he wanted to be like God and ultimately gain more honor than God himself so, he was thrust down to hell an Old Testament citing of hell. As to the role he takes in Job I believe God gave him enough authority to try the human race because of his reputation in heaven before falling and to fulfill the purposes of God that to return to the kingdom of heaven man must be tried so he will only receive the kingdom of heaven because he earned it. In analyzing this we have to be smart to see that Lucifer does what he feels like doing he has the freedom to choose, what he doesn’t know is that what he does ultimately is fulfilling God’s plan, that’s how smart God is. He is always one step ahead. So Lucifer doesn’t work for God he ultimately chooses what he does, and in the case of Job God was smart enough to let him do almost whatever he wanted with Job except kill him to show the faith of Job and his endurance and blessed him in the end for that demonstration. 3. I also agree with you in the sense that Sheol is not Hell as most people believe it is Sheol is the spirit world we go after we die and wait to be resurrected and after judged and go to a place where we deserve whether it is in a state of happiness or sadness. Now in this spiritual world we go to there is a division. One division is Called Paradise and the other is called Prison these are not literal. The best way I can describe them is like here on earth good people surround themselves with good people and bad people surround themselves with bad people so that’s why there is a division good people are happy and bad people are sad all because of the consequences of their actions. This place is not hell. Hell is a place that to tell you the truth not vary many will go. These are the sons of perdition. Where they have seen Jesus Christ , God the Father and the whole plan of salvation explained to them and they deny it they don’t want any part of it, last time I checked there were not very many people in that situation. Yes these people will suffer permanently. Now to understand the next concept I am going to explain you have to understand that in my religion we don’t just believe that there is a heaven and a hell we believe in three separate states a human being can end up and then there is hell. The first is the most longed for where you can live with your family in peace and love in the presence of God in eternal happiness which is commonly named heaven second is a place where you can be with other good people, but you won’t have the privilege to be with your family and in some certain sense It can be a certain type of hell because you won’t have them near you, but this hell is not to be confused with the hell we normally know. And third it’s a place where you yourself are a bad person and you are amongst other bad people such as killers and rapists and so on, but you never had the opportunity to deny the plan of happiness in front of celestial beings. And this in a way can be called hell because at this point you will realize that you because of your actions lost a lot of blessings. That in itself will torment you. The word dammed means that you won’t be able to progress anymore that will be your final state. Then we have hell where I mentioned before people who deny the holy ghost or the plan of salvation don’t want any part in it are not forgiven because they don’t want to be forgiven they are happy being as far away as possible from God. So that is what is granted to them. Hopefully this has cleared some doubts on the subject if you are interested in learning more I could give you the links to .pdf books where you can banquet yourself in more detailed knowledge about the topic, because just the bible itself will never clear up all your answers. Sorry for the long letter.

  104. Hi Darryl
    Just wanted to say, i thoroughly enjoyed your E-book I, universe.
    I must say it, its the one thing i have read recently, that actually makes sense. you have obviously put a lot of thought into the things you speak about.
    I am particularly interested in the PK experiments you did, and as a guy starting out on the PK road, i find the ground you have already broken on this subject fascinating. It makes me more determined to get this to work for me.
    great book , keep up the good work mate.
    Look forward to your future (or should i say NOW) 🙂 , youtube uploads
    Take care


  105. lucy

    hello again! i have been practicing telekinesis for two days now. so far i have been able to shake and spin it a little. i have also been reading your book it is very good so far. just thought i,d let you know!

  106. Matthew Cawley

    I was curious what your thoughts are on the theory of a multiverse. You use the term universe in explaining nonduality and how everything is one; I was just curious as to what you think of a universe different from ours. The next line is a pretty good link on wikipedia for beginning a study on multiverse theories

    In addition to that, I heard you say on one of your videos that there is no such things as ghosts. I have a personal theory that may interest you. First of all, I am a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, so my opinion could be of coursed biased.

