Here is a small selection of my video blogs on various subjects. There are many more on my YouTube channel.


Religion and Christianity:

Esoteric stuff:


Conspiracy theory:

Miscellaneous fun stuff:

Videos made by others:


One thought on “Vlog

  1. Rhonda Eaves says:

    I have been listening to your u tubes all after noon, after finding you on a utube for self publishing.. I so connect with you.. and believe this was totally a divine connection!! thanks for all you are doing and putting out there, there may be some who may discredit what you are saying but I believe there are more connecting in this way now, and need to have people out there understanding the “Truth” of who we are and the source we are connected too!! I don’t judge the church system anymore, after coming out of it, being Pentecostal for years, I have learned to have harmony with it.. I had a few years of being upset, but now I see it was only one of those experiences I had to have to see the real from the unreal. I am grateful for your information, just wanted to let you know that!!
    Rhonda E

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