‘I, Universe’

I, UniverseDemolishing and Rebuilding Spirituality for a Scientific Age

What is the true underlying nature of reality? What is my place in it? Does my life have meaning, or am I a cosmic accident? Are the answers to these questions found in religion, or is science where the real enlightenment lies? Is it even possible to know? In this bewildering world of differing beliefs, what chance do I have of finding any genuine truth? And where do I even begin? With two words: Question everything.

The author steps outside of conventional wisdom and brings together a wealth of insight from the spheres of religion, philosophy, science, psychology, parapsychology, and occultism. A highly unusual, but deeply rational, and life-changing truth emerges from this esoteric study: the universe is One, and you are It.

I, Universe will be published in 2015 by Skylight Press. (The cover art above is provisional only.)

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Dramatised Excerpt

The Prototype

I, Universe began as book called Reality Check, published in 2009. The new book is not quite what you would call a sequel; rather a new and more complex beast built around the basic form of its ancestor. I gave Reality Check a complete overhaul, removing sections that I now consider obsolete and refining every chapter with better argumentation. There are many brand new chapters, on epistemology, cosmology, anthropology, ethics, and occultism, comprising at least fifty percent of the volume.

Here are some readers’ comments about Reality Check:

“If you find yourself recoiling at mention of any of these issues – telekinesis, unified consciousness, ‘disproving’ Christianity – then you are the perfect candidate to read this book. You may be equally convinced of your worldview after reading, but extraordinary beliefs require an extraordinary investigation, and that concept permeates this book. Sloan does not enter into these ideas lightly. What is so effective is that he’s never overly credulous about far-out claims, nor overly dismissive of mainstream dogma, which is why the book is so useful as a primer on esoteric spirituality.”
Self-Publishing Review

“It is a thought-provoking masterpiece of balanced critical thinking and introspection on religion, secularism, spirituality, and the search for meaning, without any assumptions or preaching. In it, he describes the painstaking struggle he endured as he swung back and forth on a pendulum between Christian faith and disbelief, and how he eventually overcame it through the power of reason to begin his truth-seeking journey. The quality of thought in it is on a level I’ve rarely encountered.”

“The chapter [on religion] itself is a compelling and rational dissection of organized religion and much more accessible to the layman than Richard Dawkins’s The God Delusion because of the simple, straightforward way the evidence is presented (Dawkins does love his 50p words). As a fellow atheist (hear my bell clanging?) I identified with much of this chapter, but was also impressed by some of the historical and Biblical references that I was unfamiliar with. The author’s honesty about his doubts and personal experiences make this a very compelling read, and I can’t see how any rational mind could dispute the chain of logic that led him there. / Then we investigate our perception of the world and the part our consciousness plays in it. I don’t know how much of this I actually agree with but the theories posited are fascinating … They bounced around my head for days after reading them, which is some indication of how much there is to think about. Anything that stimulates the old grey cells to that degree has to have merit. / The author’s experiments into telekinesis are well documented and described with such enthusiasm that you will find yourself making up a psi-wheel and giving it a try. / Reality Check is a book that will invite discussion and stimulate thought, which is a rare accomplishment for any book.”
Philip Henry (author), County Antrim

“I paid a life coach over a thousand dollars to explain to me over the course of five months what you explained (better) in a little less than seven chapters, and I’m not done reading.”
– YouTube user “qedlife”

“It said a lot that needed to be said. I hope it reaches many people and touches something deep within them, as it has myself. I applaud your work and feel that if more people could come to understand things as we have, there could be more peace in the world.”
– Quinton, USA

“I read the entire book in two sittings because I just didn’t want to put the book down. The concepts explored are very thought provoking, and the mix of theories and memoirs from Darryl’s life makes the book a much more enjoyable read than an academic paper covering the same principles. My only criticism is that occasionally the book feels a bit disjointed. Each chapter covers a separate issue, and while some of them have a tie in to the rest of the book, most don’t. Other than that, it was an amazing book.”
– Andrew

“I really enjoyed it a looot. It seems to me that most truth seekers out there are coming to very similar conclusions even though they pursuing different roads in getting there. On some passages reading the book felt like living again through my own experience on others I found new perspectives by looking at things your way.”
– Oliver, Germany

“Yesterday morning, I received your book through the post and I finished reading it around 8 hours later. I really enjoyed reading your book, since you have a similar mindset to what I have, but you explain the stuff to people a lot better than what I can. The people I’ve mentioned this kind of stuff to think I’m crazy, which I probably am. ;)”
– Adam Reilly


6 thoughts on “‘I, Universe’

  1. Dannie says:

    Just tried to the mobi e-book version on Kindle and it’s a huge improvement on the PDF. Nicely done – many thanks!