    In the early stages of seeing and having actual conversations with ghosts I was debating on whether or not it was real and I simply decided to sit down, clear my mind of all thoughts and just observe the room to see if it was indeed my mind creating this spirits. After a while I came to the realization that no person on Earth, currently, could create so many different people with a different look, personality, speaking at the same time so fluently. I know some are better at multitasking than others but it’s just ridiculous to think you could create something like that to that extent.

    I have a personal thought process on the difference between real and not real, hallucination and not. Dead beings, including animals such as bugs (who hate me like poison) are made up of pure energy and when you are seeing them in their energy form they are real. However when you see an actual body with actual skin; that is simply a visualization created a dead person, sometimes overlapping another dead person to give them that “real” look. After all, you have the ability to visualize something in your mind and in reality, so in theory of there was such a thing as ghosts and they were constantly learning and practicing wouldn’t they be even better at this then the average living person say a hundred years after they died?

    I also like your philosophy on the hunter/prey scenario. This can be connected to ghosts as well, especially humans, as most have a pretty bad attitude because they routinely have to be around the living and protect them from the animal kingdom that one person has accumulated throughout their life. (Like I said earlier, bugs hate me like poison). Somewhere along the line, the dead decided it would be easier to strike a deal with these animals (the smart ones anyway) that if the living were unable to react and would just power up their bodies with the dead would they let up to a degree of their murderous tendancies. The educated animals of that time period thought “if the living couldn’t react, then maybe it would be easier to kill them”.

    Now we live in a world full of people who believe in god, or ghosts, or religion, or they’ve abused drugs…and basically they are a little more open to the idea of ghosts. Ghosts gravitate towards these type of people very much because they are easier to F with. Like I said, many people even have ghosts sitting on them in their spot or walking on them and they don’t know it. Because after all, if there were beings of energy around us, and they wanted to be on us, the only way to avoid that would be to be so charged up with energy that your body was solid and no one could get in.

    Anyway…there is much I would like your opinion on. We share a lot of the same beliefs, and I have one about nonduality and the experience of everything being one that you might enjoy. However I don’t want to dominate your board.

  107. Michael

    Infinity is quite a paradox, to put a name to it seems to be breaking its rules, on one hand. The mathematical sign of infinity I find eloquently obsessive. Physics still holds that information never disappears, black holes or no black holes. So any object, can still be de-constructed and reconstructed to it original state, theoretically, as all the information is still there but jumbled up. Although infinity seems to be beyond comprehension making it nonsensical to objectively tackle it, if information has thus “always” been and we are all one, from the “original” seed, so to once again paradoxically speak, hasn’t the mind/consciousness also always been but possibly in a different form? If this is the case, wouldn’t God/Infinity, in its nature, always have had a human mind?

  108. Harry

    Hello Darryl. I love your video’s on telekinesis and I think you were the first person to inspire me to try and learn. The thing that stopped me was my father. I remember when I was about 12 I used a bottle, tied a string to a tooth pick and hung it inside the bottle and tried moving it with telekinesis. I’m positive I moved it. But my father said it was satanic and I got scared and stopped. When I got older I researched it further and watched your video’s and took notes. This is what I think.
    We use about 10% max of our brain. And we are able to function and build these huge structures and are able to learn a lot about pretty much anything we want to. And that’s with just 10% I also know that if your ignorant on a subject we tend to get afraid. So then we convince our selves it’s not possible to do it. I’ve watched and read countless clips and books on how people fake telekinesis and how it’s not possible to move objects with our minds. But science is still just a complicated system of ignorance, and I believe that it is a lot easier then most make it out to be but over time we have been bombarded with people saying it’s not possible and we are stupid for trying. Just looking at the comments on your youtube channel is proof enough of this.
    I am a very open minded person and I would like very much (if your still attempting at telekinesis) if we could give each other advice, and possibly swap tips and hints on how to do it.

