Podcast fiction – Part II

Over the past few months I’ve become interested in the world of podcasting, so much so that I’ve grown into the habit of loading my MP3 player up with podcasts instead of music each time I go out walking. Usually I listen to sci-fi chit-chat, reviews and interviews – occasionally some fiction. I can’t shake the desire to experiment with it myself, so I’ve decided to record a story – one that I’ve just finished writing. It’s a tale I’ve mentioned previously (about zombies) and it’s called “Is There Anybody Out There?” I don’t have any pro recording gear, but I can make the recording pretty clean using Andy’s external camcorder mic, and add some atmosphere by dubbing in some creepy ambient music. MacIdol, where I host my music, has a feature that lets me count the number of downloads, so I should be able to gauge how successful this venture is. If successful enough, I might even get cracking on a serialised novel (podiobook, if you will).

Chionophobia is no more! That is, I’ve shortened the title to Chion. After looking at the original Greek carefully, I discovered that “chiono” is the word for snow, while “chion” means “like snow”. And that, frankly, is perfect for the title. It’s still a pain that no one’s going to know whether to pronounce the word as “chee-on,” “chy-on” or “ky-on,” but I think it looks a lot cooler on paper than Chionophobia. If you look up at the new logo, I’ve incorporated the original Greek in the design.

Editing is nearly done. My friend Earl, who has been learning the finer points of grammar for the past year, scrutinised every sentence in the manuscript for grammatical mishaps and style flaws. We spent about fifteen hours together incorporating his changes. I’m indebted to him for the time he put into it. Thanks also to Andy, Alison and Chris.

Some interesting podcasts you may wish to check out:
Dragon Page
Geek Fu Action Grip
I Should Be Writing
Requiem of the Outcast
Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas
Escape Pod
7th Son by J.C. Hutchins

6 thoughts on “Podcast fiction – Part II

  1. Darryl Sloan

    If you can stand the Northern Ireland accent! 🙂

    The recording is going well so far. Working on trimming away all the bloopers at the moment.

  2. James Maxon

    That’s the best part! Us Americans love an accent, it brings that much more to the mood of the story. I’ve dabbled a bit with electronic music (http://music.download.com/cadencecosmos) but not enough to put together a good soundtrack for an audio book. I’d like to hear your final work, sounds interesting.

  3. Darryl Sloan

    Having a bit of trouble with the uploading of the story, but should have success before the sun goes down.

    I enjoyed listening to your music. Particularly liked the melodies on “The Dark Tower.” You could really build on those. Interesting that we share some similar favourite things, such as The Dark Tower and The Tripods (which I also mention on my blog profile). You happened to mentioned Lain on your music page. Would you believe that’s my favourite Anime?

  4. James Maxon

    Thanks for the complements on the music. I know it’s rough sounding and doesn’t always keep time very well but I had a purpose somewhere in my madness. I never took classes on music, just self-taught. I played guitar but ended up with nerve problems in my hands so I had to give it up and went to the keyboard. Still, it was only a $300 system so the professional quality isn’t quite there… this is of course just a lame excuse, ha!

    Yeah, I actually started “The_Tripods” (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/The_Tripods/) Yahoo group in 1999. After almost 200 members “The League of Freemen” came into being and my group kinda dwindled after that.

    To be honest even though I like Stephen King I didn’t really like “The Dark Tower”. I only read the first book and it rubbed me the wrong way, but I hear the books get better. All the same, it left an impression on me at the time so I named the song after it.

    I’m a huge anime “fan” (I hate that word). Lain really intrigued me, I was hooked by the first tape so I bought the whole set. Although I was a bit disappointed in the end when she ended up being a Goddess. Still, I quite enjoyed it. It had an appealing artistic aura about it.

    I noticed that too: you like to write, compose electronic music, work with graphics, and you are a Christian. These are all things I share, though you have succeeded in the writing and composing quite a bit farther than me 🙂

  5. Darryl Sloan

    You need to do what’s called “quantizing” on your music. That should slide any slightly misplaced notes into their correct positions.

    Oddly, the first Dark Tower is the one Stephen King book I’ve read the most – three times, I think. I think I know what scene disturbed you: the religious scene where everyone was praising God in a brainwashed sort of way.

    I love Lain because the storyline is so hard to penetrate. You suffer a sort of enjoyable confusion while watching, but you also know there’s a substantial story to be understood if you can unscramble the layers. I also thought the character Lain was wonderfully underplayed.

    As far as success goes, it’s mostly self-perpetuated. 🙂 95% of what I’ve done in both fiction and film is self-published, with no official recognition. The only non-self-published products I’ve been involved with are a handful of Amiga games and this.

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