Why do you wear a pentagram?

A pentagram is a five-pointed star, usually encased within in a circle. It comes in two basic guises: standard and inverted.

The standard pentagram is a star with one point facing upward and two down. It represents man as a spiritual being. His head is the upper point of the star, his arms are the two adjacent points, and his legs the two lowermost points. The circle represents infinity or God, that which transcends the natural realm. Alternatively, the five points have also represented the five elements, the building blocks of the universe in ancient Greek philosophy: earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. While modern Christianity has tended to demonise the pentagram, whether standard or inverted, it was once used as a Christian symbol, with the points of the star representing the five wounds of Christ.

The inverted pentagram has two points facing upward and one down. When any symbol is inverted, it takes on the opposite meaning of the original. In this case, instead of man as a spiritual being, the symbol represents man as a carnal being: an animal. Pie-in-the-sky spirituality is exchanged for real-life concerns of survival, reproduction, material prosperity, pleasure, and all things animalistic. The priority is this world, not a hypothetical afterlife.

Rather than seeing the star as a man standing on his head, the image of a goat’s head fits the frame, with the horns occupying the two top-most points, the ears to the sides, and the chin to the bottom. Historically, the goat has symbolised fertility, and the horns communicate defiance. The three downward-facing points symbolise a denial of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), making this an anti-Christian symbol.

I choose the inverted pentagram as an accurate representation of how I see life. While the study of man as a spiritual entity is important, man’s known existence consists of life as a sentient mind housed in a body, propelled through time in the material world. Since this is our lot, life is about what we do with the here and now; it is not necessarily a training ground for an afterlife. Nor is the body, with its passions, a faulty, fallen thing that must be cured or redeemed.

An inverted pentagram is typically thought to represent evil. This is only true in so far as man, conditioned by religion, often characterises his animal self as evil and seeks to cleanse himself of his natural impulses through religious devotion.

The religionist follows an imposed set of rules that force him to sacrifice the richness of his carnal existence, in the pursuit of a mythical hereafter. This life is wasted on the pursuit of impossible ethical ideals, cycles of guilt and forgiveness before a holy God, and impatience for it all to be over. The true potential of life passes him by while he waits for a pipedream. This makes religion a cruel joke of monumental proportions.

It was only through a long, hard struggle of many years that I came to fully realise that this life is the real life, that every moment is now, that the creature known as man is wondrous, not fallen. This symbol is a potent reminder to me of the most fundamental and important things I have learned about myself, despite a world that sought to pull the wool over my eyes.

Frankly, I find it hilarious that some people are terrified of this symbol. They think I’m making a statement that I worship the devil; they think the symbol has magical power as a portal for demons to access the world. That’s what a diet of horror movies and Christian misinformation will do for you.

The fact that I need to wear my pentagram pendant underneath my shirt in daily life reminds me that superstition is rife; dangerous lies fester in the unquestioning minds of the majority; and beneath the mask of piety sometimes lies a malicious heart that would delight in harming me, given half a chance. It reminds me that individualists are never quite safe.


12 thoughts on “Why do you wear a pentagram?

  1. Zia says:

    The inverted pentagram also symbolizes consciousness directed inward. Facing ones own shadow. Etc.

    “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” – Nietzsche

  2. carlos huerta says:

    it seems devilish but who knows whos right

  3. Storme says:

    Whether it’s demonic or not is irrelevant; I’m don’t want anything to do with something that people have decided to associate with that kind of thing. ._.

  4. Trevy says:

    Well storme, Its a good thing nobody asked for your opinion. I don’t want anything to do with religion around me. Its disgusting. The pentagram has a way older, and deeper meaning than some cross that came from the pagan beliefs in the first place. Christianity, is a fat fucking lie

  5. Lolapulkin says:

    I wear my inverted pentagram for protection and for proof of my faith. Im a spiritual satanist.

  6. Chris says:

    I wear one to show my admiration for Pythagoras, though nobody I meet sees it that way. Also a symbol of health.

  7. John says:

    I partly get what the inverted pentagram means to you. You are not a satanist but still strongly opposed to religion. (leaving the hate out? – which satanists seldom do – and to people with other mindsets). Do you want to make a statement Why wear it at all when a pentagram means something profoundly different to other people? I gather that you do not want to be solely judged on your appearance as will buddhist bearers of the symbol that is now associated with the swastica. Ironically a cross can be worn for completely different reasons than it actually symbolises; a roman execution.
    Inevitably we are all judged by our appearance but I have difficulty concluding if you meant to create a, for the spectator, discernible statement of your original intention.

  8. Paul says:

    Some what informative. I myself wear my double pentegram out side my shirt. Exposed to all who view it. Some negative comments of sorts , but I seem to find many positive ; as you would say ( believers) of the spiratual conquests of the powerful universal elements. Its what you use your protection piece for , if it’s for evil in the sense of things. Or giving homage to the elements of the universes. Their are some untruths that some religious fanatics will portray in order to have human gains. The devil only trys to temp you, but you have free will. You can say yes or no. But the evil in mankind is already there I suppose. Well that’s my comment. Take it at face value. ….. Paul…..

  9. wiccanwoman says:

    I always get asked by the uninformed if that’s my star of David! Lol depending on the type of person they appear to be, I’ll either say yes or if they seem open I will tell them what it really is.
    Some think that shows that I’m ashamed of my beliefs. Quite the opposite my belief has opened my eyes to the ignorance of the world, and has allowed me to chose those I wish to discuss my faith with. We come from the earth, are ruled during life by the elements and at the end will return to the earth. And I feel there is no reason to not embrace our carnal passions. Regardless of what the narrow minded(storme) believe

  10. Madeline Wilson says:

    Tch, I wear mine proudly. I’ve had snide comments made to me because of it, but I refuse to care.

  11. Joel mendoza says:

    I am curios to the simbols of star inside the circle because last night i ask to my sister to take me a photos but im shock! When i look the photos because i see the image of a star inside the cirle in my back then ufter that i search the meaning of that so the star inside the circle is called a PENTAGRAM

  12. Caroline says:

    Okay for all of the people who assume the pentagram is evil, you’re totally wrong. The pentacle has deep roots in many religions, even Christianity. Hollywood interpreted it as evil and satanic and now people have led to the belief that it is what society has made it seem. Though the pentacle, the upright star, is a safer bet, the pentagram is still not evil but be cautious when throwing the word around or wearing anything with a pentagram on it. In fact, the swastika was a very holy and mystical symbol until Hitler adjusted it so it was shifted onto its point. People still use the original version today, and often Westerners are shocked to see it in holy sites in other places of the world. And like somebody mentioned, the cross people so commonly worn as jewelry can symbolize Roman execution.

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