  109. Matthew Cawley

    Hello my name is Matt. I feel sometimes that I have an interesting perspective on life, being that I am schizophrenic. I was curiuos as to your thoughts on the existaqnce of ghosts. Have you ever seen one or do you believe in them. I have believed in ghosts ever since I was a kid and one day there they were. Many of them. Black, white, male, female; talking to me. No one beleives me to the point that I have given up trying to convince people. My main question is: if you beliieve in the existance of human beings becoming ghosts, don’t you have to believe in the existance of the ghosts of animals? I have seen many different animals ranging from bugs the size of a two car garage to dinosaurs the size of a building. A friend once told me that it’s in the bible that animals don’t have a soul. I just find that ludicrous as all animals as well as human beings are energy creatures so it stands to reason that if there are human ghosts then why not animals. I’d appreciate your thoughts on the situation.

  110. Darin MacDougal

    Hey Mr. Sloan. My name is Darin MacDougall. I’m from California, and I’m a 34 year old atheist that has struggled with many views on all sides… aaaaaand you don’t really care so I’ll cut to the chase:
    I watched a few of your videos. I read a lot of the nay-sayers’ comments. I thought about it for some time. The fact is, I had a dream several weeks ago — a lucid dream — and I was doing telekinesis with various small objects. I started to cry in my dream, saying “I knew it! I knew it was real!” I woke up with a feeling of exhilaration. For a chronically depressed person like myself, that’s a very appreciated feeling. Anyhow, I sat on the couch for a while and brooded about it. I stared at a pencil for almost an hour, willing it to move to no avail. I laughed at my foolishness, but I still found myself believing. I remembered a time when I was young and bored, when I tried to will a 20-sided die to roll 20s. I got 8 in-a-row once, and soon after fell asleep from total fatigue, though I had been awake from a full night’s rest for only a few hours. I forgot about all that. Funny how the world can mold you into a forgetful cynical piece of shite. But I digress…

    What I wanted to say to you was, I told my girlfriend about my dream, and my reawakened belief in mental power, and how I wanted to practice. Before I watched your videos, I figured I would have to spend genuine time honing such a skill, and judging from your slow progress, I was right. But man! It’s so worth it! She looked at me with those eyes that basically says, “Oh Darin, you’re such a dork and you watch too much television.” I don’t watch TV at all, but whatever. It sucks when people don’t believe you, or think your beliefs are total crap. You know what I mean more than most. It took a lot of guts putting that stuff out there. I wanted to thank you and just say, well, I believe you… and I plan to achieve the same goals. It’s a shame that the skeptics fail to see your wisdom when, criticized as being a fraud, you politely tell them to try it themselves. This humble attitude is your greatest proof as being genuine. Do scientists sit around and wait for events to prove themselves? Of course not. That’s what religion does. Anyhow, One person in some forum in one of your many videos suggested that perhaps the mental energy of the scientists that test for telekinetic results might be what’s hindering progress, that, and the typical aversion to all things labeled ‘parapsychology’ or ‘pseudo-science.’ Bottom line, if it’s weird, no one wants to touch it. Especially if there is some spiritual connotation. In this regard, science is just as stubborn as religion. It’s an odd paradox that a scientist would be so opposed to a concept that could theoretically expand many other fields of study. What the fuck? Well, at least you and I have open minds to try new things. Trying something new doesn’t mean you’re closing all the other doors you’ve been through. Fear. I guess that’s what it really is. What other reason could there be for skeptics to shoot you down when you are obviously trying to appease their demands for proof, and yet, never grab the simple items presented, spend some time, and come to their own conclusions through a genuine trial?

    That about sums it up. Good work, sir. Don’t let the bastards keep you down.

  111. Cory

    Dear Darryl,
    I am very intereasted in your telekinesis youtube video’s.Perhaps I missed it somewhere,but I was very curious on how many hours a day did you practice this ability during the first three weeks before it was no longer a hit and miss project and you became more fluid with it.I am beginning to really study this subject and was wondering if you ever expirienced slight headaches or a taste of blood in your mouth or any side effects from it at first.Any more tips,details,or information on the subject would be much appreciated,Thank you.

  112. Tom

    Hey Darryl, your book I, Universe, is awesome!
    Just wanted to ask you on what your stance was with naturally occurring psychoactive plants. I’m profoundly intrigued by the fact that your message of oneness is the exact same conclusion shared by those who experience the psychadelic.

