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Satan speaks!

A little Halloween treat for my subscribers.


“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled…” (yawn)

“… was convincing the world he does not exist.” Is Satan real? For many Christians, a cute catchphrase is held forth as conclusive evidence.

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God, Satan & the trials of Job

My critique on this Old Testament book about suffering, containing the first mention of the character Satan.

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The truth about Satan, part 2: Lucifer

Examining the meaning and identity of Lucifer, from Isaiah 14. This is a follow-up to my popular video on the origin of Satan.

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The truth about Satan (that you won’t hear in church)

I examine the original Hebrew word for “Satan” and compare the Old Testament (Jewish) account of this character with his depiction in the New Testament (Christian). Then I do the same with the word for “hell.” Christians, prepare yourselves for a shock.

Bible Gateway
“Sheol” according to Wikipedia
“Satan” according to Jewish Encyclopedia

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A critique of modern Satanism

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Satanist and I do not believe that Satan is a real being. Bear that in mind when you watch the videos below. I say this bluntly and clearly, because when I talk about controversial subjects there are those who delight in misinterpreting me, villainising me, and bringing hardship into my life (and I say this from experience).

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