Are you psychic?

Fame-hungry people are so insecure that they need to be loved before they can feel good about themselves. Sometimes they become actors, singers, writers, or any other form of celebrity – including psychics.

The word “psychic” tends to be used in the sense of uncommon, special, touched. It allows the claimant to put himself in a whole other category, above the general populace – to be super-human and to be adored for it.

Well, I’m no more or less psychic than you are. If I desired your approval, I might attempt to persuade you otherwise, but I don’t. Yes, I dabble in psychic endeavours, and sometimes I get surprising results, but I’ve got no reason to think that I am any more capable of being psychic than you are. I don’t consider myself especially gifted in this regard, except that I’ve had the patience to stick at it until I got some results.

The reason I became interested in psychic practices is because two factors came together in my life. The first was an experience of witnessing psychokinesis, when I was thirteen years old. The second was my emergence out of Christianity at age thirty-six, along with my growing understanding that there was a unified consciousness underlying all of reality. I realised that dabbling in PK might provide empirical evidence for my new philosophical outlook. At the very least, it would show that the relationship between mind and matter is stranger than contemporary science asserts.

If I had never witnessed PK when I was a teenager, I would probably never have taken it seriously in my thirties. Likewise, if I had remained a Christian, I would never have investigated it, for fear that it was “demonic.”

I invested a great deal of time in practising PK. I was highly analytical and sceptical of my experiments, yet I increasingly obtained results that I could not explain by mundane forces. The effects were small, but definite and measurable.

I publicised what I was doing on YouTube, not for self-aggrandisement, but because I was overjoyed by the discovery and wanted to share it. It’s impossible to prove the reality of PK over a video medium, and I have never encouraged people to simply believe me. Despite knee-jerk reactions of “Fraud!” from materialistic sceptics, I have succeeded in the goal I had from the very beginning – to stimulate interest in PK, so that others will try it for themselves and make the same personal discovery that I did. It was one of the most joyful experiences of my life.


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