  113. Bruce

    Hey I’m very interested in telekinesis. I saw your video on youtube and i can’t quite get the hang of it. Is there any other pointers? Much thanks

  114. Your video “Turn confusion into a passion for learning” made me think of Peter Poppers “Mental Development” It also helped me understand why some people are so reluctant to entertain any information that may contradict their core belief system. And why they are so infuriatingly stubborn. They stopped learning. Oh, and of course, fear. There are so many forms of fear that I feel have guided much of my life. It was bred into me. If our society would live based on joy and love, instead of fear, I think the world would be a much happier place.
    Fantastic video Darryl. Tia

    Peter Poppers “Mental Development”

  115. Hello Darryl

    A google alert for ‘non-duality’ led me to your site – I was surprised to see your recent review of a John Christopher book. We publish books on this subject (non-duality) and John Christopher’s daughter happens to be our long-time friend and trusted proofreader… funny coincidence 😉

    Good luck with your writing.


  116. Ray Phillips

    Hi Darryl

    I just want to say I appreciate all the information you share with the public , I find it very interesting , informative and in some ways even comforting . I too was once a Christian , born in it , raised in it, very involved in it , believed in it , lived it passionately and would have layed down my life for it without question . Somewhere along the way however I found myself asking questions that I couldn’t find the answers for in my Christian surroundings . I found it difficult to stomach that the bothers and sisters I served in arms with were going to hell just because they didn’t believe like I did … I told myself that if they were going to hell , than I should go there with them because I was no different than they were and are now .

    Several years ago I believe this thought proccess was the catapult that started my quest to take my own path . I have disappointed many , lost many friends , become an outcast in most local circles , I live mostly in silence now in attempts to avert persecution and misunderstandings . I have studied many things since then , I seem to have my greatest epiphanys as I’m driving down the road in my car , day dreaming , etc . The day I admitted to myself I wasn’t a Christian anymore was such a relief … I suddenly wasn’t worried that much whether I was good enough to get into heaven or not or whether I would be condemned to hell for eternity for my short comings .

    Much of what I have found since then very much lines up with the information you provide , although there are some things that I pondered a great deal that you brought to my attention in the manner that you did . You have never lost me in anyone of your informational , explorational videos yet , I’m right there with you with every word , the more in depth you get , the more interested I am and the harder I listen .
    Keep up the good work of asking the tough questions and pursuing the answer with vigor , an open mind and always being willing and ready to learn something new . I anticipate any new information you have to share in the future … or should I say in the now but from a different perspective ? =]

    Btw your accent is awsome .

  117. Cody Gunter

    Hi, my name is Cody Gunter and today my work friend showed me your videos on telekinesis and left after and i was trying to move these small cards about the size of monopoly chance cards through telekinesis and i tried working with it for a while with no luck, i was not very relaxed when i tried and i was a little tired. At first i tried to move the card at the top of the pile but slightly off of it completely off. I also have to note i have never tried this before. After that i moved one card by itself and tried to move it and still couldnt move it and i gave up, put the whole pile of cards in a neat pile next to the chair, sat in the chair, put my feet up, relaxed, and talked to my girlfriend. I dont know what happened but it was if i fell asleep but when i woke up it didnt feel like usually waking up and i decided i would go get something to eat. When i went to pick up the cards i noticed that the cards were grouped in the pile in different ways. If you reply to me in an email i will send you a picture of what it looked like. I would also like to note that when this happened i was alone, i wasnt asleep for long, and it happened between 4:10-4:20

  118. Friedemann Roumiantsev

    Hey Darryl,

    My name’s Friedemann Roumiantsev and I’m from Germany.
    I haven’t really watched many videos of yours and I’m mostly focused on Telekinesis.
    I have a few questions:

    Though the biggest challenge to do Telekinesis is to actually believe that it works, I think it would be best to teach it personally and show it to people in front of their eyes and not in a video. Would there be a possibility to have a Skype Video-Chat?

