‘Don’t Look in the Attic’

No matter what you hear, go back to sleep.

A film by Andrew Harrison and Darryl Sloan (2005)

Claire Watson, an independent young woman, was lucky enough to be able to purchase her own house. She has lived there alone and at peace for six years. Then one night the noises begin – the scampering of little rodent feet above her head. Not one for crawling around in dark, dusty attics, Claire opens the Yellow Pages and leaves it to the experts. But before the pest control people arrive, the rats are on the prowl again, and they don’t sound friendly. In fact, they don’t sound like rats at all.

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“It is well acted, well directed, believable and entertaining, possessing a defined palpable atmosphere and confident punch line … The music score is atmospheric, brooding and full of portent … I for one can’t wait for another Midnight Pictures film. I only hope they manage to secure the budget to truly compliment the talent and ingenuity they already display.”
The Rumour Machine

“The movie is very atmospheric, and the feeling of foreboding by the viewer is quite pronounced. You know that Claire’s problem isn’t related to rodents and you almost want to grab her and tell her to get out of the house before ‘it’ gets her … Don’t Look in the Attic shows how much tension can be created when the right story is tied nicely together with a good script and tight editing. I’ll be looking forward to viewing the other Midnight Pictures releases.”
Horror Talk

6 thoughts on “‘Don’t Look in the Attic’

  1. Evan

    Hey Darryl, don’t give up on the movie thing.. And as when it comes to your beliefs, your friends need to say their peace, and let things be between you and God. They should not stop being your friends, they should help you through this without judging. If we lived in Ireland Karen and I would just try and listen to you. Just remember faith is believing in something that you cannot see. If you have any questions please feel free to conact us.

    Hang in there my friend,

  2. Hi, Evan. Good to hear from you again. Hope Karen and Jeff are well.

    You want to hear something funny (and sad) about the filmmaking? I’ve just learned there’s a guy in my old church who has secretly believed that I was not a true Christian, because of the kinds of films I make and the stories I write. I can’t win with these people. I will never be accepted unless I am a carbon copy of everyone else’s opinions on everything. The hypocrisy of it is that the same guy will have no problem flicking on the TV and enjoying an episode of Star Trek, with all its humanism.

    I’ve had a vague feeling for years of being an outsider at my church, and it makes me wonder how widespread this secret, quiet condemnation was among the people there.

    Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Raf

    Hello Darryl!
    Have you seen “They live” by John Carpenter ? an old move from about 20 years ago. I remember it was the first time when a teory of being manipulated striked me down. If you didn’t see you won’t regret it !

  4. Nate


    I stumbled upon your youtube videos, and they are really quite insightful! I mean, you cover some complicated issues which plague people like me every day. I was raised unitarian universalist but now I do not go to church, but my mind is open to almost anything. Keep the videos rolling! You are a knowledgable and articulate guy!


  5. emily molloy

    My names is Emily and I have recently applied to Queens University for a degree in English Lit and film studies and was just wondering if anyone would be willing to give me some advice on the types of jobs open to me after gaining this degree.

    I would be grateful for any advice that you could offer me,

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