  2. Groff says:

    Immense work Darryl! Im listening your audio – you are a skilled speaker.
    Keep up with the videos, specially those on philosophy!

  3. Ken McNutt II says:

    This book was well researched and thought out with only a few exceptions in my opinion. I’ve been a fan of most of your videos for quite some time and gave your book a read yesterday. I took some notes as I was reading when I disagreed with you strongly or when I thought your views were especially insightful. I will start with the good first…

    Your view that the Universe would recycle itself after heat death was a real epiphany for me. Before, I would have said that heat death of the Universe would be the end and that’s it. Thank you for that golden nugget of insightfulness.

    Also, I really enjoyed your answer to the most important question… the purpose of life. I have thought for some time that personal happiness/contentment, without it being at the expense of others, was the best answer. I believe that your answer is better though. The purpose of life is to experience it. Very profound.

    Now some things I disagree with, in the order that they appeared in the book…

    Your criticism of evolution “never being simulated” is at least somewhat misinformed in my opinion. It appears that you are looking for a complexity simulator, not an evolution simulator, even though the two are obviously interrelated. The simplest example would be Conway’s Game of Life from 1970, or flocking bird simulators which give complex behaviors using only simple rules. Not to mention various experiments done on actual fruit flies that demonstrate evolution in a lab setting.

    I disagree with your ideas on pornography. As with anything, it’s very important to be able to separate fantasy from reality. You complain that women are being objectified without acknowledging the fact that men are objectified just as much in life, but in a completely different way. Couples that watch porn together can do it in addition to, and not necessarily a substitute for, sex without it. The problem only exists when a “want” becomes a “need” (as with anything in life).

    The sense of self is purely based on the level of intelligence. Why is it that some animals are self-aware and others are not… raw intelligence. By the way, even though kittens are extremely cute, they are NOT on this very short list of animals.

    Your personality ceases to be if you are deserted on an island? It probably would change, but to cease altogether as if someone would suddenly turn into a robot is a little far fetched for me. You must have meant something else on this particular point.

    Someone that spends their lifetime meditating on a mountain or in a cave is devoid of any vital existence? While I have no plans to do these things for any extended length of time, many people have with profound results.

    Meditation, in my opinion, isn’t for finding God in the duality sense, it’s to become more self-aware in the non-duality sense (what you might refer to as the Infinite). I’m a little surprised you don’t respect the act of meditation more. It would seem to fit with many of your other views, possibly even PK.

    Now that I’m done expressing my main criticisms, I’ll be even more bold and state a request. Many of your videos are in regard to Christianity. I have had many of the same experiences that you describe (belief, non-belief, losing friends, and so on…) I’m surprised that none of these videos touch on what I believe are the most important reasons to leave Christianity. One example is the fact that the original ending of the original gospel (Mark) ends at the empty tomb and an additional ending was tacked on at a later time. Another fact is that modern Christianity is based more on Paul’s views than Jesus’ himself. The divinity of Jesus, the atonement, the break with following Jewish laws, and so on, are all inventions of Paul. You did a video on prophecies, but neglected one of the main ones… the virgin birth (based off a mistranslation from hebrew to greek). If you have touched on any of these subjects and I missed it, I apologize. If you haven’t, then I feel that you haven’t brought a voice to some of the best evidence against Christianity that exists, and I believe your voice is important and influential.

    I send this message to you with only the highest respect. You are an expert of articulating your views in a honest and intelligent way, especially verbally, because I believe they are more rare.

    I’m am also a musician on the side, and just wanted to let you know that you are officially on my top 10 coolest people to have a beer with in the world list. Cheers.

  4. tkmozart56 says:

    Darryl: There are many parallels between your pursuit of truth and my own which began in earnest back in 2009. When I got my Kindle Reader I was able to use it to most effectively “Connect-The-Dots” and commence with my own desire for truth by starting to conducting my own “Due Diligence” on topics of the same central focus of your “I, Universe” opus. Although, I’ve not read your work yet (I just now came on to it and will be studying it with great anticipation) I want to extend a hearty “Thank You” for being so generous and selfless of a genuine soul by providing a download link for anyone who is interested in “doing the hard work” that is necessary to really learn and understand the difference between that which really is versus that which we’ve all been told. You’re permanently on my radar. Great vibes to you! As your time allows, I so look forward to synergizing with you through the great world of thought, study and learning!

  5. verica31 says:

    Finally, I find someone who thinking the same way!!!!

  6. LG says:

    Just watched the excerpt while looking for the kindle version of the pdf (can’t find….link pls 🙂 ) and enjoyed the vid. Would just say that the god of islam and christianity is the same and the main difference between them is the interpretation of who jesus was, prophet or god/son of god, etc. If you have other sources, I would be interested in reading more

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