    I have been trying it with the metal paper on a nail and it kind of worked, but it was a little confusing, because it sometimes moved by itself without me concentrating on it. It sometimes worked to just put my hand on the table about 20 cm away from the object and then concentrate on it. After I put a lot of energy in it, I lifted it and held it against the object (about 3 cm away) and it suddenly spinned really hard for a second or two.

    Though it kind of worked, I can’t really control it. If I imagine it spinning in left direction it just spinned in a random direction. So it would be kind to make a little overview video to cover everything that is needed and what you have to do.

    Also have you tried doing Telekinesis on other kind of things? I think if you really know how to use it, it can be very useful.
    Have you every let things float in the air? Or maybe even yourself?
    And have you ever used Telekinesis for things like letting the salad dressing come to you by itself and not having to ask someone to give it to you or letting an apple fall from the tree? 😀

    And my last question is if it is possible to use Telekinesis to control other people’s minds, because that would explain some crazy things I’ve experienced.

    Well I’m hoping for some answers.

    So long, buddy


  119. Hello Darryl

    I’d like to say i appreciate your efforts on divulging TK . Your videos’ descriptions are great, and i identify myself in many things u say (like the easyness to do TK by having a closer body part to the object…..the erratic movement commands that we sometimes are clearly giving (with sure certain because there is no other energy source producing the movement), that however, doesn’t seem to go acording to our present conscious desire and insteed (my case) starts to loop previous TK moves (directions/positions) wich i have recently got confortable with).
    Anyway i have a sincere interest on your date of birth (date, time, place)…as i have studied astrology for over 12 years (since 14) and find it irrefutable with proper understanding…as much as i’d prefered it not….patterns are patterns….. I’d be hoping to find a correlation with me, you and other known praticioners like Nina Kulagina, Uri Geller, Martin Caidin, etc..

    Ty for any of your time and atention.
    I wish you the best of success in expanding this potent subject of TK.

  120. Joseph

    Hi, Darryl

    I just wanted to say that I am generally a firm skeptic, you actually seem to be the real deal.
    People that read this may say that is naive of me, but skeptics of today have quite a few issues.
    They see the experiments happening, dismiss them immediately, and give a semi reasonable answer as to how any phenomena may be occurring. However, I realized what you’re doing may actually be real by two accounts:
    1. I’ve done magic (sleight of hand, all sorts of types) for 9 years now. I know a ton of things and can spot fake videos immediately.
    2. I TRIED what you were doing. This is where skeptics fail almost 100% of the time.

    I tried it, and I couldn’t do it. People say that what you’re doing is done by air, (it is very, very difficult to simulate what you’re doing with air. Air currents (be it your breath, an actual breeze, etc) make the wheel move in a haphazard motion. When you do PK, your wheel moves incredibly smooth. I have not once been able to replicate that by physical means. I tested out the theory that the wheel will move under a heat lamp even if it’s under glass. No. Didn’t work. I KNOW how psi wheels move by external forces, and they most certainly do not behave like they do in your videos.

    Faking by magic means? Also not plausible. If you were to attempt to use thread (a common utility for magicians) the wheel would immediately fall from the needle/pin/pen point.

    After having seen all your videos, I’m 99% convinced you are in fact, capable of performing pyschokinesis.

    One last thing: Is there a way to get a physical copy of I, Universe?

    Sincerely, Joseph

  121. oh boy, i really hope i get a reply. so many others here. Hello Darryl. i just have a few questions regarding energy fields. As in, how to feel them, what to look for

  122. Dustin Poynter

    Hello Darryl,

    I really would appreciate it if you could give me some advice on TK.
    I’ve been struggling and nothing seems to be working for me, I am very interested in TK and I would like to be able to achieve my goals in TK but it’s really hard for me. I just really need some tips, if you could, pleade e-mail me I would be very greatful.

    Thank you for your time,


  123. Omar Ramzi

    Hi Darryl,

    Loving your book so far. Just wanted to mention though as a Muslim the Quran says that the God of the Christians and the Jews is our same God. The only difference is that the bible and Torah have been compromised due to sacrilige. God says in the Quran that he has pledged to divinely protect his final testament till judgement day. There is only 1 version of the Quran and it has no contradictions. Stay clear of the Hadith (hearsay attributed to Muhammed) it’s littered with contradictions and blasphemies which is why the Muslim world is a mess. Peace.

