Good-night, Midnight Pictures!

Andrew Harrison begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting and I have mutually agreed to bring Midnight Pictures to a close. The surprising thing is that it was Andrew who approached me about it, whereas it’s usually me whose enthusiasm often wanes to the point of quitting. Nevertheless, his wish to end it is welcome news to me. We’ve been making films on and off for fifteen years, and we’ve both reached a point where we feel it’s either time to go professional or get out. By going pro I mean seeking investors, getting a film crew, and taking time off work to be a real film-maker. Why don’t we just keep doing what we’re doing, though? Lack of reward. I have no regrets about all the time invested in film-making, especially the recent Don’t Look in the Attic, which I think is our best ever. But there is a huge investment of time and energy with every film we make, and since we’re doing this for no financial gain, there comes a point when you say enough. For Andrew, he wants to invest more time in his family, and for me, I want to spend the next few years concentrating on my novel writing.

I will continue to keep the Midnight Pictures website alive, but my intention is to integrate it with my personal homepage, which is how things were in the very beginning.

Whilst this is the end for Midnight Pictures, it will be possible to pick things up again in the future, should we so desire.

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