Ulterior sold out!

Yesterday I sold the last copy of Ulterior. Aside from a handful of books which are still in stock at Shocklines and the few remaining on bookshop shelves, it’s all done and dusted. 1070 copies were printed (weird number due to the printing firm accidentally exceeding the target, but I’m grateful in retrospect). All I’ve got left are six books, which I’m hanging on to for special occasions …

… Like yesterday, when a friend I haven’t seen in over fifteen years suddenly got in touch with me over email (he found me by searching Google). Andrew Campbell was the only one of my friends who shared my hobby of writing fiction, so it was a real loss when he emigrated to Australia. It turns out he has been every bit as passionate about the craft as I’ve been in the years between. Check out his website, Pheonix Station. I’m looking forward to sharing ideas and swapping stories again – maybe even collaborating.

After the stressful weekend I’ve had due to an eBay gangster, Andrew getting in touch after all these years really made my day.

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