    Click to access Quran_Reformist_Translation.pdf

  124. Hi Darryl,
    Thanks for your site and videos. I’m impressed with your book I Universe, just can’t get enough.
    Keep it up 🙂

  125. Luca

    Hi Darryl. Just a few days ago I started practicing telekinesis and I was wondering if you could give me some advices. I tried the psi wheel,just that I put it on the tip of a pen and hold the pen with both my hands.Yesterday I made the psi wheel turn once and I didn’t make any move with my hands like shaking and stuff,no wind or anything.I would need your opinion of this.It would mean a lot to me.Hoping for a quick reply.Thanks.


  126. James McCormack

    Hi Darryl,

    I sfbled across your YouTube channel recently and I find your videos amazing. They are really mind probing, and asks the viewers to try and think about things a little differently.

    I have been practicing PK myself for a while now, and have found your videos as an excellent guide.
    You have hit the nail on the head, regarding your personal views on PK.

    I look forward to continue reading your work and listening to your perspective on the universe.

    Many thanks,


  127. Richard

    Hello Darryl,

    Unfortunately, I am currently a high school student, that is surrounded by people with very opposing viewpoints. Every person that I have tried to bring up the topic of telekinesis with thinks I am just a lost and confused little boy (even my friends think so). By belief, I am an agnostic, and generally accept most ideas as a possibility, even if they cannot still be proven. But, I feel like this needs to be proven, and be displayed to the world as a new discovery. It will completely reinvent the way we view our world.

    But enough of random rambling about myself, I stumbled upon a website that attempted to disprove the existence of telekinesis. I ignored all of their arguments, but one specific one caught my attention. PLEASE READ: There exists a foundation, known as the James Randi Educational Foundation, and what this foundation does is disprove all supernatural,paranormal, occult and/or pseudo-scientific claims/powers. They are currently willing to pay ONE MILLION DOLLARS to anybody who is able to successfully prove to them in person that a power (like telekinesis is able to exist).

    Please read this comment, and I don’t mind if you reply to me by email or comment, but I would really like this to finally be proven. I can email the link to you if you would like, but I don’t want to appear like a spammer so just type this in Google: James Randi Educational Foundation

    I am going around to every person that claims that they have amazing powers, and I am bringing this up to them so they can prove once and for all that this is possible.

    Don’t forget to mention my name if you get in the newspaper 🙂

    With best regards,


  128. James McCormack

    Hi Richard,

    What James Randi does is not something to admire.

    James Randi is a small minded skeptic.
    This one million dollar prize fund has been running since the 70’s or so I believe.
    It’s my belief, as well as many others, that this will never be won.
    The conditions for the prize will be so high and scrutiny on the man / woman displaying their gifts would be unimaginable.

    I imagine that most people who have discovered their abilities would have no interest in trying to “prove” the legitimacy of them to a man like Randi.

    For me, just being able to do the small bit of TK that I can I’d far more rewarding than a prize from a foundation like that.

  129. Eric

    darryl, it has been a week that I have watched your videos. I never thought that there will be others like me “to think and feel like Us”

  130. Omar Ramzi

    Hi Darryl,

    Just wanted to point out that there is a mistake on page 271. This is what is written “The Satanic Panic must never happen again. That will only be possible through the widespread triumph of reason over superstition. And that, reader, is up to you.” I’m sure it’s the triumph of superstition that would lead way to the satanic panic. Also I thought you might be interested in researching ‘jinn’ in the Quran we are taught they are conscious beings living in other dimensions. I believe when it came that Andrew was aided by Jinn to make objects move and it was them that came back to haunt him. Peace.

  131. Kal


    I have been struggling to grasp something, for quite some time, regarding your video titled: “Non-duality: the insights and pitfalls of 4 years”.

