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God versus Occam’s Razor

A discussion of monotheism, pantheism and panentheism, in light of science – in particular the law of conservation of energy and the Big Bang theory.

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Celebrate the (re)birth of the sun of God this Christmas

(Oops! I’m a little late posting this here. Well, better late than never.)

Why Christmas should be celebrated by the non-believer, but not by the Christian.

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“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled…” (yawn)

“… was convincing the world he does not exist.” Is Satan real? For many Christians, a cute catchphrase is held forth as conclusive evidence.

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God, Satan & the trials of Job

My critique on this Old Testament book about suffering, containing the first mention of the character Satan.

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Insight on temptation, addiction, vice

Overcoming personal vices that we deem to be unhealthy, but powerfully addictive.

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What is authentic Christianity?

Who’s right – Protestants or Catholics? Let’s look beyond all the sectarianism to the first centuries of Christianity’s existence.

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“I’ve never met an atheist in Intensive Care”

My response to a Christian doctor who makes the case for the existence of a personal God on the basis that atheists recant their atheism when suddenly faced with life-threatening injuries.

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What is spiritual awakening?

The experience of spiritual awakening – is it something real, or just a repackaging of what religion calls “salvation”?

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The Christian ego examined

Christianity is an ego trip. This is proven by the attitudes and actions of Christians, as they attempt to force their views on others and indulge in ideas that allow them to view the universe as something that revolves around their life.

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Why am I anti-Christian when it’s irrelevant to my life?

I make a lot of videos against Christianity. This might seem a bit obsessive, when Christianity is an irrelevance to my life. But there is a good reason for it.

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