    “Only through duality, does non-duality become anything at all”. Suggesting that duality is born out of non-duality. In this case, non-duality does not encompass all potential existence because it requires a new thing (duality) to be born, in order to become anything at all. For non_duality to truly encompass everything, duality could not be born out of something that is complete. I guess what I am thinking is that non-duality is not complete if new things are being born from it. If non-duality was complete, duality would have to already exist, which does not make sense. So my question to you is:
    Am I thinking about non-duality in the wrong way by associating the idea of “Complete/still”, with non-duality/infinite? Because it cannot truly be complete if it requires a new thing to be born in order to become anything at all.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated and truly helpful. Thanks again for all the intellectual videos. Always appreciated.


  132. Kalvin

    I saw your response to my question a while back, but for whatever reason it is not appearing right now. Just wanted to say yes your response was helpful and thank you. Though it was not conclusive, I’m trying to think of it a little differently. Thanks again.


  133. john

    hi darryl
    you have helped me a great deal ,i suffer from SP ,have done for along time .your truth about Satan vids on your utube channel showed me ,why fear something i was brainwashed with as a child(catholic upbringing)i didn’t realize its just a load of crap i can see it so plainly now ,the evil presence i used to get almost nightly ,has gone i sleep better as at the end of the day you are helping people like me please keep making videos thank you again.

  134. Hi, im interested into the “Telekinesis under glass bowl (after much training)” experiment…
    have you think it maybe act like a muscle that you can improve and make it stronger? have you done it that way? did you get any better result, because im practicing every since a week and i think i push too hard and start to have a headache (i know i have to let the unconscious works by it self, but i dont understand that much), it is gone maybe continue in a few days, but i need to know if it really is going to work some day or maybe is just a gift that i dont have… i can try for months if necesary…

  135. Hey Darryl, when you have a session with the psywheel, just before the session when you imagine the psywheel spinning in a certain direction, have you ever noticed that when you actually have your session that the psywheel tends to spin the opposite way you’ve imagined it? I’ve noticed that the more I stress on the direction of anti-clockwise motion, the more the psywheel gives me clockwise, and vise-versa, the more I give in to the clockwise motion, the more it gives me anti-clockwise. Has this happened to you, or am I just getting random air currents or thermal reactions? I find that it feels more natural to have the psywheel spin anti-clockwise, and haven’t really even tried to have it spin clockwise. I’m trying to go by your advise and just pick a direction and stick with it, but it seems like the psywheel wants something else. Any ideas?

  136. Peter

    Hello Darryl

    Responding to Solving the population crisis.( 29/09/2010)

    Your video on solving the population crisis was very throught provoking. Here are my throughts on the subject.

    You,myself and the most of the population will be long gone before overpopulation becomes a problem.

    Throughout human history we have been faced with one challege after another, yet we have come through it.

    My feeling is steps are being taken to ensure the OP will not become a problem. The food and drug industry is killing us of, Gays relation is being promoted ( this will prevent new babies being born} and Cancer/HIV an other deaseses are killing us off.

    Also if what the Doomsday sayers are saying is correct, we will all be microchip soon and should our master deside to keep numbers down all they have to do is pull the plug . So you see OP is nothing to worry about.

  137. Dennis

    Hey Darryl,

    on the subject of Psychokinesis, did you by any chance watch the videos of Michael Grubb on Youtube? Especially the Aerokinesis Megablast one?. For me it falls into the category of “i wish it was true…but” 😀 What are your thoughts on him? He claims to have had a sort of connection to aliens and celestial beings, where his abilities got a major push. Which of course, sounds pretty far fetched. But still, some of his videos are impressive enough, that a part of me wants to give him the benefit of the doubt. I’d just like to get your opinions on this.

    Greetings Dennis

  138. Anoop

    Hi Darryl,

    I find your telekinesis videos interesting as I believe it MAY be possible and wanted to see if I could achieve it by attempting it myself. I have only been trying for a couple days so far but am willing to go for at least 6 months to see even miniscule movement of a psi wheel under a glass bown using just the visualization method with no hands. What I am not sure is how much I should practice per session? I currently do it for 20 mins, 3 times per day. Is that a reasonable amount or is it too short? How long did you do it before you saw even tiny movement?

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